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LB Brandon Spikes on award watchlist

GAINESVILLE -- You know what we need? We need more college football awards. There are just not enough college football awards these days. If only we could come up with something to give away in March....Some kind of gimmick to keep these crazy fans happy.

Spikesfish Ummm. Oh, wait. I think I've got it! What about the Rotary Lombardi Award? It's never too early for a preseason Rotary Lombardi Award watchlist. Brandon Spikes, accomplished angler, made the cut. Duh, right? He was a semifinalist for the award last season and is a returning All-American.

--In this photograph, which appeared in The Gainesville Sun, Spikes is recreating his famous 2008 tackle of UGA running back Knowshon Moreno. Spikes is projected as a top-five pick in the 2010 Bassmasters Super Draft.

--Tennessee defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin says his son just got a little carried away when he accused Urban Meyer of cheating. Lane Kiffin felt really bad about it afterwards, according to Monte Kiffin.

--Since we're on the subject of Tennessee, what's up with Tennessee coaches ripping their shirts off? First the men's basketball coach and now the football coach. This is a bizarre and disturbing trend. Maybe I'm just out of touch with today's youth, but how does stripping down in front of recruits translate into a positive salespitch? Talk about your all time worst Half "Monte."

--Percy Harvin is being projected as the 27th overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft by one website. Who has the 27th pick? The Indianapolis Colts. Harvin better learn how to run routes if he's going to catch passes from Colts quarterback Payton Manning.



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