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TAMPA -- Hey, Kentucky, do Southeastern Conference basketball a favor and fire Billy Gillispie right now. Not tomorrow. Not after Selection Sunday. Not after the NIT. Fire Gillispie today, Friday, 13 March 2009.

Jason Friday the 13th should be the last day for the Gillispie Era. Give him the machete Crystal Lake style. Or, maybe, if you want to be poetic, fire the guy on March 15 Julius Caesar style. Either way, Gillispie needs to go. The Big Blue mystique is gone, folks, and without it the SEC just isn't the same.

It's the curse of Tubby. You know it is. The way Kentucky treated Coach Smith, the Wildcats almost deserve this Gillispie guy for a few more years. But while the Wildcats waste away, so does the SEC. For the love of bourbon and horses, buy Gillispie off with some of the reserve stuff and then send him to the glue factory. Then hire Anthony Grant and let the healing process begin. It's time to detox, Kentucky.



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