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TAMPA -- Hey, Kentucky, do Southeastern Conference basketball a favor and fire Billy Gillispie right now. Not tomorrow. Not after Selection Sunday. Not after the NIT. Fire Gillispie today, Friday, 13 March 2009.

Jason Friday the 13th should be the last day for the Gillispie Era. Give him the machete Crystal Lake style. Or, maybe, if you want to be poetic, fire the guy on March 15 Julius Caesar style. Either way, Gillispie needs to go. The Big Blue mystique is gone, folks, and without it the SEC just isn't the same.

It's the curse of Tubby. You know it is. The way Kentucky treated Coach Smith, the Wildcats almost deserve this Gillispie guy for a few more years. But while the Wildcats waste away, so does the SEC. For the love of bourbon and horses, buy Gillispie off with some of the reserve stuff and then send him to the glue factory. Then hire Anthony Grant and let the healing process begin. It's time to detox, Kentucky.



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I bet you would want UK to fire Gillispie. That would send the Cats into something similar to what IU is experiencing now.

I smell ulterior motives.

Its the curse of Tubby alright. Tubby ran Kentucky into the ground and left right before the crap hit the fan. Maybe Flordia should fire Billy D for his two NIT's in a row.

Tubby's last three recruiting classes at UK:

Zero Stars-1
2 Stars-1
3 Stars-5
4 Stars-3
5 Stars-0

Duke's recruits in the same 3 year period:
2 Stars-0
3 Stars-1
4 Stars-6
5 Stars-4

UNC (2 years only-one year, no scholly's available)
2 Stars-0
3 Stars-1
4 Stars-5
5 Stars-4

U of L
2 Stars-1
3 Stars-3
4 Stars-6
5 Stars-2

You're an idiot, plain and simple... of course you want him to leave since the gators aren't having the success against Kentucky that they had when Tubby was around... last time I checked Gillispie was 2-2 against Florida and the Gators are looking at a 2nd consecutive NIT, maybe they should fire Billy D. too. Kentucky will be back and it won't be long before it happens, at least as long as nobody listens to ignorance like this.

Jeff Goodman retarded brother. Jeff I thought I told you to lock him in the damn basement.

Great write up the truth hurts and he needs to go!!!! Now!!!

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