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Is Nick Calathes ready for the NBA?

Will Nick Calathes follow the path of his mentor and leave for the NBA after his sophomore season?

GAINESVILLE -- Alex Tyus thinks Nick Calathes is ready for the NBA.

Here's what I asked Tyus today: "Do you think Nick is ready for the NBA?"

Alex Tyus: "Yeah, definitely. I see him every day in practice and his court vision is there. He's a good shooter, ball handler and one of the most important things is that he's a great competitor and he always wants to get better."

Jason_williams-arton21254-240x240 Will Nick go? Will Nick stay? Is he ready? Does he need another year? Calathes says he's not thinking about that right now. A few pro scouts might be, though. A representative for the New York Knicks was present for the Gators' wins against Miami. 

[PICTURED, A young Jason Williams. Is Nick Calathes as good as this guy was?]

When the time comes, Calathes will likely seek the advice of former Gator and former Miami Heat point guard Jason Williams. Calathes and Williams have known each other for a few years now and have played pick-up together in Orlando. Calathes says he talks to Williams often. Williams has said in the past that Calathes is more advanced than he was at the same age.

Williams, of course, followed Billy Donovan from Marshall to Florida and starred as a Gator for less than one season. He was kicked off the team during his sophomore season for smoking too much pot (and failing three drug tests). After two seasons in college, Williams entered the NBA Draft and was selected seventh overall by the Sacramento Kings.

Here are some interesting stats: Jason Williams during Florida's 1997-1998 season averaged 17.1 points per game and 6.7 assists per game. Nick Calathes, in his second year of college ball, is averaging 17.4 points per game and 6.4 assist per game.

Now, as my esteemed colleague Israel Gutierrez likes to tell me, JWill and Calathes are two totally different players. That's true. Williams is quicker but Calathes is taller.



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So I bumped into Jason Williams at AAArena this Friday during March Madness. Took a picture with him. After I saw the picture, I was a little put off because I thought he made a funny face. Turns out, after seeing that picture above, that's just how he smiles...either that or he always makes that face when posing for pictures. Feel better now.

NO Adam. He doesn't like you !

what does alex tyus know about nba readiness?

this isn't even journalism...why are you so fixated on this topic?

This isn't journalism? Why am I fixated on this topic? Make no mistake, the number one storyline right now for the basketball team is whether or not Nick is staying or going. I'm going to report on it in the newspaper and write about it on my blog. Just because you're a fan of the Gators and you want Nick to stay and the best thing you can do is attack my judgement and hope it goes away doesn't mean I'm going to ignore the story not pursue it. Sorry, that's journalism.


Matzo Ball came to me in a dream last night. He was wearing a tall wizard hat. He told me Nick is as good as gone.

Some journalists are in touch with a higher power.

It's all very clear now.

Calathes is not going anywhere.

Ted Geisel gave me that hat.


Not quick enough…won’t be able to defend or get his shot off one-on-one. Comparisons to Jay-Will is ri-dic-u-la! Jason would run circles around him. Just can't see Nick's game translating well in the NBA...average college guards BLOW by him and his tendency to be sloppy with the ball is also a bad thing...I see him as an Average/Good Euro league guy, BUT great for the Gators in college.

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