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Jamar Hornsby arrested in Starkville

While you weren't at work ...

GAINESVILLE -- While you were chilling on South Beach or dancing at Hard Rock or day tripping to Key Largo or just binge drinking Miller High Life at your flat because that's the fiscally responsible way to get Jamar-Hornsby down these days, it was actually a busy weekend for Gators news. Stuff happened. Let's review.

[PICTURED, A troubled soul.]

How about we start with some really good news -- the best news of the weekend, in fact. Pretty cool, huh? As one person commented, that should cancel out the whole Jamar Hornsby incident, right? Well, speaking of Jamar Hornsby, guess what happened in Mississippi earlier this week. Nothing says second chance like a felony charge for aggravated assault. I mean, seriously, Houston Nutt, what did you expect? This is the same guy that stole the credit card of his teammate's girlfriend after the girlfriend died tragically in a motorcycle accident with another football player. What an embarrassment to humanity.

Anyway, on Saturday the Gators earned the SEC East's No.3 seed for this week's SEC Tournament. That's good news because it means UF plays this team in the first round. John Pelphrey's team might be the SEC's worst. The bad news is UF must play this team in the second round. Auburn is the hottest team in the SEC. Auburn is like Florida -- small and quick -- except the Tigers have somehow found a way to rebound.

Saturday's win against Kentucky kept hope alive in Gainesville for a trip to the NCAA Tournament. There is still a slim chance that UF can make the Tournament with a few more wins this week, although the bracket-predictor guy only thinks three SEC teams are going to make the NCAA Tournament at this point.



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I think you are casting additional embarrassing light on UF by showing his picture in a Gator uniform. The kid with no soul isn't a Gator any longer. Photoshop a clown suit on him....anything but a Gator uniform.

13-1, no Gator picture = no reason to be in the blog. He had to make it fit. I agree with you that he's not our problem anymore and we don't need to hear about it...but there is a lack of newsworthy stories around these days.

Now I fully believe it is win-two-and-we're-in. Arkansas is a should-win, and Auburn is the big ticket. I just keep thinking what if we hadn't lost those USC and UK games earlier in the season? Both of those should've been wins. None of this would've even been a discussion, we'd easily be in the tourney.

Clown suit? That's an insult to clowns. How about an orange jumpsuit?


Dripping with sarcasm, your Blog comes across in poor taste and as if you either dislike or resent covering the subject matter:

"How about we start with some really good news -- the best news of the weekend, in fact. Pretty cool, huh?"

There is nothing good or funny about it. The Jamar Hornsby news is tragic because he has failed to grasp multiple chances but also seen examples of the end game, e.g., late former teammate Avery Atkins. Your coverage should be balanced and sensitive to fact that these may be life-or-death choices.

In general, I would like to see better coverage of UF sports from the Miami Herald.

or the loss to Georgia...come on...Georgia?!

win the 2 games, Gators. get your 12 seed and call it a day.

richie, true, but we were handled by them that game. They shot a ridiculous percentage and we played ZERO defense.

The game vs. USC was over...we had won...and Kentucky Meeks hit an absurd 3-pointer at the buzzer.


I think you misread the blog, friend. Go back and read, "How about we start with some really good news -- the best news of the weekend, in fact. Pretty cool, huh?" AND actually click the link in the middle of the sentence. Sheesh. I not only have to write the blog, now I have to teach you how to use the computer as well? Now THAT was an example of "dripping sarcasm."

As for subject matter ... ever notice how many blog posts I throw up everyday? Guess what, I don't even have to do a blog.


I agree with that post, Goody. BUT...you know you DO have to do a blog...or at least it is a huge benefit to you enough that you SHOULD... :-D

The kid was given a second chance that you rarely see, most teams wouldn't touch a player with his past. He decided to throw it in the trash and assault someone...with brass knuckles from what I've read. At some point, the kid has to grow up, and it looks like his growing up is going to be done in an 8X8 jail cell.

Jo provides great coverage IMO. Keep up the good work.

Jo, At a glance, it appeared you were being sarcastic about Hornsby's sad situation. I misread the blog in part due to how the infomation was presented. A reader should not have to follow an embedded link to get the gist; an explicit reference to Hammond would have distinguished the link. Educating your readership unfortunately is part of the job. I am glad the Herald has a UF blog and wouldn't visit the Herald site as often otherwise.


You're absolutely right. I apologize. I just assumed everyone clicked the links that I provided, since it's pretty labor intensive on my end.


Brass knuckles? Please provide us with a link to this, if you don't mind. By the way, are brass knuckles really still made out of brass? It would seem much more cost effective to mass produce steel knuckles. Could someone research this and get back to me? I'm thinking about starting a gang and taking back the newspapers by force!


OK, updating this story here. Apparently Max wasn't kidding about the brass knuckles. Looks like Hornsby will be going away for awhile.


I avoid clicking on the links. I don't care for bouncing back and forth between Gator Clause and links. I prefer to keep my CFB feet warm in the toasty living room of my favorite beat writer thank you very much.

I do think it tends to chop up your otherwise masterfully flowing content.

"masterfully flowing content" LOL! Nice.


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