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Kiffin quotes motivating Gators

Inside Florida's football facility, Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin -- motivational genius -- is inspiring the Gators.

GAINESVILLE -- Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin must be doing something right. He hasn't even coached a game and already he has found a way inside the Gators' football facility. This pic, posted inside the Gators' weight room, comes from the website GatorTailgating.com. (Check out the website's recipe section. Very nice.) Something tells me this isn't the only Lane Kiffin quote posted inside the Gators' football facility. (FYI: Florida coach Urban Meyer finds nothing humorous about this whatsoever.)




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Can't wait for the Lame Kitten beatdown this fall in the swamp...

Lame Fibbin

I bet UT fans realize what a mess Kiffin created with his mouth. Of course their will always be the mouth breathers that hoot and holler but the intelligent UT fans (oxymoron) will have a problem with this guy quickly. Nu'keese must be feeling buyers remorse.

What would the 09 visit by UT look like had this clod kept his mouth shut? This game will have an entirely new feel to it now that he fabricated nonsense about a program that has owned his program.


Included in the programs attempting to sway him is Tennessee, which was successful in turning Pahokee receiver Nu'keese Richardson from Gator to Vol late in the 2009 recruiting process.

Elam said there will be retribution coming for Richardson, who had been a Florida commitment for more than six months before signing a national letter of intent with UT.

"Well, I feel he let my team down," Elam said. "But, it really doesn't bother me. We're just going to go and get him and beat him for four years."


I broke my nose last basketball season (well, someone broke it for me) and I had to breathe out of my mouth for a month. That sucked.


Lucky it wasn't the other way around, or else multiple jokes could've been hatched. :-D

Trust me. Multiple jokes were hatched. Just ask the guys at GatorCountry.com. FYI: Gator Clause and GatorCountry.com have since kissed and made up.


Hey if you need some back up, just get me a press pass and I'm there for ya buddy.


Could you access the various resources an influential writer such as yourself has at a powerful media monster like the Miami Herald and find out he largest margin of defeat in Tennessee football history? Thst would be interesting to see. If the stras were going to align for that record to break anytime soon, September 19th is as good a date as any. Thanks.

Will do, Rico. I'm on it.


OK, Rico. Here's your answer. In 1893, the third season of Tennessee football, the Vols lost to Trinity of Durham, N.C., 70-0.

Since joining the SEC in 1933, Tennessee's worst road defeat appears to be a 44-0 beat down in 1981 by Georgia in Athens. Of course, SOS dropped 62 on the Vols in 1995 but UT scored 37 points in that game. Florida defeated Tennessee 59-20 in 2007.


Joseph Goodman !! = Pentium fu(kin processor!

That was FAST. As Darth Vader told Luke after the initial round of Light sabre jousting: "Im-pressive."

Read The Clause everyday, don't get to post as much as I'd like. You're doing a great job, otherwise I wouldn't read everyday! Circuitous reasoning 101, kids.

I think Vol fans love what Kiffin is doing, and they are Philly fan-esque in this sense - At the moment, they don't appear to care what everyone outside of the Vol City-state (not much of a nation lately) thinks about Kiffin, UT or how Kiffin may/may not make them look at the moment. they seem genuinely pleased that, despite the method, the message of "UT is back, don't F with us!" is being spread with venom and vigor. Not two terms associated with the latter years of the Foolmer Era.

Who cares what Lane Kiffin has to say? I mean really. Tennessee hasn't done anything to anybody for years now. The fact that this guy has managed to rattle Urban and the Gator Nation's cages shows how thin skinned you all are. You just won a National Title. That does all the talking you need to do. Grow up.

Well. Mark it down. i agree with you, CaneJuice. Except, I'm not so much offended as amused. Amazing amount of sh1t being talked by a guy who has accomplished preciesly di(k on the field. It's amusing to me, but you're right I think many Gator fans are too still quit preocculpied whenever anyone insults the Gators.

still, props to Jo for the lightning fast turnaround on the Vol worst loss question.

Hey CaneJuice. Bottle it up, your insecurity is spilling all over this blog. Again.......

Don't really think Juice said anything wrong here for you to jump on him. I actually agree with him, we shouldn't give a flying F what Lame Fibbin has to say. BUT what he seems to fail to understand is this. Lame didn't just insult the program in an interview or to a reporter, he stood up and puffed out his chest in front of his supporters and tried to embarass him. Urban does not react well to that. If he chooses to use it as a MOTIVATING FACTOR for this team, then so be it. We started out SLOW last year and gained our momentum after the Ole Miss loss. This year if we can come out of the gates motivated (even with CONJURED-UP motivation) it will be beneficial to the team as a whole. See: Georgia.

oh, but while we're on Lame Fibbin...

According to ESPN’s Chris Low, “Kiffin told Jeffrey that if he chose the Gamecocks, he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life like all the other players from that state who had gone to South Carolina.”

I just read about that South Carolina recruit thing. That's unbelievable. He's going to earn a rep as an a-hole really fast if he keeps telling top recruits that nonesense. What an insult to SC, who I have no love for, too!

I hope Spurrier runs it up on him just like he did to Fulmer in the good ole' days.

My insecurities? LOL! I'm not sure how that has anything to do with an opinion on a football program, but okay.

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