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Second half bloggery right here...

[Here's the deal with the live blog. Check back frequently or else.]

GAINESVILLE -- UF guard Walter Hodge makes 1 of 2 free throws to give UF a 60-53 lead and then walks off into the sunset on Senior Day. Nice career kid. GAME OVER

Walker --UF guard Erving Walker [PICTURED with ol' Blue Socks.] ices the game with 38.2 seconds left with two free throws. UF 59, UK 51.

Kentucky came out of the 30-second timeout and was called for a shot-clock violation. On the next possession, the 'Cats tossed yet another turnover. This Kentucky team is terrible. For the record, UF and UK have combined for a season-high 34 turnovers. UF 57, UK 48 after an Erving Walker free throw, 1:28.

--Florida pep band plays Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer with 3:20 left. Art imitating life!

Kentucky with a 4-0 run but UF freshman Erving Walker answers with a three-pointer. UK's Perry Stevenson dunks it with 4:54 left but UF answers with a steal by a Walter Hodge and a layup. Timeout. This place hasn't been this loud all season! UF 56, UK 48, 3:23. Walter Hodge with 15 points while Calathes has five (2-9).

--Paul Simon time. Da-dat-dat-dat! Da-dat-dat-dat! 7:55 left.

--ANOTHER! Florida turnover converted into a quick UK lay-up. This time Erving Walker was intercepted by Kevin Galloway. Galloway made it UF 47, UK 40, 8:02. Tyus is back in the game.

Alex Tyus is hurt with 10:18 left. He just walked into the locker room with a UF trainer. Florida and Kentucky have combined for 27 turnovers. The good news? Florida is in the bonus and Dan Werner just made a pair. UF 47, UK 38, 9:09.

Nick Calathes isn't having the best basketball game of his career today. He only has three points on 1 of 6 shooting and has thrown away some pretty bad turnovers. But the Gators are leading 43-36 with 11:39 left. Can the Gators hit their foul shots down the stretch? Kentucky will test them.

Kenny Kadji just bounced a pass off of the side of Dan Werner's head. Go jeez. Walter Hodge made his thir three-pointer of the game to give UF a 40-30 lead.

Five quick points cut UF's lead to 37-30. The 'Cats converted a Nick Calathes turnover into a Jodie Meeks three-pointer. Meeks is heating up. UF 37, UK 30.

The first foul shot of the game came with 14:58 after Alex Tyus was fouled while scoring under the basket. The play was initiated by a great turnver from Dan Werner and an equally impressive no-look from Nick Calathes. Tyus made  the free throw. UF 37, UK 25, 14:58.

--Erving Walker made his first three-pointer of the game with 15:44 left in the second half. Nice play after sprinting off a screen at the top of the key.

--Jodie Meeks nails a three to start the second half. It's his first trey of the game (1 of 5). He has attempted every UK three-pointer. UF 31, UK 25.

[Reading Donovan's lips, he didn't like that foul call on Hodge attempting to strip Meeks.]



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If I asked you what two players would've been the catalyst for today's victory, how many would've said Hodge AND Werner? Not many, if any. Great game by Walter and terrific performance by Werner today. Gotta give credit where it is due. Even Tyus played a man's game.

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