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NCAA Tourney swag one of a kind

GAINESVILLE -- Everyone likes Caddyshack the movie, right? And everyone liked the 2009 BCS championship game, right?

Front Well, what if we combined both of those iconic sports memories and put it on a hat! Now that's some high-quality swag. And it can be yours, folks, if you win the Gator Clause NCAA Tournament Challenge bracket pool. Here's a link to the enter the pool. CLICK ME! All you have to do is enter the password "calathes" and you're gravy.

I got the hat a few days before the national championship game while participating in the media golf outing at the Grande Oaks Golf Club in Davie. Grande Oaks is the golf course where they filmed the movie Caddyshack. The name of the course in the movie was Bushwood Country Club. At the time of filming, the name of the golf course was Rolling Hills Golf Club. The golf course fell into Sideofhat decline until Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga bought it and fixed it up.

Anyway, the hat is brand new and this rare piece of Florida Gators national championship history can be yours if you win the Gator Clause NCAA Tournament Challenge. I was going to give the hat to my dad for Christmas, but screw him.



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OK, so far we have 16 people in the Gator Clause Tournament Challenge. I think we can have about 30 more people before the NCAA Tournament begins. Tell your friends. Tell your associates. Happy St. Paddy's day!!!

I'm gonna win that hat from you and give it to MY dad. And I also have the shirt you're supposed to give your pops in my car.
Wanna add that to the prize rack? Or are you gonna follow through on that one?

I need that shirt, you thief!


Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts.

My bracket would be the equivalent of throwing darts.

But I do have an almost Rain Man ability to quote Carl Spackler.

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