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Orson Charles calls out Florida

The prep tight end from Tampa Plant blasted a former UF assistant coach on Sunday for a poor recruiting performance.

GAINESVILLE -- UGA prospect Orson Charles is apparently not a big fan of former Florida tight ends coach John Hevesy.

Charles, a tight end from Tampa Plant, recently chose Georgia over USC and Tennessee. Florida also Charles_orson recruited Charles but didn't make the player's short list. Why? On Sunday night, Charles said it was all Hevesy's fault. Hevesy, now an assistant coach at Mississippi State, was the point man on the Charles deal. He recruited Charles for over a year.

[PICTURED, This guy never liked the Gators.]

"John Hevesy, when he came, that was just horrible. That turned things around," Charles told Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. "He just wasn't a good recruiter. He wasn't really recruiting me, just calling me once a month."

Wow! Talk about classy. So you didn't like the guy. So Hevesy didn't stroke your ego enough, or whatever. So he barked at you when you broke the national championship trophy. You still don't call the guy out in public like that. Poor form.

Just to remind Orson Charles of his place in the world: You were recruited by some of the best universities in this country. At least pretend like your character was worthy of such an honor.

Just to remind everyone about the trophy incident: While visiting Florida before his senior year, Charles knocked over the Gators' 2006 national championship trophy and broke it. I bet that was an awkward moment. According to Charles, Hevesy yelled at the recruit, "Do you know that costs $35,000?"

Question: Now that Charles signed with Georgia, can Florida finally send him a bill for that trophy?



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What's the deal with these Tampa Plant players? Are they all babies or what? Coach didn't stroke my ego...boo hoo..coach doesn't like me.....boo hoo....coach doesn't talke to me....get over and keep moving forward.

Products of the system. The smoke-and-mirrors show known as college recruiting is monstrous. Don't be surprised when it produces monsters.


Nice beatdown Jo.

Jacksonville awaits you Orson. Have a great day.

Kid is absurd and another one who will get run over by our ridiculously good defense. I honestly believe if I was one of these kids all it would take is for me to like the school, like the city and like the coach.

When I was choosing a college, I went to Northwestern, UF, UM, FSU and UCF after I got accepted. I said...wow...I love Florida. That was it.

I respect his opinion. No coaches connect with every player. I wish he would have been a Gator but again, I respect his decision and his reasons why.

Now that my disclaimer is over, if he isn't a GATOR he's GATOR BAIT.

The thing I laugh about is that Orson Charles was a kid that almost committed to the Canes twice and the Gators once early on in the process and they don't even make his short list. WHY? Two reasons:

1 - Ever since the Marve fiasco, Charles' Coach at Tampa Plant has been in his ear about how poorly Shannon treated Marve, even though Charles never even played with Marve, so UM was out.

2 - Kid is a straight up dick puller of his high school team and fellow Bulldog, Aaron Murray, so UF was out.

This kid has no class and I assume he will be calling out Shannon & Meyer shortly.

Another example of a kid who's ego has been puffed up by all this recruiting hype. I mean you went to Georgia, why takes shots at this guy? Why not just say so and so from UGA did a great job recruiting? Just petty.

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