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Spring football, a time for sunbathing

Before we get into the bloggery, I wanted to alert everyone to an egregious and inexcusable error that probably should call for me to just resign from The Herald right now. In today's article about spring football CLICK ME!, I for some reason reported that the spring game is on April 12. It's not on April 12. It's on April 18. Now, quit emailing, people, and let me go slit my wrists in peace.

GAINESVILLE -- You know, the best thing I get out of spring football every season is a nice suntan. There's not really much to report (unless someone decides to transfer or someone gets hurt) and I'm not really a big X's and O's kind of guy. Coach Urban Meyer is going to say the same predictable things every year. "There's a battle over here. There's a battle over there. Thank God Kyle Jackson and Tony Joiner are long gone."

That said, I'm sure there are plenty of news-hungry UF football junkies out there who can wait to read how many passes the new tight end dropped or how much weight Matt Patchan has gained since last season. Well, that's exactly what we're going to do give you on in this blog. All the spring football minutiae you can stomach. Like this stuff...

--Urban Meyer wants to throw in a little no-huddle this spring. Will it work? The Gators practiced no-huddle last season but never used it.

--If Tim Tebow throws a few too many incompletions, we're going to blow it way out of proportion on the blog and try and make you believe that it actually matters this spring what Tebow does or doesn't do.

--If Omar Hunter looks a little too portly, we're going to launch an investigation on the blog to determine if fat defensive lineman have ever played football before.

--When Will Hill takes reps at safety with Major Wright, we're going to lose our minds on this blog and write a series of detailed posts about the fierce battle for survival at free safety!

--Damn, I need more annoying spring football lists.

OK, enough with the sarcasm. There are actually a few important things the Gators need to figure out this spring. Who's going to replace Percy? Which offensive linemen replace tackles Phil Trautwein and Jason Watkins? Who's going to return punts with Brandon James out with a foot injury? Will Urban Meyer wear long-sleeved shirts every day? Will Steve Addazio limit his f-bombs with so many fans around? Will Dee Finley be the special teams dynamo I always knew he could become?

Stay tuned!



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No doughnuts this year? I'm disappointed in you, Jo.

Public service reminder: Donuts are for the first morning of two-a-days.


Right.. My mistake!

Will Dubose be one of those instant impact guys?

Will Moody bust it up ?

Will the Gators try to plug one of our burners into a Percy like roll and use pretty much the same offense? A steady diet of Tim and spreading out the speed guys.

It's time for you to step up and pound the middle like we know you can Moody. The attention that it would draw would take heat off Tim and make him even MORE dangerous, passing especially. Not to mention how nice it would be to see you pounding your way into the end zone.

Will the secondary be the overwhelming choice as the best unit we've seen in college football in years? They can and should be.

Who needs Patchan more, the O-line or the D-line?

Will the team blocking that was excellent last year be as good? Every time we blew open plays last year, you would see very good blocking.

Will the insurance that Jonathon Phillips provides even be needed?

Will this team work just as hard or harder than last year to ensure that going undefeated, the only goal missed from story book last year will be accomplished?

Who is the most likely team to face a UF beat down in Pasadena? I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for USC all season long. Please football gods give the Gators a chance to face a Pac10 team in the big game.

i think we are in for a tough year, we have been overrated the last couple years and i think i will catch up with us this year, holes to fill, and big heads will get us. urban will hit the pros after this year unless he is scared.

i am very concerned that kiffin will have ut on top of sec real soon. they are the more historic and better program, now with brice we are in big trouble, alabama and ut will kick our but going forward, maybe we should not run our mouths so much and work on being better fans than the worst cry babies in college sports.

Thank you Cane fans for posing as Gators. Your jealousy of our success "will help us more than you ever know".

"gatorman" and "go gators" = mole punks.

The biggest issue for the 09 season is getting the OL in place and cohesive. Once we do that, we roll. The defense should carry us, until the OL is tight.

You boys have a good time watching us hoist the crystal ball again. ;)

Kane phans r Kool! We dominat. Go U! Hurryicannes!
This will help our team more than you will ever know!!!

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