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Urban Meyer's all-seeing eye

Florida's football coach was at the Gators' basketball game on Sunday but he wasn't there to watch hoops.

GAINESVILLE -- Got to give it to Florida football coach Urban Meyer. He sure knows how to come off as a pretty cool guy for 17-year-olds. He stands next to Tim Tebow during Florida basketball games.

Urban is apparently a pretty cool guy. He likes Jimmy Buffet, after all, which is worth a top-shelf margarita and cheeseburger in paradise in my book, but being a Parrothead doesn't exactly translate well in the realm of recruiting. It's a bizarre realm, that place. Case in point: The practice of grown men on Urban_meyer Internet websites fanaticizing about underage boys is usually frowned upon by the general public, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and most religions. But that's what goes down on recruiting websites! Dream away, weirdoes.

Anyway, Meyer and the Florida football team entertained a bunch of high school juniors on Sunday with tickets to the basketball game and a few other activities. (Meeting assistant coaches, watching film, eating together, making fun of recruiting websites, etc...) During the basketball game, Meyer stood (the entire time) courtside for all to see. And guess who was strategically positioned next to Meyer (the entire time). That's right. Sir Timothy. Such a savvy recruiter, that Urban Meyer.

Here's a list of some of the 2010 recruits Meyer had his eye on: lineman Ian Silberman (Fleming Island), lineman Brent Benedict (Jacksonville Bolles), quarterback Christian Green (Tampa Catholic), lineman Chaz Green (Tampa Catholic), defensive end B.J. Butler (Kissimmee), safety Jonathan Dowling (Bradenton Southeast), quarterback Trey Burton (Venice), safety Matt Elam (West Palm Beach Dwyer) and linebacker Christian Jones (Winter Park).

Some of those recruits have already told Meyer that they want to play at Florida and study family sciences. Dowling, the cornerback from the Bradenton area, gave his so-called "non-binding oral commitment" to Meyer on Sunday. Dowling (6-3, 180 pounds) had 14 interceptions last season. Non-binding oral commitments mean little, by the way, but, MAN!, how we love our oral commitments.

To date, Meyer has had six oral commitments from recruits graduating in 2010. An observation: Meyer already has four orals from 2010 high school defensive backs. Two are safeties, Dowling and Elam, and two are cornerbacks, Demar Dorsey of Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson and Victor Hampton of Charlotte Independence.



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Could go with fewer uses of "oral." I believe I counted five in four sentences.

Also not really unusual for this to happen. When I was in school, I routinely remember recruits being spotted in the crowd and chanted for by the Rowdy Reptiles such as myself. One of them was a little known guy named Percival Harvin.

Maybe Meyer can start recruiting for our hoops team too...could Tebow play forward? Think Debose could run the point?

You Gaytor fan's and writer's are delusional. Like any of these kids will ever play with 'SAINT TEABAG', and like any of these kids will play for 'RURAL LIAR'. He'll be off to Notre Dame next season after Charlie Waste get's fired and teabag will be off to the philippines or wherever to do his proselytizing because spread QB's don't make it the big show. So you all just go back to your trailers and get back to what you do best and that's getting buzzzzzzzzzzzed..

Even my best parody of a canes fan wouldn't have been -that- douchey.

I really don't think Gator fans have much to talk about as far as douchey is concerned. It seems to be pretty equal parts douchey for both.

No, being a douche is trying to spoil the fun of fans of a team that is being consistently successful by drudging up the past and old stories of glory and using lines like "just go back to your trailers," calling coaches and players names, etc. Canes fans need to realize that the last four years have been the Gators and it looks like at least the next one will probably be as well. The Canes had their time and WILL have their time again. But it is not now. So stop with the puffing of the chests and talking about old titles won...give credit where it is due and it will come right back to ya.

Canes=Ancient History

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