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Was Nick Calathes robbed of SEC award?

LSU's Marcus Thornton was named SEC Player of the Year over UF's Nick Calathes and UK's Jodie Meeks.

GAINESVILLE -- The Southeastern Conference announced its all-conference teams, coach of the year (Trent Johnson, LSU) and player of the year (Marcus Thornton, LSU) today.

UF guard Nick Calathes made first-team all-conference and freshman guard Erving Walker made the SEC all-conference freshman team. Let's review the numbers of the All-SEC first team.

Mthornton MARCUS THORNTON, LSU guard
PPG: 20.9, RPG: 5.5, APG: 1.8
Free-throw percentage: 75.1
Three-pointers: 57 (38.7 percent)
Team accomplishments: SEC regular-season champs; No.1 seed in SEC Tournament; lock for an at-large to the NCAA Tournament

Ncalathes NICK CALATHES, UF guard
PPG: 17.7, RPG 5.2, APG 6.4
Free-throw percentage: 71
Three-pointers: 65 (40.1 percent)
Team accomplishments: No.3 seed in the SEC Tournament; UF still needs a few more wins for NCAA Tournament consideration.

Ddowney DEVAN DOWNEY, USC guard
PPG: 20.2, RPG 2.8, APG 4.6
Free-throw percentage: 73
Three-pointers: 51 (36.2 percent)
Team accomplishments: No.2 seed in the SEC Tournament, USC is projected to receive an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament

Jmeeks JODIE MEEKS, UK guard
PPG 24.7, RPG 3.5, APG 1.6
Free-throw percentage: 89.4
Three-pointers: 107 (40.8 percent)
Team accomplishments: No.4 seed in the SEC Tournament, UK probably needs to win the SEC Tournament to make the NCAA Tournament

PPG: 18.4, RPG 9.2, APG 1.9, BPG 2
Free-throw percentage: 77.6
Team accomplishments: See Jodie Meeks


Tmitchell TASMIN MITCHELL, LSU forward

PPG 15.4, RPG 7.4, APG 1.8
Free-throw percentage: 73.6
Three pointers: 10 (52.5 percent)
Team accomplishments: See Marcus Thornton



Tsmith TYLER SMITH, UT forward
PPG 17.1, RPG 5.0, APG 3.5
Free-throw percentage: 75.1
Three-pointers: 24 (29.6 percent; except, of course, when he plays Florida)
Team accomplishments: No.2 seed in the SEC Tournament, projected to receive an at-large bid into the the NCAA Tournament



PPG 13.0, RPG 9.0, 4.6 BPG
Free-throw percentage: 68.6
Team accomplishments: No.3 seed in the SEC Tournament, needs to win the SEC Tournament to make the NCAA Tournament

OK, just by looking at the numbers, Calathes or Meeks probably should have been the SEC Player of the Year. That's just my opinion. Of course, I have no problem with SEC coaches choosing the best player on the best team.



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Not Calathes.

Anyone who goes to UF will be overshadowed by the King Tebow phenomena and not get their own recognition. The "ham" Tebow is at every game for every sport and has been placed in such a celebrity position that no other athelete can get recognized. If I were an athelete, I'd stay away from UF until Tebow leaves, or you'll never get the rewards and recognition you deserve. Just attended the 3 baseball games UF played against UMiami and Tebow was there to throw the first ball out at the first game. Calathes was sitting up high in the bleachers and given no recognition!! GO CANES!!! Funny how UF lost all 3 games but they make it sound like they won......swamp fever I guess as reptiles are just thick headed!!

Wow, you really have no idea what you're talking about.

Does anyone know how close UM is to actually meeting NCAA attendance requirements? I would guess they are not too far from the bottom, and actually make it based on an entity "buying up" a certain # of tix.......It certainly is not out of the realm of possibility for this undereducated bunch of fans to actually have "no" team some day:)


As a proud graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), I consider myself an authority on three things:
1. BBQ
2. creative and exciting ways to lose to Memphis
3. apathetic fans and meeting NCAA attendance requirements

An average attendance of 15,000 fans is the number I believe you're thinking about.


Is individual attention one of the reasons that 'Canes have fallen away so bad.
Tebow is a great player on a great TEAM

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