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What's Lane Kiffin's secret?

Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin landed former Miami commitment Bryce Brown on Monday.

GAINESVILLE -- Gators fans might not hold Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin in high esteem, but high-profile running backs certainly do.

Bryce On Monday, Kiffin picked up a commitment from Kansas prep sensation Bryce Brown, the running back who was originally committed to Miami and is ranked the No.1 overall prospect for the class of 2009.

[PICTURED, This guy will be visiting The Swamp on Sept. 19.]

Brown's commitment comes a week after David Oku, another high-profile running back recruit from Nebraska, committed to Kiffin and Vols. Brown and Oku share the same street agent.

So what's Kiffin's secret? How did he get two of the best running backs in the nation -- two guys who waited until after National Signing Day to commit -- to both decide on the University of Tennessee?

Brown, of course, was a Miami commitment long before Lane Kiffin even imagined he'd be coaching in college, let alone at UT. Since replacing Phil Fulmer, Kiffin has not only salvaged the Vols' recruiting class, he's pulled in one of the best recruiting classes in the conference. Who says this guy is in over his head?



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The secret? $$$

Also, it is not Kiffin recruiting these guys, it is the highest paid staff in college football.

Kiffin is the head coach, though. He's got to be doing something right.


Bryce Brown seems like trouble. I mean this "mentor" of his is already being investigated and the situation just screams NCAA rules violations.

Ron Zook was a great recruiter...and a head coach...


What's the deal with Orgeron's Super Bowl party?

Yeah, I give him props they had a good class despite such a late start. I imagine the late start hurt them but I also imagine the talent there helped them. The whole team is wide open except for Berry's spot. I don't like the prick but I'll be fair and agree they did have a great class. Too bad he'll still get his ass handed to him in the swamp.

So Lane lands Bryce Brown. Just imagine the lies he told THAT recruit. At least the kid had the sense to steer clear of the ACC.

It will be sweet if this kid see playing time against UF this year. I'd like to see Brandon Spikes unleash the Knowshon shimmy on his a s s.

Gee, wow..... I think a little investigation is in order....where there's smoke there's fire. I give them a couple of years and it will all come out....Bryce just confirmed it...this guy is serial scumbag and had an agent in high school who talked about going for the money now in the CFL! Why Tennessee now?

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