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World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party moving indoors?

GAINESVILLE -- The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party might be moving indoors. The Atlanta Sports Council in interested in hosting the annual Florida-Georgia football game once every four years, according to Gary Stokan, the council's president.

Stokan has had preliminary discussions with Georgia athletics director Damon Evans and Georgia football coach Mark Richt about moving the game to the Georgia Dome once every four years. According to Stokan, Georgia owns the rights to two of the games every four years. The current four-year contract ends after the 2010 football game.

"We think asking for one of the four games isn't too much," Stokan said in a phone interview on Friday morning. "Having one of the two games [Georgia] owns moving to Atlanta -- we think it would increase the mystique and rivalry of the game."

Boats Jacksville Municipal Stadium has hosted the Florida-Georgia game every year since 1933 except for 1994 and 1995 when the stadium was being renovated for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The first Florida-Georgia game was held in Jacksonville in 1915.

[But where do you park the party boats in downtown Atlanta?]

Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, located on the shores of the St. John's river, is considered a neutral field for the rivalry game. Tickets are split evenly between schools every year. Jacksonville is 73 miles away from Gainesville compared to 342 miles away from Athens, Ga., where the University of Georgia is located. Atlanta's Georgia Dome is about 72 miles from Athens.

Bids have not been made for the next four-year contract but Stokan said he has spoken with Georgia's athletics director about preparing a proposal. Nothing is finalized, according to Stokan, and more negotiating will be needed before a bid is made. Stokan said schools would be compensated for any loss in ticket sales. Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, current host of the football game, seats 84,000. The Georgia Dome, which currently hosts the SEC football championship game, seats 71,228.

Thoughts, anyone? Personally, I say the heck with the neutral field. Just play the games in the teams' home stadiums.



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Hey Goodman.

There is some gator fan who derives great joy in urinating all over the CANE blog.

Will you, or one of your gator fans do something about this guy ?

You are partiality responsible for this loser, so do something. Get him blocked, or embarrass him, do something.


Play at home stadiums? You can't be serious.. this is an awesome tradition.. I have gone eight straight years dating back to when I started undergrad at UF, and atleast 4 of those times are in the top 5 best times in my life. This is one of the great events in college football, lets not mess with it and screw it up, like they do with everything else.

The only problems with having the game in Jacksonville are the drunkies who drive back to Gainesville and Athens after the game. Less driving fatalities; More home football games!


Another benefit of having a home and home with Georgia is it will allow Florida and Miami to renew a yearly series.

I have to agree with Jay. The atmosphere at that game is unbeatable. Plus shaking our Gator car keys at the Dawgs as they file out is one of my favorite things in all of sports.

It would still be fun to wreck UGA in BHG. It would make the FSU game pale in comparison.

Anywhere but the Georgia Dome. We often have a date there to win SEC championships so I see no reason to play there twice in a season.

Just another example that you are an Alabama boy. You did not grow up with this series tradition as many of us did. Sorry you don't understand. You may cover the news of the Gators but that does not mean you understand the heart of the Gator fan.


I'm going to tell you right now as someone born and raised in Jacksonville, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Jacksonville will NEVER give up the revenue that is FLOODED into the city with this game, more so now!
It was a miracle back when the stadium was being rebuilt that it was at either school.
This has been going on 80+ years... please. It will not move. And alumni won't have it moved either. Between the boats (as mentioned) and the rv city... yeah no.
Try again, fail again.

umm...johanna. Jax has no say in the matter. It's between the two athletic departments, NOT jacksonville.

Jacksonville will never give up the revenue???? HUH?

The game is awesome where it is but if it left , Jacksonville could do nothing about it.


Nice shot. I'm from Alabama, therefore I know nothing about the passion that goes into a college football rivalry. Makes sense to me...

I'm sure there are more than a few Gators fans who would like to see the game moved to a home-and-home series. Then again, I DO understand wanting to keep a tradition in place. When the Iron Bowl left Birmingham, it took a little bit away from that state's big football rivalry.


I didn't think that Alabamans were allowed on the All World Blog Team. I'm going to have to look into this.

Alabama, right? Unbelievable, isn't it. The first time I ever saw a computer was when I walked into The Miami Herald newsroom for my job interviews. I was like, "Wow, computers! Holy smokes! I've heard about these things but my high school teacher said that computers are just an evil trick put on earth by the devil to spread lies about evolution."

Obviously, I got the job.


It doesn't take much to set the Henny Youngman of the blogging world off on a routine. It's just unfortunate that usually your only audience is Matzo Ball The Cat.

Try the veal.......

This blog is translated into 84 different languages in 163 different countries. Matzo's family back in Haifa reads it in Hebrew.


jo, I disagree with you sometimes. When I do, I try to do it in a respectable way (even though sometimes typed-out you take it differently) but...bro...this time...you're FLIPPIN' INSANE!

Make the WLOCP a home-and-home series? Let's take this point-by-point.

1) The Georgia Dome thing. Horrible idea for a few reasons. (Know this isn't your idea.) (a) Tradition - the game has been in Jax since 1933. (b) Split stadium. The way that was written, it appears they wouldn't be splitting the stadium 50-50 like Jax does. Why should UGA get a major advantage once every four years? Because they can't beat us anymore? (c) Consistency.

2) Home-and-home series. I almost vomited. You want to take one of the biggest annual college football events (probably second to the Red River Rivalry) and reduce it to a home-and-home series? The RRR has been in Dallas since 1900. Would you want to make that a home-and-home?

Let me tell you this, the reduction on drunk driving would be nil...all those UGA fans drunk on campus at UF and visa-versa? The people who park at UGA stadium and drive back to Gainesville after? The fact that the game is in Jax means MOST fans stay overnight, reducing the number of people on the road. There is something to do after the game - party - whether you win or lose. Then you go back to the hotel, sleep it off, get some Dunkin' Donuts and get on the highway in the morning. If it is in one location or the other, everyone for the visiting team is driving home after the game - meaning more drunk drivers on the highways and all headed in one direction. And if you've ever made the drive from UF to Jax (and I know you have) there are PLENTY of cops around both ways keeping things as safe as possible.

Besides, neither team would split the stadium. So it makes UF/UGA just another game on the schedule rather than the spectacle it should be and currently is. Seeing that stadium half O&B and half R&B is awesome. The only thing better was (this year) seeing it half O&B and half empty.

And, as someone else pointed out, it is a huge boom to the Jax economy. Businesses wait around all year just to capitalize on the WLOCP. I'm sure whatever bid the Georgia Dome makes, the Jax govt. will significantly counter.

No way, no how.

But what if Georgia wanted to play its two games (every four years) at home in Athens? What would UF do then? Keep their two games in Jacksonville? Doubtful.

I agree with you, the Georgia Dome is a bad idea. In a perfect world, the game remains in Jacksonville. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if someone messes this thing up.


UGA won't want to do that. And if they do, we have no choice. The WLOCP is an every year deal or it isn't. It is all one or another.

But what you seemed to say (or imply) above was that you would PREFER a home-and-home to having a neutral site game. That's what sent me into a tizzy. Yes, I said tizzy.

I meant move it to a home-and-home series instead of the Georgia Dome once every four years. Neutral-field rivalries are one of the best things about college football.


OK. That would still suck, but would suck less I suppose.

This is a great rivalry and playing it on a neutral field in Jacksonville has a lot to do with that. Half of the stadium is red and black and the other half if orange and blue--the world's largest outdoor cocktail party.

And it's not going to change anything for Georgia. Florida will still own them.

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