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Alex Tyus staying with Florida Gators

UPDATE: The University of Florida is working this morning to clarify this story. Also, Alex Tyus' basketball bio was never removed from the UF athletics website, according to a spokesman.

GAINESVILLE -- Remember that whole story about University of Florida basketball player Alex Tyus transferring because he was unhappy with his role on his team? Well, you can forget about it, apparently.

According to Tyus' Facebook page, the 6-8 forward is now returning to Gainesville for his junior season. Here's what Tyus' Facebook page said today: (Edited by me out of respect for the English language.)

"Alex Tyus all over St. Louis right now!!! But yeah, man, what' s all the negativity about? I'll be back in Gainesville at the end of June. Relax, I'm going nowhere!!!"

All UF coach Billy Donovan has to do now is convince point guard Nick Calathes to stick around for another year and the Gators' should be back in business.

--The university announced on Monday that back-up quarterback John Brantley recently underwent successful ankle surgery. It was minor surgery to correct chronic tendonitis. Brantley should be fully recovered in time for two-a-days, according to UF.

--NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. is still hating on Tim Tebow. During a conference call on Monday, Kiper said that Tebow will be a second- or third-round pick next year, similar to former West Virginia quarterback Pat White.

"I don't think he can be a full-time quarterback," Kiper said. "I don't think he can be the quarterback of the future for you but I do think in the third round, maybe the second round. It will be the same as Pat White. We'll be talking about Tim Tebow like we talked about Pat White."



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Joe, "hating on"? What is that? Has The Herald stylebook gone ghetto now? Please. It sounds as ridiculous as Sarah Palin giving "a shout out" during a VEEP debate. All your readers aren't 18 years old. Appreciate what you do but have to point it out when you forget that you're a professional journalist. Thanks.

Finally some good news for Gator basketball.


Point taken but I'm going to respectfully disagree on this one. It's the blog. We're not as stodgy over here. We can be breaking news one minute and "be hate'n on some fools" the next. And if my memory serves me correctly, I'm pretty sure President Obama gave "a shout out" to Marcus Gilbert during the Gators visit to the White House. Time and place, friend. Time and place.

So quit hate'n on the ghetto, man. Or should I say, your disapprobation for our rhetorical indigence is superciliousness personified.


Is Kiper as stupid as he looks??

Four words Kiper should remember from now until next April: Never bet against Tebow.


Gee Tyus coming back...oh boy, excuse me if I don't get excited about that one...its a big "WHATEVER". Bigger forwards as before will manhandle the dude.

Forget about the Hate on Tebow ... Kiper is living proof you can have an MLB batting average relative to NFL player evaluations and still be considered an "expert". Tebow will ... be Tebow; a player with a skill package the NFL has NEVER seen and with additional coaching this year will be just fine...hope he does fall and is not selected by a bottom feeder team.

Superciliousness? Disapprobation? Huge bonus points for droppin those.

Your resplendent riposte was not only comedic but guileful as well.

Is Kiper as stupid as he looks? He's "stupider."

Eh, don't care about Tyus coming back. Was actually decently happy when he left. Guy sucks.

As far as Kiper on Tebow, the guy is DEAD-WRONG. The problem with Kiper is, even if he's wrong from the get-go, he'll NEVER change his mind. Tebow could dominate this year and at the combine and Kiper will say "Well, Tebow is projected to go in my top 15, but probably more as a Wildcat QB, not a starter."

NFL head coaches, NFL scouts and NFL analysts have all strongly disagreed with him. I think Jon Gruden, Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells know what will be successful better than Kiper!

Parcells actually said, and I paraphrase: "Is Tim Tebow a top 5 pick? No. But he is a top 10 pick." PERIOD.

Oh, and this is a blog, calm down guys. I may be the grammar police around here, but even I don't find the usage of those words an issue whatsoever.

Adam - I disagree with you about Tyus, he remionds me quit a bit of Speights at the same juncture with Florida, both his physical qualities and his game. What little inside presence existed last year was soley the resultt of his efforts, and I think with the quiet confidence of the coaching staff in the abilities of Macklin to man the middle nexrt year, Tyus' great shooting touch will be more of a factor next year. don't get me wrong, Speights is/was a better talent, but Tyus shows shades of his predecessor's game.

What about him reminds you of Speights? He has no presence down low (doesn't play big), he can't hit a mini hook or turn around jumper, he can't post up and he doesn't finish on his lay-ups, missing a ton of them. What's good about him aside from the fact that he had some type of size while the rest of our team didn't?

What were Kiper's "completion" numbers in the draft? I'll bet good money that Tebow throws more complete passes than Kiper gets correct predictions any day. That's because Tebow is much, much better at his job than Kiper at his. If only Tebow were as classy as Kiper...sorry I can't even type that with a straight face.

"be hate'n on some fools"
Posted by: Goody | April 28, 2009 at 08:49 AM

the worst sentence ever typed in the history of the internet. god there was so much wrong with that.

and if kipers wrong, then why does it bother florida fans so much when he says it. florida fans want everything, just get over it. I'm sure he's like me, tired of hearing about the kid ALL THE FREAKING TIME. He can't have his opinion? anybody that says anythiung negative about the almighty florida gators is the scum of the earth now? They can't say one negative thing about any florida gator without being put on blast and hated and ripped by every gator fan? sure the gators had a good year, they had the best team that wasnt in utah, but nobody has everything. nobody's jealous

I think Tyus has the best touch of any Cor F on the tream right now. Remeber his alleged beef was that he didn't want to play C because he (as you noted) is not really a back to the basket kind of player. He is a small forward, not a center, his game ergo Florida) would thrive with him playing away from and facing the basket. He'll get the chance this year, let's hope it works. Everyone's life will be easier if Macklin does indeed become the interior presence the staff is hoping he becomes.

I really don't care what anyone says about TT. This position was earnestly solidified when the manchild who clearly should have won the Heisman (how many would have voted differently if trophy presented after the bowls) did not and finished third. The kid is a leader, Florida's Joe Montana, and this year's tutelage under Loeffler has, by all accounts, already improved his technique. There will be plenty of impressive film on an improved Tebow (and Brantley) for next year's draft as a result of his decision to stay and learn more from Loeffler.

Brantley will be scary next year, shades of the FShoe salad days when they would bring in a veteran redshirt junior every 2 years who played like an experienced vet (glad those days are over).

Nate...Utah? Come on, kid. Gators would have torn them a new one too. Get real.

Making the likely accurate presumption that Nate is not an actual Utah alum/fan, it is quite a sad state when an "attack" on Gator fans and/or the state of the football program is buttressed with an undefeated Utah reference. UM + FSU = Faded Glory

Kiper was 8 out of 32 in predicting the first round. You're alot better off if he DOESN"T pick you!

yeah UM actually. It's ok for gator fans to talk junk, you're on top right now. but you don't have EVERYTHING. most gators have been garbage in the nfl. Nobody has any way of knowing how tebow will do in the nfl, including tebow and the gator fans. but everybody's entitled to their opinion. continually attacking the guy is really uncalled for. there's no swagger in that. As a canes fan, we love to be doubted. there's nothing in the world that psyches us up more and we settle it on the field. I admit you guys beat is pretty good this year, but we played extremely well given our circumstances, and had we a more potent offense, had a good chance of beating you guys. Louis Murphys statements about who the real "U" is were stupid and are a great example of the complete lack of swagger with which the gators conduct themselves, and the way that they want everythihng. Couldn't he just be proud of gator nation, instead of trying to claim other peoples' stuff? the U is not just about winning championships. The U is bigger than the team or the school. The U is an attitude and a family that's unbreakable and extends beyond the players currently on the roster to the former players that come back to mentor the former canes. I admit, we have bad attendance at dolphin stadium, and we have way less fans than you guys, and i'll even go as far as to say that our fans our skeptical and sometimes seem fairweather, but they're loyal. once a cane always a cane. It will always be us against the world, and we love that. i really wish we would play every year. you can't deny that that would be awesome. we got the pieces back together and will be good next year and years to come. i dont take anything away from the success of the gators, but nobody has everything.

Hating? How is this hating, I'm not a fan of Kiper, but he is supposed to give his opinion about where players are going to get drafted, unless Tebow makes a drastic improvement in his throwing ability then 2nd to 3rd sounds about right. Not first round material, if you disagree then I guess you think Pat White should have been drafted in the first round by the Dolphins.

Sorry Nate, but Florida does have everything. Let me count the ways...LOCATION: Playing in the Sunshine State in a college town atmosphere without the crime and hassles of metropolis yet an easy drive to major cities of Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando. Less that an hour to beautiful beaches. CAMPUS: Yes it's big, but it's beautiful with tall pines and native palms and the architecture of a real traditional college. ACADEMICS: Year end and year out, one of the top state colleges in the nation...has one of the most comphrehensive offerings...College of Medicine, Law, Vet Science, Architecture, Journalism, Dentistry, etc etc. A top Medical facility, Brain Institute, Cancer Center, Research facilities. SPORTS FACILITIES: Among tops in nation, including the brand new football complex and training facilities and the ever improving and evolving SWAMP. SUPPORT: Years of consecutive seLlouts and beyond loyal and rabid fan base support who travel with their team. Just look at the UF license plates you see throughout Florida! A self supporting non state supported UAA that runs almost a 90 Million dollar budget. LEADERSHIP: Best AD in the country with the best overall coaching staff in the toughest and richest conference. Wins the SEC all sports trophy virtually every year. MEDIA ATTENTION: Best by far in one of the largest states in the Nation. MERCHANDISING: More sales than all the other 6 division 1 schools in Florida COMBINED.

then why was louis murphy talking about how they were the U and not us? shouldnt he have just been proud of gator nation or w/e? if you guys are so much above us, then why would he even pursue that? gainesville sucks. if there are no hassles or crime there, how do you explain the 4 gator arrests in the last 12 months? and yes, you have the most fans. but 95% of the fanbase just hopped on the bandwagon and are horrible horrible people. Just complete jerks. have your media attention and your merchandising. sound fury and brash signifying nothing. and the gators are the lamest sports program in the country. have your championship. getting called out by georgia, trying to step up and failing, cheap-shotting stafford, tebow crying, coming back a year later and beating them then trying to talk junk after the game? theres no swagger in that. completely mishandled. louis murphy trying to claim the title of the U instead of just being proud of his own team (mainly because we didnt recruit him). theres no swagger in that. that stuff makes the game less fun. showing utter disrespect towards other teams. its sad and it ruins the game. no swagger in that.

"95% of the fanbase just hopped on the bandwagon "
So how do I verify this percentage?
UM fans have the market cornered on bandwagon fans, one of your own Willis McGahee called you guys out a few years ago when he said "most UM fans are not real fans they are only fans of winning" you can't get anymore bandwagon then that

the fans that are fans right now are true fans, cause we're not doin so hot. and most gator fans i know talk a lotttta junk then when i ask them actual questions about the team they'll be like "uhhhh....all i know is tim tebow, urban meyer and percy harvin and it doesnt matter cause the gators are the best blah blah blah!" homers. thats the true sign of bandwagoners. florida was ranked 9th in overall merchandise sales in '04, and 3rd in '07 and remains third to this day (courtesy of the collegiate licensing company). that seems pretty bandwagon to me. we were never ranked high even when we won the championship in 2001. but nobody cares. our fanbase aint huge, but its pretty stable. i believe there are a lotta closet cane fans out there.

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