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Disappointing draft for the state of Florida

GAINESVILLE -- Slightly off topic here. So, I was charged with writing a story for Monday's paper on the instate college football players selected in the 2009 NFL Draft. Well, it's a short list.

Can you believe that only seven college football players from instate universities were drafted this weekend? You read that correctly. Only SEVEN. Here's the list. (Keep in mind that there are seven Football Bowl Subdivision teams throughout the state.)

Percy Harvin, Florida, first round, 22nd overall, Minnesota Vikings
Everette Brown, Florida State, second round, 43rd overall, Carolina Panthers
Tyrone McKenzie, South Florida, third round, 97th overall, New England Patriots
Louis Murphy, Florida, fourth round, 124th overall, Oakland Raiders
Cornelius Ingram, Florida, fifth round, 153rd overall, Philadelphia Eagles
Joe Burnett, Central Florida, fifth round, 169th overall, Pittsburgh Steelers
Spencer Adkins, Miami, sixth round, 176th overall, Atlanta Falcons

To put this low number into perspective, consider that Florida had nine players drafted in 2007. In 2004, Miami had six players drafted ... in the first round.

So, where did all the talent go? Out west, perhaps. Southern California placed 11 players in the NFL Draft over the weekend. The University of Oregon had six players drafted, or one fewer player than the entire state of Florida combined.

Florida, the 2008 national champion, had three players drafted. (Guess that means the Gators' returning players are pretty darn good.) Florida State had one player drafted for the first time in 22 years. Miami's contribution to the NFL this weekend equaled that of Miami-Ohio.

Theories, anyone?



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Joe, I've give you my last blog hit. You never compliment the Gators without it being left-handed and with that smarmy smirk you display in your photo. And you are the first to jump on anything negative about the Gators. Meanwhile, the Herald's blogger for FSU and the Canes do nothing but slurp them.

Last time, and you can kiss my scaly, Gator derriere!

Posted by: DarthGatorOne | April 26, 2009 at 08:20 PM


jo, how bout deleting that last post? Or at least the wwahhhs?

Gators had 3 drafted...would've been 5 if Tebow and Spikes had come out.

I'd say that the coaches at FSU lack leadership. They've been doddering for a while now.

UM? Their draft numbers have fallen off for years now. Is there any leadership down there either?

How many guys will UF send to the NFL in the next two drafts? It will be an onslaught. The other schools? Not so much. The leadership and competition at UF fuels this IMO. Any school in the country would snatch up Urban if he were available.

This one is quite simple Joseph,
FSU's and Miami's football programs are just shadows of what they used to be. Both programs are as down as they have been in decades.

Next, Florida (who always has quality Defensive players) returned their TOP 22 players on D!!! Once again, there was NOT A SINGLE SENIOR GATOR DEFENSIVE PLAYER LAST YEAR and not a single defensive player entered the draft.

Finally, you combine 7 starters on Offense returning and you have only 7 Gators enter the NFL Draft. (including a long-snapper and a 4th string running back)

Those ONLY 7 Gators include:
Harvin (drafted 1st round) -Vikings
Murphy (drafted 4th round) -Raiders
Ingram (drafted 5th round) -Eagles
Watkins (signed as Free Agent) -Texans
Trautwein(signed as Free Agent) -Rams
Smith (signed as Free Agent) -Bengals
Moore (signed as Free Agent) -Broncos

-Only 7 Gators off last years Championship Team, and ALL 7 signed with NFL teams (including a long snapper and 4th string running back)

Pretty successful weekend for the Gators.

- O yea, and A LOT of talent coming back!


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