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SPRING GAME LIVE: Orange 31, Blue 21

GAINESVILLE -- Frankie Hammond Jr. with his second touchdown catch of the day. With 6:56 left in the fourth quarter, Hammond caught an eight-yard pass from back-up quarterback John Brantley to give Team Orange a 31-14 lead. Hammond has four receptions for 131 yards and two touchdowns.

--Tim Tebow's spring game appears to be over. John Brantley is now the quarterback for both teams. (For the record, most of the defensive first-teamers never saw the field today: Major, Ahmad, Spikes, etc...)

--Announced attendance is 65,000, according to UF. Doesn't look like 65,000 to me but whatever. (Meanwhile, linebacker Brendan Beal intercepts John Brantley.)

Frankie Hammond Jr. is your frontrunner for spring game MVP after hauling in a 50-yard touchdown pass from Brantley. Orange Team 24, Blue Team 14 in the third quarter. Hammond extended his post pattern for a long gain with several impressive downfield moves.

--Who says John Brantley is hurt? The back-up quarterback just scrambled for a 15-yard score to give the second-teamers a 17-14 lead with 15 seconds left in the half.

--The first-team offense answered the field goal with a touchdown drive. Chris Rainey scored on a three-yard run with 1:21 left to give Team Blue a 14-7 lead. The drive's highlight was a 20-yard pass from receiver Carl Moore to receiver Deonte Thompson.

--Orange Team takes the lead with a 44-yard field goal from Caleb Sturgis. The score was set up by an interception from Dorian Munroe.

--Safety Dorian Munroe intercepted Tebow at the 50-yard line on a pass deflected by linebacker Jon Bostic. Second-team offense takes over at the 28 after a nice interception return from Munroe. (Tebow's arm motion isn't much different than last season, for those asking. Still much slower than Brantley's. Again, I've been writing this all spring. QB coach Scot Loeffler is not trying to change Tebow's arm motion very much.)

--The second-team offense gets on the board with another touchdown catch by a fullback. This time back-up John Brantley found fullback Rick Burgess for a one-yard touchdown play. (Hooray, so exciting!) Earlier, Tim Tebow connected with first-team fullback T.J. Pridemore for a score. Blue Team 7, Orange Team 7.

--Receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. of Hallandale pulled down a 47-yard pass from John Brantley late in the first quarter. Pretty play. Second-team offense driving.

--Touchdown T.J. Pridemore on a two-yard pass from Tebow. Blue Team 7, Orange Team 0.

Game on. The first highlight of the day came on the fourth play, a 37-yard play from Chris Rainey, who turned a short pass into a long gain.

The first-team offense (Team Blue) vs. first-team defense (only it's not the first-team defense). Second-team offense (Team Orange) vs. second-team defense.

Per trandition, UF students ran the 40-yard dash against a few players before the spring game. Aaron Hernandez won his heat, racing against Brandon Hicks. Chris Rainey won the light-division race, defeating Frankie Hammond Jr., Adrian Bushell and Emmanuel Moody (in that order).

--Remember we're blogging live beginning at 1 p.m.To pass the time before the spring game begins, here are some notes and links you might enjoy...

-Florida coach Billy Donovan is close to hiring Richard Pitino as the Gators' newest assistant basketball coach, according to several reports. Pitino is the son of Louisville coach Rick Pitino. Donovan played for Rick Pitino at Providence and was later one of Pitino's assistants at Kenutcky. Richard Pitino coached at Louisville last season with his father. Richard Pitino would replace former UF assistant Shaka Smart, who is the new head coach at VCU.

Florida Gators have great expectations heading into spring game

Florida star Tim Tebow learning how to be a pocket passer

UF's Steve Addazio brings intensity



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jo, is it true the game will not be televised until Sunday, May 3? If so, can you find out why for us? That seems a bit ridiculous.

I’m eager to hear about tebows throwing motions. any observations would be greatly appreciated!

by the way, I cant wait until summer when i can leave gainesville and go back home to paradise on earth: Jupiter!

are you seeing any flashes of brilliance from brantley or rainey or anyone other than tebow?


Flashes of brilliance index for the first half: John Brantley (47-yard pass), Frankie Hammond Jr. (47-yard reception), linebacker Jon Bostic (pass deflection), strong safety (interception), Chris Rainey (37-yard run on a short pass from Tebow).

Adam S.,

Spring game to be televised at 10 a.m. on Sunday (Sun Sports).


does it look like the offensive scheme has changed any with the loss of dan mullen and loeffer teaching tebow to take snaps from under center?

oh and by the way,
the gators are going to the white house on thursday to meet and receive praise from President Obama for being the greatest team in the history of the universe (post big bang)

Thanks for the post, JP. Tebow only played in the first half and only took snaps from the shotgun. The offensive play calling today was very simple. Nothing like what we'll see next season. Deonte Thompson did run two end-arounds, so that was different.


it looks like we've found the next piece of the percy harvin puzzle in Frankie Hammond Jr

between him and the demps/rainey duo, it looks like the gators offense will continue to terrorize the SEC specifically and CFB in general

Frankie Hammond: Reidel Anthony Clone?

Joakim is looking good in bulls v celts right now

Up, sun sports, gatorzone and everywhere say MAY 3 at 10 a.m. Can you please confirm if it is being pushed up to tomorrow?


Jacksonville (FL) Terry Parker High School lineman Tavadis Glenn has never stepped foot on the University of Miami's campus.

But he says he decided to commit to UM two days ago because "They made me feel at home."

Glenn says Cane coache stuck by him after he suffered a hip injury in a car accident a month ago. He says he was run down by a car and hit.

"It's not bad," Glenn said. "I'll be good in six weeks.

"But with me being injured some schools took offers off the table. Miami coaches, they were straight up with me, said the offer is still on the table."

The 6-foot-5, 265-pounder called up Cane coach Clint Hurtt on Wednesday to give him the news.

"He said the offer was still on the table, to take it," Glenn said. "I told him `I want to commit right now.'"

Asked what schools he chose UM over, Glenn says, "There are no other schools. I'm done considering other schools."

Among his 15 scholarship offers were LSU, Florida, South Carolina, USC and LSU.

"I'm not considering anyone else - it's solid," he says.

Glenn also has a relationship with another committed lineman - Louis Nix.

"(We) have a close relationship," Glenn said. "We've been rivals since 8th grade. We play the same position, but that's a good thing. We're the same type of athlete."

Nix told CaneSport Friday night that the new commitment firms up his commitment to Miami, which he previously said was very soft.

"Yes it does," Nix says. "I just got off the phone with him. We're real good friends. I'm real excited about it. He's going to school with me. We'll play together."

Glenn's goal at Miami?

"To graduate with a business degree and go to the NFL," he says.

Glenn says he is being recruited on both sides of the ball by Miami - as a defensive tackle and offensive lineman. He plays both ways in high school. Last year he finished with 40 tackles, 17 for losses, with six sacks and a field goal block.

He's started since his freshman year.

"I'll play whichever position works out, but I do prefer defense," Glenn says.

Help yall.
I keep posting over on the Cane Blog, but those folks do nothing but gay bash me!
I can't help it if I'm into men.
Anybody wit me?

First CookieBuchanon, then Dye, RayRay, and now these two from Jax.
Who is next?
JoJoGoodman, should we be worried?

Just got back from the O&B game and thought I saw a groundhog in the south end zone. Guess that just means another year of college football domination. Then I saw Johnny Brantley play and realized it was gonna be THREE more years. It's great to be relevant!!! GO GATORS!!!

They did a sexual behavior study at UM and found out that it is indeed all about the "ewe"!

Adam S.,

May 3.

i heard that uf made polls in playgirl....The U crushed polls in Playboy.
"I'm just sayin...."

lol^^, i cant wait to see what that #1 party school ring looks like! Congrats.

BTW Drtycane, do u even go to UM?

here comes a lie in 3, 2, 1...

i heard that uf made polls in playgirl....The U crushed polls in Playboy.
"I'm just sayin...."

Posted by: Drtycane | April 19, 2009 at 07:22 AM

No shame about the no.1 playgirl poll.
We have a lively and open Gay/Lesbian environment at our school...and we're very proud!!! Especially us gay fellas.

But my school (University of Miami) is great.... no shame in UM for having a lot of gay fellas around.

UM is a gay friendly school.!!

I am sorry gator fans. I am a jealous can fan that is all... The gators own us and i hate my life... o, BTW... this is the first time in yearssssssssssss that My Canes are ahead of the gators in a poll.... (even if its not sports related, and i go to FIU).

-The canes crushed the gators in the poll... (who cares about football/basketball anyways!)

"I'm just sayin..." Man, that phrase sounds SO stupid. But I guess that stupid is as stupid does...I'm just sayin...a sack of flower make a big "biskit"...I'm just sayin...Oh hell, who am I tryin to fool, I don't know what I'm sayin!...I'm just sayin...

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