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Innocuous and boring headline about Percy Harvin, Urban Meyer and drug use

[For an explanation of this headline, see the comments.]

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer said he would be "shocked" if former UF receiver Percy Harvin tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Draft Combine.

A report on NFLDraftBible.com recently claimed that Harvin tested positive for marijuana during the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. The NFL has since tried to debunk the claim. When asked on Monday by a reporter if Harvin had ever failed a drug test while at Florida, Meyer didn't rule it out.

"I'm not going to talk about guys -- stuff like that," Meyer said.

Several Florida Gators were hobbling around the practice field on Monday. Receiver David Nelson was on crutches with his right ankle wrapped. Meyer said that Nelson sprained his ankle, which would contradict a report on this blog that Nelson damaged ligaments in his ankle.

Offensive lineman James Wilson was also on crutches. Wilson, who wore a protective boot over his injured foot on Monday, was scheduled to have an MRI on Monday night. Meyer said that even if Wilson's MRI revealed a stress fracture, then the redshirt sophomore guard would be ready by the fall. 

Defensive tackle Justin Trattou injured his right shoulder near the end of practice. His arm was in a sling as he walked off the practice field.

Freshman tight end Desmond Parks appeared to seriously injure his knee on Monday. He was carted off the field. Meyer spoke with Parks after practice. UF's coach said that he would speak with Parks again on Monday night.

Offensive lineman Matt Patchan didn't practice one day after dressing out for the first time this spring. Linebackers Dustin Doe and A.J. Jones were in shorts. Defensive tackles Terron Sanders and Lawrence Marsh did not practice. Offensive linemen Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are both still nursing shoulder injuries.



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That's a big inference to make from that quote, jo, especially to put it in the title. Meyer said he'd be "shocked" but then because he said he didn't want to talk about stuff like that, that means he doesn't rule it out? Stretch.

Goodman showing his bad side yet again. He will look for negative implication whenever something is not 100% confirmed. Par for the course.

Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer doesn't rule out Percy Harvin's drug use

IS that really the title u picked???


Meyer said he would be "shocked" if it were true that percy tested positive for marijuana ...

This obviously means Percy has NEVER tested positive at his time at UF, and u need to appolgize (even though i know u wont) for speculating that percys migraine headaches were a cover up for a failed drug test. (in ur previous article)...




When you get cranky young women like Mike P (above) posting please just delete them.

Because of confidetiality laws in regards to students, Meyer may be limited to what he can say one way or the other. Let's just not put words in the guys mouth and make insinuations that may not be true. That migrane headache statement is quite a stretch and that kind of unfounded speculation is irresponsible journalism. On the subject of all the injuries, it's starting to concern me...

Actually Jo,

I read your previous harvin post, that was pretty messed up!, its like ur out 2 make harvin look bad. Pretty messed up.

I guess ur just doing ur job, but u do come off as a flame.


As I said earlier, when the cranky woman posts and tries to be someone else...feel free to delete.

Go GAtors,

Lose the thin skin Gator fans. Jo fires from the hip with the headlines. The headline does , as Adam pointed out, infer that he uses drugs.

It sure would have read better like this:

Florida Gators Coach Urban Meyer Doesn't Rule Out Drug Use BY Percy Harvin

13-1, you totally missed my point. That is not what I am saying at all, the headline reads as jo wants it to.

It is just the wrong headline. It should be:

Florida Gators Coach Urban Meyer would be "shocked" if Harvin drug use true

He's making the implication that Meyer does not rule it out after he says he'd be "shocked" if it was true. HERE is the quote:

“First of all, I’m not going to comment on that other than I love Percy and he’s done a lot for our program,” he said. "I would just be shocked.”

He can't come out and flatly deny the story because he's not Harvin, he doesn't know what he did. In his best estimation, it would be a "shock" to him if it was true.

hehehehehehehe, good switch.

Header changed for Jack and Mike P. to something more ... judicious and ... well, we'll just leave it at that as to not give away the punch line.

Paul, what's a flame?


We're all gonna DIE !!!

To insult someone electronically, or otherwise. Sometimes to be a group insult.

Man I love the Urban Dictionary. How else would I know the definition of a smokey tornado or a dirty sanchez?


Kind of like how I learned them...practicing with your mother. KIDDING!!! You left it open...had to slam it down. Boomshakalaka!

Okay MOFO ! The gloves are coming off. Now THIS site will need a moderator funny guy.



It is just the wrong headline. It should be:

Florida Gators Coach Urban Meyer would be "shocked" if Harvin drug use true

He's making the implication that Meyer does not rule it out after he says he'd be "shocked" if it was true. HERE is the quote:

“First of all, I’m not going to comment on that other than I love Percy and he’s done a lot for our program,” he said. "I would just be shocked.”

He can't come out and flatly deny the story because he's not Harvin, he doesn't know what he did. In his best estimation, it would be a "shock" to him if it was true.

----Adam S. u are some1 who gets it... i guess goodman doesnt see that he is wrong with a misleading headline, he is just making it 'NOT BORING'.... ugh

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there another way to interpret Meyer's comments?

Maybe he's saying, "Yeah, I'd be shocked if Harvin was brash enough to fail a drug test at the NFL Combine. That someone could be that stupid is absolutely shocking!"



Small electronic fan? That seems way too complicated considering the circumstances...no pun intended.


seems like more injuries during this spring practice than the playing season.
Is competition for positions that fierce?

jo, yes, it could be interpreted that way...but it depends on the context of the question and the inflection. But it CERTAINLY doesn't predicate the title that you had put on this article previously. Sorry :(


Yes, I wrote about this exact topic in Sunday's paper.



I disagree.


Corch Meyers jus luvs him some Percy Harveys, and this artikle will forevah be in the mind of Corch Meyers.

Does Urban Meyer even know that The Miami Herald covers UF? Doubt it. He's pretty clueless like that. Meyer doesn't care about the media, remember?


Goodman, u are a tool. "He's pretty clueless like that"? ...Its the way you say things that are misleading and uncalled for. And for some1 who gets paid to write for a living, u have no excuse. Are u upset that he cares more about his family/footballteam/future players then ur silly column in a newspaper. boohoo

And finally, I have heard in many Urban Meyer interviews him bring up Pat Dooley's articles that he has read. Some that he liked and disliked.. (most recently after the gators beat oklahoma meyer said "dooleys article about our injuries this year was a great article". Therefore, Saying "Meyer doesn't care about the media" is once again stupid. Its the way you say things goodman.

-ps, y don't u just put a miami hurricane sticker next to the orange bowl sticker on ur laptop.

*FWIW, i dont think ur that bad, but at times u like to push the envelope (wheater it be ur title, or making assumptions/ speculating).
That is what makes u look bad and y some gator fans can't stand u. i think u simply need to change the way you word things, and not act like u are shocked wen some1 calls u on it. (playing dumb about how something can be misleading based on how it is worded doesn't work for some1 who writes for a living) sry.

Stan came hard there. I'll both defend and criticize simultaneously here.

What Stan is right about: Urban does care about the media...but he cares about the LOCAL media. The guys he gets to know and is friendly with from having to speak to them, answer questions, etc. all the time. Granted jo is in Gainesville, but he is not a permanent fixture of the scene like Dooley and some of those guys. So jo is right in that regard...I doubt Urban knows the Herald has a Gators blog. But I wouldn't say he's "clueless like that" - he just doesn't care.

The only other thing I agree with Stan on is: how you wouldn't understand "how something can be misleading based on how it is worded doesn't work for someone who writes for a living."

But Stan, the rest of your post, uncalled for and ridiculous. jo does not come on here with anit-Gator bias by any means. He is quite impartial and does a great job on this blog. Just certain things I wish he'd admit to from time to time...like the bad original title on this post. :-D


I was simply quoting Meyer. He doesn't care about the media. His own words. That's funny to me, because the media has built him up. ... Brace for tangent in 3...2...1...

Look. UF football, the university it represents and the fans who love UF will be around much longer than Meyer. He's just a guy who is the product of a system. He gets paid millions to be the chief operating officer of a cash machine whose working parts wouldn't even be granted admission to UF if they're weren't really good at hitting people or throwing, running, catching or kicking oddly shaped leather balls.

The most crooked thing about the whole system isn't that universities are admitting grossly under-qualified students just to play football. What's really nasty is that the kids are making millions for the school, coaches, the shoe companies AND THE MEDIA but the kids aren't even getting paid.

You think I really care about what some highly paid cog in a wheel thinks or doesn't think? I'd be a lawyer if I was that superficial. Quit blabbering about the stickers on my laptop and join the conversation. I'm a writer. Writers arrange words to convey a message. Is it misleading or enlightening?


He's a product of the NCAA system, not the UF system. Also, it is important to note that SOME of the working parts would still be granted admission...not everyone playing football is a dummy. And if you really want to get deep into it, it is all a circle.

UF is an attractive school because of its location, wealth (money is made through R&D, the medical school, etc. it didn't start with athletics). This money is spent on the athletic program to improve the school's popularity and standing in the state. Therefore, the program has resources to get good coaches, recruit good players and win championships. Winning championships gives the school more cache and makes it a more attractive destination for future students (especially out of state). It also gives the school more money to put back into the athletic programs and educational programs. Increased admission requests lead to heightened requirements which leads to a lower percentage of applicants admitted. This makes the school harder to get into and gives it more prestige. These heightened requirements continue to widen the gap between what a normal student would need to attend UF and what an athlete would need under minimum standards.

The kids get paid through their scholarships. For public universities like UF, it equates to pennies per hour. For private universities like UM, it equates to minimum wage. But there are two end benefits that these kids receive. (1) The opportunity to hone their craft and be placed in a spotlight to play professionally in the NFL for millions of dollars. AND/OR (2) An opportunity to receive a prestigious degree and begin a career which, had they not been good at football, they would not have been granted due to their education or family's ability to put them in a position to succeed.

What these kids choose to do at that point is one thing. And I am not arguing that they shouldn't get paid - they could at least get some extra money to make things a bit more fair. But if you really break it down into what a scholarship can potentially bring a kid, it can equate to a lot. An NFL contract = millions. A potentially well-paying, white-color job over 30-40 years for someone who wouldn't have had that opportunity otherwise is a nice payment as well.

In a perfect world, Adam. But that scenario is the exception. Too often the athletes are herded into some stock major, given the easiest classes and are then babied by the system. They're never given a chance to develop on their own. You know, the ONE thing college is really supposed to be about. The university protects them like assets instead of treating them like students. What's really sad is that for many of these athletes this cycle actually began in high school.


No, that's not a perfect world, that's reality. These kids choose to play college football, they are not forced. If a kid does so and then, again, *CHOOSES* to NOT make the most out of the payment he is given, that is his prerogative and mistake. But in reality, he is given that opportunity. He is given something more valuable than money in the long-term.

It's like giving a homeless man $20. You want him to spend it on food or save it up to get some nice clothes to interview for a job. But he can also walk right over to the liquor store and get 4 $5 bottles of vodka and sit right back on the corner. It is called making the most out of an opportunity. It is not every day someone hands that guy $20 or gives a kid a free ride to a top-tier university where he can get an education he otherwise wouldn't have qualified for or been able to afford.

There are PLENTY of student-athletes (true ones, that deserve the full title). Do you find them in football and basketball as much as softball, volleyball and swimming? No. But that is probably because there are less professional opportunities (with far less value and cache) than in football and basketball.

And every once in a while you stumble onto a kid like Myron Rolle who probably would have qualified for FSU regardless of his abilities on the field, but he took the opportunities that a free education from the university and being on the football team provided and used them to their fullest advantages.

Rolle made that CHOICE. He very well could have gone the other way. Ask him if he feels like he received fair payment for his on-field play.

For the record, neither Joseph Goodman nor The Miami Herald agrees with Adam S.'s analogy that college scholarships are like giving homeless alcoholics $20.

I will agree, however, that although the system is not perfect and it has been corrupted by TV contracts and a meat-market mentality that, yes, it's still better than nothing.


::rolling my eyes::

The analogy wasn't comparing a scholarship to $20.

**It was comparing positive choices and negative choices one can do with each of those things.**


And you're not agreeing with anything I said by saying its "better than nothing." That is not my point at all.

Silly me hanging out over on the football commit thread.

And to think I was also missing this debate while viewing this mildly NSFW image:


I really need to quit drinking vodka.

Wow, this debate is really moving around.

Compensating athletes beyond their scholarships sounds nice but is completely impractical. It would be a very slippery slope when you start trying to address the specifics of who gets how much and why. The scholarship is an enormous compensation.

Jo are you suggesting that the university is doing a disservice to marginal student athletes when they are herded into stock majors? I would say that ANY degree combined with being an athlete is a huge challenge that, even with the guidance received, is the biggest maturation and development process they will ever encounter. Sure it's not a perfect scenario but I don't see many former college student athletes complaining about what they received. I'd say that the give and take of the system is a win win for all involved. Sure there are cases where the wheels come off but that's not the norm. Student athletes by and large are presented with tremendous opportunities to improve themselves. Would the kid that majored in Physical Education Sciences have been a CPA later on without the school's help?

Paying student athletes based on AD revenues or shoe contracts is an impossible scenario. Perhaps a percentage of those dollars could be placed in a fund that could help ensure their needs are being met. But even that would be short changing the students who can't throw a ball through a hoop.

I'd love to debate what type of compensation system they could install to try and resolve some of the financial questions. I'll shoot holes in anything you can offer.

Stan, trying to present a persuasive argument using texting vernacular is useless. EPIC FAIL.

"Writers arrange words to convey a message. Is it misleading or enlightening?"

for good writers its enlightening
for you its misleading.

-but u will never admit that u love to create a dramatic/misleading title. (just keep playing dumb sticker boy)

Stan, I find it hard to believe that any fan of Blaze The Dragon would be a UM homer in disguise. Does his employment by a Miami newspaper automatically make him a Hurricane fan? Text me back. Or show a hint of intelligence and write in actual sentences. Your choice.

--Sure, I'll admit it. My Internet headlines are suggestive so people will actually click on it.

--UF board of trustee member Danny Ponce gave me those stickers. He was the president of the Orange Bowl committee last season.

--As far as paying football players, the first thing college football should do is flip the NCAA the bird. Second, signing bonuses. Then decrease the number of scholarships from 85 to 55 and pay the players a salary. Join the NFL as the new minor league of football to help with expenses. Create a four- to five-round playoff system. Anyone who doesn't want in can go play in Division I-AA.



I had to delete that image. You can't put that stuff on the blog, my man.


The third point in that post...it makes me...I don't know...I'm really at a loss for words...trying to come up with a response for it...that third point...is one of the absolute worst "solutions" I've ever heard for this situation/scenario. I'd pick it apart piece by piece, but I don't have time to write 10 more paragraphs.

What nationality is Gideon Ajagbe? Is he Jamaican? Hatian?

ooops. wrong thread.

Pretty sure he's American.


Wouldn't football snubbing the NCAA wreak havoc on all the OTHER programs? I'm not up to speed on the exact relationship between athletic programs and the NCAA but I'm going to assume they basically have an iron grip. And like the NCAA or not, they do provide some measure of fair play within programs. They hold schools to a higher ethical code. Is that just abandoned.?

Signing bonuses? No, that wouldn't create any avenue for corruption or abuse amongst athletic departments. Some quick math says that if each D-1 paid 5k a year to 50 athletes, it would get up around 30 million dollars annually. Who foots this?

When you start paying college players a salary you open up a big can of worms. It would create a myriad of performance for pay issues.

Paid student athletes would pretty much abandon academics. Or are you suggesting that paid college football players be exempt from academics?

Making college football a minor league or farm system for the NFL would undermine universities beyond all imagination. What administration would ever get on board with this?

I could go on........

Okay maybe he's U.S. born, but certainly he has a foreign heritage.

Just do away with all pretense, that's what I'm saying.


Are you all kidding me I have been to many parties with the athletes that are the florida Gators and there have been players smoking pot at everyone of them the only one I havent seen smoking while I have been out is Tim Tebow .

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