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Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer says Percy Harvin 'has got to be in the right place'

GAINESVILLE -- So, people are talking about Percy Harvin these days and it isn't good. Here's what ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay had to say recently about Harvin:

"In addition to concerns about drug us, coachability, and lack of respect for authority, teams are reportedly worried that Harvin has a huge ego and lives in 'Percy Harvin World.'"

Ouch! Talk about character assassination. Percy Harvin World? Is that like Disney World? Or maybe Willy Wonka World. Do the schnozberries taste like schnozberries? Todd McShay lives in the ESPN Bubble World if that's his best analysis of Percy Harvin. What a hack job, right? McShay doesn't have any sources in Gainesville. And name five wide receivers as good as Harvin or better who aren't prima donnas.

Florida coach Urban Meyer defended Harvin on Monday when asked by The Miami Herald if Meyer is "going to bat for Percy Harvin with his character coming under attack."

"If I get phone calls, which I have got some phone calls about him, and all I know is what I know and I share it with people," Meyer said. "We won two national championships around here; we won 44 games--most in the SEC in that time period--and some of the greatest years in the history of Florida football. I was on the sideline when the guy--I know exactly his competitive nature of what we're dealing with--and Percy is an extreme competitor."

Meyer then added this important caveat: "He's got to be in the right place, though. I think he'll be a great NFL football player. I just hope he goes to a good team with good coaches." 

Hmmm, OK, so Meyer didn't exactly defend all these knocks on Harvin so much as Florida's coach laid out why Harvin is a really good football player. Not to put words in Meyer's mouth, but I'm assumig him pointing out the Gators' record is proof enough that Harvin's character should not be a concern. After all, if Harvin's character was THAT bad, then he wuldn't have played in those games, right?

If you're a Dolfan, would you like Sparano, Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland taking a chance on Harvin in the first round? Terrell Owens, who lives in T.O. World, played pretty well for the Cowboys when Sparano, Ireland and Parcells were in Dallas.



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