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Florida Gators forward Alex Tyus to transfer

GAINESVILLE -- University of Florida men's basketball player Alex Tyus is transferring. The school announced the news on Friday morning. Tyus, a forward, was the Gators' best post player in 2008 and was second on the team in scoring last season. He averaged 12.5 points per game.

"Sometimes for guys, they want something different," UF coach Billy Donovan said. "I think for Alex, I enjoyed coaching him for two years, but at the same point I think he wants to do things for himself that are decisions that he has to make on his own for what he wants.

"For me as a coach, you sit there and you know there is a certain vision and a certain path and a certain commitment that's necessary for the team going forward that you want to have and I think for Alex that's not something he really wanted to do. I respect that and understand that and wish him luck and hopefully he can get what he's looking for."

Tyus, a 6-8 forward who played out of position last season at center, is the second UF forward to announce his intentions of transferring this month. Freshman forward Allan Chaney is also leaving the program. Florida now has nine scholarship players returning for next season, including Nick Calathes who is hoping to leave for the NBA.

Signing period for basketball began this week and ends next month. A month ago, Florida coach Billy Donovan thought he had the makings of a quality team for 2009. Now UF's coach is scrambling to fill out his roster. It seems like the Florida basketball program is at a crossroads.



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This is so crazy. Seems like we are in the running for some of the top recruits. Unfortunately, looks like we may have to start Werner and Parsons again if this keeps up.


Or does Adam Allen get to replace Parsons or Werner?

Why won't Werner transfer? That one would make me happy!

Hehe, Max.

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Thanks for the support!!!

Basketball at a crossroads? That's an understatement. When a guy who played in as many games as Tyus did transfers, somethings up. This team is going to struggle against the much stronger SEC this year. Billy needs to figure this out.

GatorintheKnox, this is a very unique case...Alex is a great kid who is in a unique situation. His girlfriend is more important to him then basketball and she is moving to california to be with family. she has been struck by family deaths in the past few years and she wants alex to move to california with him. i dont agree with alexs decision to quit on billy and florida but its his life and his choice.

Is that the case, Dez?

I understand that he has been trying to convince coach that he is a small forward but he hasn't developed the skills to play on the perimeter.next year despite his protestations , he was penciled in at the 4, not the 3..so he transferred.coach did what he thought was good for the team..the kid did what he thought was good for himself.

Alex told Billy that it was because he wanted to be on the wing and not in the paint because he thinks he needs to be a 3 to be in the NBA, however, he just said that because it was the easy way to go about it. The truth is Alex doesnt really feel that way he just would rather tell coach donovan that then the truth.

Once again Alex is a great kid who u root for and the ONLY reason he is living the team is to be with his girlfriend who is moving to california.

Made up my mind to make a new start,
Going to California with an aching in my heart.
Someone told me there's a girl out there
With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.

-Robert Plant

love the Led Zep reference...Hammer of the Gods

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