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Florida Gators freshman impressing Meyer

Linebacker Jon Bostic isn't wasting any time this spring. UF coach Urban Meyer says the freshman will contribute.

GAINESVILLE -- One or two freshmen emerge from the rest every offseason. The first freshman to make a name for himself this spring is linebacker Jon Bostic of Wellington.

Bostic received praise after Wednesday's practice from Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer. Meyer said that defensive coordinator Charlie Strong and linebacker Brandon Spikes mentioned Bostic's effort to Meyer. In addition to defense, Bostic has been lining up with the kickoff team. Wednesday was Florida's fifth spring practice.

"Jon Bostic had a heck of a day," Meyer said. "I think there's a chance -- it's so early -- but there's a chance he'll be involved next year. He's a good guy. Coach Strong, even [Brandon] Spikes said something to me about him."

Bostic's family was at practice on Wednesday, which was another wet day in Gainesville. I spoke with Mr. Bostic for about 10 minutes before practice. He told me that his son was enjoying school and committed to Florida in the hopes of one day attending UF's physical therapy school. When I told him that Jon had probably already earned a spot on the Gators' special teams for next season he laughed and said, "Jon hasn't earned anything yet."

Florida defensive tackle Omar Hunter is healthy for the first time in his young collegiate career and he's ready to make an impact. A redshirt freshman next season, Hunter is currently battling several other players this spring for time along the defensive line. 

After injuring his back, ankle and elbow in 2008, Hunter has dropped 20 pounds over the offseason and is down to a svelte 305 pounds. Hunter's back was the main problem and he received two epidurals over the offseason to help relieve the pain of a slipped disc in his back.



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A good-natured LOL @ you telling his father that the kid has "probably earned" a spot on special teams after three days of practice. I would have laughed too if I was Mr. Bostic.

But you are 100% right, of course.

Omar Hunter is going to be quiet important this season if he can stay healthy. he and Bostic are beasts.

Yeah, I'll be filling out the line-up card from here on out.


Maybe part of the problem with Omar was carrying 335 lbs. The kid is like 6'0 right? That is a little too heavy.

Sweet Jo. Surely you'll start John "Cannon" Brantley over that Tebow guy.

I almost had a heart attach when I read we were trying out the I-formation in practice, I know big nose says it may not last, but I have been waiting years since he got here for this, we need to unleash Moody as well as run our other RB studs, too bad we don't have depth at tight end, I wonder also if this a way to help Tebow get prepared for the next level.

Is the U and ESPN calling us out?

"According to Hocutt, ESPN is trying to find a replacement to create a marquee TV matchup. Hocutt would not mention any names, but said it would be another Big 12 opponent. I've heard rumblings the possible home and home series could come against either Texas, Texas Tech or Missouri".

Read the Manny blog, it looks like ESPN really want's Miami to schedule a top team for prime time ESPN TV. They tried to schedule Florida but our AD says our conference is just to tough. Sad...... So, Miami will end up playing a team from the Big 12. The Big 12 has a great conference, but they know playing on ESPN against Miami will only help their program.

I would rather see the Gators play Miami every year on prime time ESPN, but guess that won't happen until the AD steps up to the plate. Who cares if our schedule is the toughest in the country. Play your in-state rival and whatever happens happens. There is nothing better than beating Miami on NATIONAL TV!

1) There is no necessity whatsoever for us to add another annual opponent. We already have FSU and LSU (yes, in conference, but we play them every year, not on rotation).

2) UF will be on ESPN PLENTY of times next year. ESPN has the new SEC contract instead of Lincoln Fi or Raycom, meaning all games not played on CBS at 12:30, 3:30 or in prime time will be on ESPN or ESPN2 for the most part.

To follow up, my idea would be to play UM once every three or four years in a home-away series.

I'd much rather schedule UCF instead of UM. It would be a more exciting game. Better crowd. Let UM work their way back to relevance, then we'll talk to them. We already have OOC cream puffs on our schedule, just like everyone does. We don't need more cream puffs.

North Carolina or Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech would all be much better matchups if the UF were to schedule an ACC team.

Does anyone in Gator Nation really care what Kirby Hocutt thinks?

UM played a prime time game on Thursday night in 08, not Saturday night. Big difference. Let UM garner a "top television rating" on a weeknight when no other games are on just like they did last year. That way they can pound their chest when they talk about their highly rated television game.

We don't have the "toughest schedule" in the country "Gator Rod". But scheduling the candy canes will just make it less tough. (wink)

"Gator Rod", you are the only person I've ever seen question "the AD". His name is Jeremy Foley "Gator Rod". He's the best Athletic Director in the country.

2) UF will be on ESPN PLENTY of times next year. ESPN has the new SEC contract instead of Lincoln Fi or Raycom, meaning all games not played on CBS at 12:30, 3:30 or in prime time will be on ESPN or ESPN2 for the most part.

This, quite tragically, means the loss of the three Daves. HALLELUJAH!

I'll see your 3-Daves and raise you 2-Nat Moores.

At least Emmitt is officially an insurance salesman. ESPN moving him to college ball would have pushed me right over the edge.

Schedule the Hurricanes?

They have bigger problems.



Hasn't this been beaten to death yet? Who cares about Miami. There is nothing at all that makes that attractive to me. My FSU friends (thats right and I'm married to one) just hate going down there to watch the game. Just recently one of them told me how the FSU section was next to the band in the corner of the end zone and the rest of the stadium was empty. Why the hell would you want to be subjected to that? I would much rather be in The Swamp kicking the crap out of some other weak team and enjoying the aura of Gator Nation.

Aside from that the better matchup would be outside of the ACC and with another conference. Maybe Gator Rod can talk to that AD guy and see about traveling.

I know I'm probably the old guy on here (UF85) but it was great starting the season with UM and finishing with FSU...just a great way to bookend the season...many fond memories of Pre-Andrew Monty's in the Grove...got 50 bucks for jumping into the water!

btw-when "TheU" talks about their 5 NCs...to us Gators, its only 4 because we kicked their but in the Swamp the year they won their first...was there to see it!

Can’t help but think it could only help recruiting when we beat them down each year.

We don't need to beat those guys to beat them in recruiting. Just look at the playmakers we have had under Urban. Compare that to the playmakers they have down south. There is no comparison.

The "305" is overrated. It has much more to do with how the schools develop the players.

Let the school down south simmer in their own juices.

UF has bigger fish to fry.

34, you make good points. But don't forget, the SEC back then was not what it is now. As mm said, if we HAD TO play another annual OOC game, I'd rather it be against a team from the Big 10 or Big 12...something other than what we always do.

You guys misread: The Canes are not on ESPN. They are on ESPNU BIG DIFFERENCE. ESPN is seen by millions of homes across the nation while ESPNU is shown to 3 people in the state of Florida.

The Canes are a joke. They could have a schedule like they had in the 80s with Temple, FAMU and the like and they would still lose 4+ games a year. The offseason is when the Canes HYPE begins but it usually ends fast once the season kicks off.


The Trio Daves! Nice name drop. Whenever I listen to these guys, I get the sneaking suspicion they don't like Florida.


schedule is fine...2 titles in 3 years...sorry nation...

Three titles in four years is what I'm talkin bout !

Every time Donovan walks by Urban he flicks his ear and says, "back to back chump. Suck on that." And that is probably Urban's #1 motivating factor.

Gator Rod certainly appears to not be a Gator at all. I agree with 1LiftTheTrophy -

""Gator Rod", you are the only person I've ever seen question "the AD". His name is Jeremy Foley "Gator Rod". He's the best Athletic Director in the country."

Not only that, he doesn't even understand that we play 8 SEC games and do not have room on our schedule for another "home and away" series every year. Wake up! (Or just go to our home site - this one obviously is not for you.)

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