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Florida Gators' WR tears ligaments


From the newspaper ... Florida Gators' defense dominates in spring practice.

GAINESVILLE -- Florida wide receiver David Nelson tore ligaments in his ankle during Saturday's practice, according to a source. 

Nelson The injury occurred during Florida's scrimmage. Nelson [PICTURED] limped to the south end zone of the practice field after a collision with safety Ahmad Black. The 6-5 wide receiver was then carted off the field after an examination from a team doctor. Nelson will miss the rest of spring practice but could return for the start of two-a-days, according to the source. 

Nelson is one of several players who has fallen injured during a tough and physical spring practice. UF has had seven spring practice and two scrimmages. The Orange and Blue game is on April 18. Offensive lineman James Wilson joined the growing list of injured players on Saturday. He sat out of practice with an injured foot, an ongoing problem for Wilson.

Florida coach Urban Meyer flew to Atlanta on Saturday night for a meeting with the Atlanta Gator Club. I'm told a few hundred UF fans packed into a hotel banquet room for an evening with Urban. Meyer spoke about team leadership and the struggles at offensive line and receiver this spring. One of the highlights of the evening involved Meyer telling the crowd that he is a "vindictive type of guy." He then made a hand motion as if to call a timeout. There was no direct mention of Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin.

Speaking of Kiffin, it seems the new UT coach is trying his best to remain relevant in the Florida Gators blogosphere. Kiffin cold called the Palm Beach Post recently to request an interview. Is this simply just a desperate attempt at publicity on a rivals blog? Is this genius? Is this idiotic? Is it excellent gamesmanship or too transparent to even matter?

Back in February during a Tennessee booster/alumni banquet, Kiffin insulted the people of Palm Beach County's city of Pahokee by characterizing it as a poor, backwater place. Kiffin explained to his boosters how difficult it was to get Pahokee receiver Nu'Keese Richardson, a Florida commitment, to switch his allegiance to UT. During the same alumni meeting, Kiffin also called Meyer a cheater for calling Richardson while he was on an official visit to Tennessee. (That, of course, is not a violation.)

I can understand Kiffin wanting to clear his name in Pahokee, but calling a newspaper to request his own interview? Is this more bizarre behavior from Tennessee's young coach or is it a smart move? It seems Kiffin wants so badly to remain fresh in the minds of Florida fans that he is now actually calling Florida beat writers and begging for interviews. Seems bizarre to me.



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Is this supposed to read: "NELSON will miss the rest of spring practice but could return for the start of two-a-days, according to the source." ?

Or did Black get injured too? If so, how long is Nelson out with the torn ligaments?

As far as the PBP interview, it was really absurd. The writer (who I will not name) seemed giddy to get the interview and did not ask him any tough questions...it was a softball interview if I have ever seen one. I'm not even counting the fact that Kiffin reached out to him (think that was pretty smart on his end), but if you have an opportunity like that, you hit the guy HARD. Interview was pathetic.

Nelson, sorry.



It's probably not Ben's place to rip Kiffin a new one. After all, what does he care if Kiffin says idiotic things. What's interesting about the whole thing is that Kiffin actually called up a Florida beat reporter out of the blue.


Kiffin is a moron, but that game has certainly become must see TV next year. Of course, it will be over rather quickly, but still...

Kiffin has made his own grave on this one. Whatever you guys decide to do to his team on the field is more than justified.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what Kiffin is doing. He's created alot of negative publicity for himself, which he is now trying to take advantage of...kind of like the "octo-mom". He called the Palm Beach Post because he is trying to get more recruits out of the South Florida area, including Pahokee itself, whom he gave the BIGGEST insults of all during the Urban Meyer thing. Like I have said on other blogs, he is not only a LIAR, but a SELF SERVING LIAR as well!!

Everyone understands what he's doing. But will it work?


All the talk in the world isn't going to go very far if his team doesn't look like it can compete against us. This year he may get a pass, but if he goes 0-3+ then the UT fans are going to really dislike the way he conducts himself. For the sake of college football, I do hope he flops. His way of conducting business is wrong. Too much obnoxious behavior. If it works, it will only be short lived.

Boy if Kiffin were to pull off the upset like Harbaugh's Stanford over USC wouldn't that be a shock?

I made a nice, long post reply...and it didn't come up...what's the deal w/ that? Oh well, I'm not doing it again.

Interesting choice of terminology to tell everyone the kid's got a sprained ankle. Sensational to the end, huh?

The Kiffin camp decided to call the guy who they thought would give him the softest interview. They chose correctly.

Volin let him spew more of his BUNK. Nice job Ben.

Lift The Trophy...I don't believe Kiffin called the PBP just to get a soft interview, I believe he was specifically targeting Palm Beach county to try to "soften the blow" and try to re-establish inroads to a recruiting hotbed area. By the way, talk about softball questions, listen to ESPNs recent Podcast with Kiffin...anyway, the bottom line is this guy will say anything or do anything to get recruits, figuring the ends justify the means. Unfortunately, with some, it might work. But there are more than enough talented young men, who can not and will not be fooled.

Dave, my PB Post remark was tongue in cheek. I was just taking a shot at Volin for letting Kiffen use him/PB Post as a mouthpiece for yet more dishonesty. Why Volin didn't go for this guys jugular is beyond me. Instead he gave him an avenue for MORE garbage. And Kiffen did just that, he spewed more garbage at Volin's expense. Ben got USED !

I like BV. I always read his posts and am generally complimentary of his efforts. He got bamboozled on this one though.

I don't think so, Lift. Most readers are smart enough to read between the lines. We're calling Kiffin out here, right?


Well sure Jo. Again, I admire BV. I just can't believe he didn't DRILL the sociopath. He had a golden opportunity. More specific questioning would have surely ended up with Kiffin stepping deeper in it. Ben would have come out looking like the hard hitting journalist that took Kiffin to the mat.

Kiffin called Ben, not the other way around.

The fact is this: after hammering Kiffin "behind his back" when the story broke, every media source (including ESPN) is kissing his arse in interviews. The few people that might actually give him a hard-hititng interview with follow-up "call your B.S." questions (like Jim Rome, for example) he refuses to speak with. Instead, he goes on PTI, seeks out an interview from the Palm Beach Post, etc. The guy was criticized a lot for his actions, but now it is "oh, that's just Lane being Lane, young and now he's apologized so it's OK that he accused people of cheating, dishonesty, etc." And he HAS NOT ONCE been asked "how can you accuse someone for recruiting violations and then NOT discuss the three violations your school was handed that SAME month?"

I say we marched down to the PB Post with torches and pitchforks and demand that Volin show himself.

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