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Florida signee throws third-straight no-hitter

Patrick Schuster By MIKE McCALL

New Port Richey Mitchell High pitcher Patrick Schuster is on fire.
Schuster no-hit Clearwater Central Catholic on Monday night, giving him three no-nos in his last three starts. Schuster struck out 16 CCC batters, and only three reached base (he pegged the first hitter and two more reached on fielding errors).
That's an unbelievable feat, and if he can live up to the name he's building when he gets to Gainesville, the Gators could have their first dominant starting pitcher in a long time.
Has anyone seen Schuster pitch? Are these teams he's shutting down any good? Even if he's playing a bunch of patsies, it's extremely hard to throw a no-hitter. Three in a row is just ridiculous.


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Wow, can't imagine this kid going to college over the pro's that is amazing. Good for him to get an education, or can he still opt out?

Good find goodman!! I know i have given u some heat in the past, but in all honestly, ur all right. i enjoy the variety of info u give out on everything gator sports.

ps. u have a great job,(courtside at bball games, pressbox at football games, ur own section at spring practice.

enjoy it!

Yeah, it's Urban's "dream job"

As in he would ONLY go there in a DREAM you fool

You can't win or recruit there. He knows this.

That's the REALITY. He already said no thanks to ND.

His next stop is the NFL but keep dreaming "J-Rod"

Urban is Smarter than U,

It looks like I hit a touchy subject.

Why are U so angry at 9:41 in the morning buddy?

The truth of the matter is that Urban is gone next year and U know it! With Tebow graduating and "Cheeseburger" Charlie gone, the stage will be set for an "Urban Rising" in South Bend!

Urban isn't going to the NFL either with that gimmicky offense crap that doesn't work with the big boys... Unless you run a wildcat package 5 plays a game and that's it.

Remember the last guy that enterd into the NFL with a gimmicky offense from your school?

First that "gimmicky offense crap" wouldn't work at a school like Utah. Then that "gimmicky offense crap" wouldn't work in a power conference like the SEC. All that "gimmicky offense crap" has done is won 2 SEC and 2 BCS titles. J-Rod, stop being a hater and be a smart sports fan for a second. Urban is a great coach. I'm not saying he would necessarily succeed in the NFL, but I also wouldn't dismiss it. Especially based on the history of people saying it wouldn't work here and there.

And to continue on the "stop being a hater and be a smart sports fan" tip...the only reason you are talking about Urban/ND is to rile up Gators fans...it is not based in reality He's not leaving Florida for ND next year. 3-5 years from now? More possible. Not next year. It is VERY rare for coaches to win multiple titles at a school and then just jump over to another one. This isn't a guy like Calipari who has come close but not tasted greatness. This is a guy who competes for a title EVERY year at Florida. A guy who is dead-center in a state with the best high school football players in the country. A guy immersed in the community and school more than you would ever know.

This pitcher might be "committed" to the Gators, but he's probably going pro out of high school, right? That's what baseball players do. The good pitchers get drafted out of high school. Everyone else is forced to go to college for THREE years.



"...more than you would ever know." Seriously?


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