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Grueling summer awaits Florida Gators

Meyer: 'We're going to make it so hard that they have a hard time picking up the Street & Smith magazine telling them how good they are.'

GAINESVILLE -- So, we've already projected the depth charts for two-a-days, and we've already handed out awards for spring football. We've even set the scene for a season of expectations unlike anything since Steve Spurrier was in town. What's left? A look to the future, perhaps?

That was the theme on Saturday during the spring game. You can read all about it right here. CLICK ME! As for the immediate future -- as in the next couple of months -- the summer is almost here but that doesn't mean it's vacation time for the football players.

The team is flying to Washington D.C. on Thursday to meet President Obama per tradition for the current national college football champion. The Gators met with President Bush after the 2006 championship. After a photo op with President Obama, it's back to business.

The coaching staff will be taking a break for a couple months but the players are staying put in Gainesville until two-a-days. The next step in the Gators' offseason is a summer of grueling workouts designed by strength and conditioning coach Mickey Marotti. Staying on edge, as quarterback Tim Tebow puts it, will be the focus this summer and the responsibility of UF's upperclassmen.

"What made us a good team was keeping that edge and wanting to win and go out there and fight and dominate teams," Tebow said. "I think we'll keep that because we have good senior leadership that's going to make guys go out there and press in the summer and get better without the coaches."

The Gators are good and the Gators know it. For Florida coach Urban Meyer, this upcoming season is the reason why he came to Florida -- to put together a team for the ages.

"If we didn't have all those minor dings, then we would have had a helluva team jog out there today," Meyer said on Saturday after the spring game. "What did we envision? This is it. This is where we want to be."

Meyer said on Saturday that his strength and conditioning staff will work the team so hard this summer that, at the end of each day, the Gators will be too tired to pick up a preseason football magazine and read their praises. UF is expected to be the nation's consensus preseason No.1.

"We just have to be careful and put the pedal to the metal," Meyer said. "We'll have the most difficult offseason Florida has ever had and then we'll have training camp and it will be the most difficult training camp they have ever gone through. If there is any resistance, then the guy is not playing. We've got this thing about right where you want it. Now we've just got to stay; keep recruiting our tails off; keep working."



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Jo, don't you think delaying the airing of the game to May 3 is a bit absurd?

Also, are the Gators the first team to visit w/ the Prez? Or did the Celtics or Phillies already do so?

Returning virtually all starters, nauseatingly overhyped by all media, the easiest schedule in all of college football and the dark cloud looming over gainesville knowing that 2 or more losses by Charlie Weis at ND will open the door for Urban Meyer to take the money and run. All of the above are the "PERFECT RECIPE" for the Gators to become the BIGGEST BUST in the history of college football.

Miss Wizard, want to put your money where your mouth is? No? Didn't think so! Bunch of hot air like all HurriCLOWNS. Wandy Shinanigans is such a thscary coach. He ith awthome. Gators Overhyped? You couldn't possibly overhype this team. Urban is going NOWHERE big guy but I would be praying for that also if he beat my sorry-ass team by more than 3 touchdowns. Can you say SPANKED ???? Another spanking coming in a few more years in the same stadium we won our 2nd National Championship in two years. And Wandy won't even be the coach so he'll get the revenge he cries about. Could you please at least win your half of that pathetic ACC (almost college conference) maybe once every 10 years? Otherwise STFU !!!

Adam S.,

The spring game was pretty boring. I'm surprised it's going to be on TV at all.


Wizard, you are lame. Aside from the "returning virtually all starters" the rest of that is complete hogwash. Enjoy your fantasy world.

jo, I understand your point...I'm just saying in general...

I LOVE THAT QUOTE! Urban Meyer KNOWS that the only team that can beat the Gators this year are the Gators.

Pretty pathetic when your rival fans battle cry is -- "just wait till your coach leaves"! Not gonna happen anytime soon. He'll be in G-town long after Randy "please don't run up the score on me" Scannon has hit the road! And Jo--how can you say the Spring Game was boring with the long passes and a glimpse at the future with all those young and talented players like Bostic and Hammond and Beal?! Well, maybe if you're a Cane, but I found it fascinating that Florida will be in very good hands after Tebow and Spikes are gone and how Urban has built a mighty program to the envy of all...especially "U"!!!

i heard that uf made polls in playgirl....The U crushed polls in Playboy.
"I'm just sayin...."

Posted by: Drtycane | April 19, 2009 at 07:22 AM

So what's wrong with being no.1 in the PlayGirl poll?
We have an unabashedly proud, and absolutely vibrant, Gay/Lesbian scene in Gainesville.
Don't knock it, especially since we've had our share of athletes involved in this community, many of them players you would recognize from watching them on the telly.
I'm proud to have "known" them over the years. :)

Well, some idiot just hi-jacked my name (see post above). Nothing wrong with Playboy poll but is that now the only way you're gonna make # 1??? "U" are more desperate than I thought!!

Im sorry gator fans, im just a sad cane fan.. My Canes suckkkkk and instead of reading crappy articles and crap about my crappy coaches and ofcourse anything about my crappy team, i come here to the gators blog to talk smack about the best team in america.

Being a canes fan used to be great but now it just sucks... our whole fan bases is full of wannabe thugs who all either go to FIU, Miami-dade, or are highschool drop-outs.

The truth is, this is the first time in years that my canes are ahead of the gators in a poll.. so i will talk smack about it in every article to make myself feel better.. (even if the poll has nothing to do with sports, and even if i go to FIU instead of UM)

-Gotta go now, ima get a new tatoo on my neck so i can be closer to looking like a real thug!


The Wizard,

Easiest schedule in college football? Seriously, you come on this blog to talk trash and that's the best you've got? So weak my friend. You've got to bring it stronger than that for me to be impressed.


Jo, The Wiz and his friends come on here to try to console themselves by saying stupid things just trying to get a rise...think about it, it's probably the only rise they get all week! Might they have a bad case of p**s envy??? Yep, I'd say so...'cause he's one Wizard who wishes he was a Lizard!!!

"I'm just sayin"...Well, you clearly must not be thinkin...I'm just sayin...

No posts about Coach Meyer throwing the uppercut at Miami about attendance?

Meyer said something to likes of UF having better attndance for our spring game than some programs have for regular season games.

I don't think any Gator fan in here who is a MAN really cares about Playboy magazine. And by man I mean lives with a woman and enjoys her company. Playboy is as tired as it gets. It's the domain of guys who are coming up short at home.

Thanks for all the updates and info over the weekend Jo. I didn't make it up this year but I did rewatch the Tivo'd NC game instead. It was a beautiful thing as I watched key plays in slow motion and was able to see the Gators amazing execution over and over.

After the replay, some things were abundantly clear.
1) OU was very reluctant to go deep after Major Wright blew up Manny Johnson on the 3rd play of the game. Iglesias looked like a deer in the headlights when he was stripped late in the game. He was tentative knowing that he would also be blown up.

2)OU defensive coordinator Brent Venables was so jacked up on something (ephedrin?) he looked like his eyes were about to explode out of his head.

3) OU's play calling system is a joke. That nonsense where Bradford looked back and forth and yelled stuff to his players ala Manning made them look disorganized. And there was three OU coaches calling plays to confuse UF. The Gator defense didn't bite on any of it. Hey OU, call a play, line up, and run it. What a joke. I loved Stoops as DC at UF but he looks just bad now. Shenanigans don't win games Execution does.

4)Torrey Davis literally threw guys aside on his big plays. It's a shame that he won't be around in 09.

5) When Tebow threw the late jump pass TD to Nelson the play was covered very well. You just can't stop a quick flick jump pass to a 6'5" receiver.

6) The triple option play that has Tebow and Demps going around the end with Hernandez inside is just filthy. The Gators scorched OU with those shovel passes to Hernandez. OU KNEW the play was coming and couldn't stop it. #81 has speed and power inside that is a nightmare for defensive coordinators.

7) If the Gators improve this years team even slightly, they will leave a trail of wreckage in their path on the way to back to backs. The 09 team can truly be special.

I'm laughing about No.2.


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