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Miami invasion continues at UF

GAINESVILLE -- We won't spend much time on this subject but it's BIG news nonetheless. Pollo Tropical is coming to the University of Florida.

Pollo OK, so it's not really big news to most of the people reading this, but to the guy writing this blog ... these are exciting times! I've lived in Gainesville for about two years now and one of the things I miss most about Miami and Broward counties is Pollo Tropical.

True story ... When I first moved to Miami from Alabama, Pollo Tropical was the first place at which I ate. It was also the first time I ever had a plantain. Like I said, pretty pointless blog post, but I'm sure there's a few UF grads living in South Florida who will appreciate this news.



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There goes my retirement plan... open one up on Archer and you're set. My only hesitation is how poorly Chicken Kitchen did in G-ville a few years back.

Nice addition. They also opened a Too Jays.

It's news like this that can legitimately break a man down into happy tears. :*)

This is hangs down the your best post!! hahaha .. jk

I meant "hands down your best post"

I destroyed a Tropi-chop just last night. The curry mustard sauce is good enough to put on ice cream. Try the key lime pie too, they've upgraded it.

Never eaten there.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves folks. Moe's is my pick over Pollo just about every time. There is already a Moe's on Archer so you really have nothing to complain about.


I'm a chimicurri man, myself.

As for Moe's? Moe's!?! Are you kidding me!?! I'm a Burrito Brothers guy.


Hmmm.. I would never besmirch the hallowed Burrito Brothers.

Moe's does rock though and I live in Palm Beach. Gainesville is a long haul for a burrito.

13-1, stay off our blogs you useless turd. Im starting to think that you have been this kehoe who has been a pain in our ass for the last year. You won last year 26-3 ok. we git it. losing 7 times in 25 years to your rival school hurts, i know this and finnaly getting a win makes you feel better, i know this too. But your a LOSER. GTFO..

You guys are insane. Tijuana Flats. End of argument.

I expect a post when Bojangles arrives as well.

If you can't beat'm, feed'm!

all you can eat at Sonny's BBQ

hahaha...UM guy getting upset...go back to Coral Gables, loser...

There goes the neighborhood

Moes and Burrito Brothers should never, ever be mentioned in the same sentence, ever!

If Burrito Brothers will deliver to Palm Beach I'll jump on that. Otherwise, Moe's it IS!

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