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NFL DRAFT: Percy Harvin selected 22nd overall

GAINESVILLE -- The Minnesota Vikings drafted former University of Florida receiver Percy Harvin with the 22nd selection of the first round in the 2009 NFL Draft on Saturday.

Harvin (5-11, 192 pounds) joins a team with several legitimate playmakers, which could make life easier for Harvin during his rookie season. Harvin will complement Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian and should take more pressure off of Minnesota's star running back, Adrian Peterson.

Harvin is the first wide receiver drafted by the Vikings in the first round since 2005, when Minnesota selected former South Carolina wide-out Troy Williamson with the seventh overall pick. Harvin scored 32 touchdowns in 36 games for the University of Florida. He amassed 1,929 receiving yards and 1,852 yards rushing during his collegiate career.

Harvin's selection on Saturday extended a three-year streak for the Florida Gators of at least one former player being drafted in the first round.



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harvins fall to 22 on the draft was the result of media hacks like our own goody pushing rumors of negative personality traits that, in reality, never existed
not once has there been any evidence of anything other than him being a committed, hard worker and team player at UF
thank goodness that the Vikings have more sense than to believe a bunch of dim-witted media personalities and internet blog writers.
percy will have a long and impressive NFL career.

Therefore, it is tough to find the UAA at fault for not just handing over $8M more to the university when they are already giving them $6M, more than twice the normal contribution.

Posted by: Adam S. | April 25, 2009 at 03:56 PM

Adam, last point on the subject. The UAA is seperate from UF for the simple fact that the AD and the boosters do not want the university telling them how to run their athletic program!

The UAA has been charged with "managing" the intelectual and physical property of the UF athletic department. It is seperate only in legal speak. If UF were a corporation, the UAA woud be a wholey owned subsidiary, subject to the will of the parent company.

In our case, the AD and the UAA are making the decisions of disbursment, when it should be the president, along with the university board, making the decisions about disbursment.

Such is life in the SEC! If you think UF's system is flawed, at least we do not have the issues that schools like Auburn have. Their AD and bosters are so powerful, they could fire the president if they so desired!


Never existed? If Harvin cleans up his act (and I hope he does) then that's one thing, but to deny his past is another.


Goody present the proof- not nth hand hearsay. I understand that the failed drug test and getting into a fight in HS deserves criticism. How did that morph into consistent off the field red flags? The problem is many guys like you in the media dont have the guts to openly say what you hear and come off as pretty disingenious try to indirectly smear a 20 yr old's life.


Failed drug tests and fights ... Does there need to be anything else? I love your blanket statements about the press, by the way. Very Limbaugh-ish.

Harvin smeared his own name. It's not my job to cover up for the guy and make excuses for him. Personally, I hope he contributes positively to society, but that's all I wish for anybody.


just a question...what fights at UF?

you say tests - do you mean harvin failed more than one?

RE: Percy and issues.

There ARE issues with Harvin. Problem is, a LOT (not all) of them were overblown. The marijuana issue? Overblown. BUT testing positive at the combine? LEGIT red flag. The injury prone tag? Overblown. BUT his recent injury? LEGIT concern.

The only thing that REALLY bothered me was this whole "character issue" thing. People talking about him being in "Percy World" and crap. THAT stuff had no basis whatsoever. Not coachable? Guy got along great with Meyer. Had no off-field issues in Gainesville either.


Was just referring to the one failed test. Sorry for the confusion. As for fighting, Harvin got into it with Chris Rainey last year and Jarred Fayson the year before that.



I remember you reporting these fights on your blog. Were these not common practice field type fights or did these occur off the field? Hasn't just about everyone pretty much outside of Tebow got in an on field skirmish?

Did Percy ever fail a drug test at UF?

Help me out - did Percy ever appear non-coachable? Meyer seemed to love him. Is this just smoke or merit?

obviously joe goodman isn't man enough to just admit that he loves to pass on gossip like a schoolgirl.

perhaps it is this lack of integrity that has led to his employment as a blog "writer"

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