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Notes on the Gators' trip to the White House

Obama The University of Florida football team presented President Barack Obama with a Florida Gators jersey today with his name on the back. The jersey number was the number one, of course.

President Obama also received a commemorative football from the team. On the ball reads "Barack Obama" along with the score from the national championship game and the phrase, "National Champions."

President Obama flipped the ball underhanded to his aide, Reggie Love. Obama then noted that Love played football at Duke and asked Love if he ever played the Gators. Love said no, to which Obama replied, "Yeah, you're lucky."

Love said Duke "probably would have beaten them."

AHMAD BLACK: "Seeing the President walk into the room was really exciting. You get to see him on TV all the time, so it was great to see him up close and shake his hand."

TIM TEBOW: "It was an honor to meet the President. He made some really nice remarks about the team and myself and it was great to shake his hand, look him in the eye and tell him that we're behind him and praying for him."

DAVID NELSON: "It was a tremendous honor to come to the White House today. It's the best perk we get for winning the national championship. Some guys like the rings and the glory, but I look forward to coming to the White House, the prestige of the White House."

JOE HADEN, CB: "It's a lot of fun coming here. In 2006 I was here, but it's a lot more meaningful this time because I played more this year."

SAM ROBEY, C: "This is my first time in Washington D.C., so I was just blown away. Everything is so incredible and it's all so much bigger than I expected."



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