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Percy Harvin again linked to drug use

GAINESVILLE -- Percy Harvin is back in the blogosphere. Another website is claiming that Harvin indeed failed his drug test at the NFL Combine. Here's the link. CLICK ME!

That is all.



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Pot should be legal! Alcohol is the most destructive drug in America! It's not even close! Donte Stallworth is going to prison for booze! If he had smoked a joint the night before, he would have been asleep long before he hit that pedestrian!

With that said, Percy is an idiot! Did anyone tell him that he would be tested, or does he just not care?????

The only reason Ricky Williams is still around is because of his work ethic and demeanor. Ricky's teammates love him! Percy should call Ricky and pick his brain!

This is such a joke. Nobody is going to care if Percy smoked a little ganj. Teams care about production. Period. He is not going to get drafted out of the first round, he'll go twenty something to a team in need of a playmaker. All teams are trying to do is muster up some negativity to ensure he'll be available. Percy is definetly not the smartest draftee in recent history but you cannot deny his talent.

What teams DO care about is the player failing the test rather than straight-up admitting it in the one-on-one interview. That is seen as dishonest.

The ending quote in the link Jo provided says it all: "The fact that Harvin wasn’t able to produce clean urine for a test that he knew he was going to be taking isn’t an encouraging sign." I love Harvin and his game-changing ability, but he will need some foresight and restraint to be on the field, much less excel, in the NFL.

ooooh ok i get it so when a UM or FSU player jay-walks, its Thugs and gangbangers and all this. But when a UF player fails a drug-test, pot should be legal. stay classy, gator fans (well, mainly kehoe)

Posted by: Nate | April 15, 2009 at 02:30 PM

Chill Nate, I'm a cane fan! Pot should be legal!

Ya Nate, how ridiculous. Kehoe is obviously a Canes fan...

ooh duh. i'm dumb. shoulda read the whole post.

Marijuana is illegal and wrong.

It is a dispicable crime and percy is a bad bad bad bad bad person!

ps. Michael Phelps is also a bad bad bad bad bad person.

- i wonder if percy and phelps were at the same party?

I guess that means Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are also bad, bad, bad, bad, people.



If I was an NFL GM, I wouldnt touch Percy! HES SMOKED POT!!!!!!!!!


If I would NEVER touch Michael Phelps on my
'Fantasy Swimming Team', HES SMOKED POT!

-same logic, right?

A lot of ppl dont understand how things work according to the NFL draft.

My good buddy is an NFL scout (I won't name which team), and he tells me that NFL teams GMs give bad information to guys like Kiper/McShay and other media as (sources) intentionally to make a players stock look worse that it really is. (EX, Reggie Nelson was not durable and wasn't good as a Saftey agains the run, late first round pick-Kiper/Mcshay)... GMs want other teams to think these players will be available later on (lower-stock), so that they can pick him up early with little to no competition. (My buddy says this happens "LL THE TIME, by just about everyone")..

I don't know for a fact, however, I have to believe that with guys like Kiper and McShay hearing from scouts and GMs that Percy Harvin is now a late first-round/2nd round pick just shows how much GMs really want Percy and would like to make him look as bad as possible to other teams.

-He has told me a lot of things that are quite interseting that most people (myself included) would never even think about)

-Just thought I would fill some of you guys in. It's pretty neat how some things work.

Where is the outrage about Mark Sanchez's alleged sexual assault and other arrests?

Great post, Marcus. Thanks for the insight.
Feel free to chime in anytime on the blog.


Agreed, good post Marcus, I had heard of that before. With Harvin it does appear to be true though...along with 25 other guys who tested positive.

Max, again, it is not the fact that he smoked pot that has people concerned. It is the lack of intelligence in testing positive for it when you know it is against the rules, against the law, and you know you have a test.

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