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Percy Harvin is a drug user, according to website

GAINESVILLE -- Former Florida wide receiver Percy Harvin apparently tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine, according to this report. 

Better than receivers who smoke meth. That's what I always say.

Will this affect Harvin's draft stock? Well, if it's true, then It might. Harvin's character has been questioned in the past. Sure, he's a hard worker, but do NFL teams want to invest millions on a guy who doesn't respect his team and teammates? Smoking pot is selfish when 52 other guys are depending on you to make the right decision.

Of course, it was rumored last season that Harvin missed the first game of the year because of a positive drug test. The same goes for his mysterious migraine headaches in 2007.



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I don't think those migraines were a "mystery" or "lie" by any means. But yes, this will affect his draft stock. I did read in an NBC article that a lot of teams leak things like this (sometimes not true) to hurt players' stock so they will fall to them. I don't necessarily believe that, I believe the positive test, but I'd like to see a more reputable source report it.

We have some of the most hypocritical laws imaginable in this country.

Make all drugs legal and save billions upon billions in money and lost lives. If that logical step was taken this nonsense wouldn't arise.

Do GM's of pro sports franchises really care if their guys burn one? I have doubts.

Donte Stallworth is a perfect example of why we are a nation of hypocrisy.

Jo, I don't think potential teammates of Percy really care.

The Bucs took Gaines Adams 4th overall after he admitted to smoking weed. Then they took Aqib Talib last year after he admitted to it.

Hell, if nothing else Percy could find a home in Tampa. At least he will know where to get a sack!

I'd also like to say that the steroid news on the USC LBs is SIGNIFICANTLY bigger news and a bigger deal than Harvin and Vontae Davis smoking some pot.

The NFL waste millions on guys who use "real" harmful drugs and with way worst character issues.

GOODMAN, u have no class... this has to be the most unoffical website I have ever seen... u are now saying his migrane headaches was a lie... Goodman, NOBODY RESPECTS YOU because YOU DON'T RESPECT ANYONE.

You're a classes, punk.

I smoke Hashish everyday in Mumbai...

What is wrong with a little smokey, smokey, every once in a while...

OH JES!!!!

When I first saw this pop up my first thought was steroids. Harvin's physique seems too big for his frame in my opinion, but to be fair to him that isn't what he tested positive for so it's an unjustifiable accusation. This will probably hurt his draft status, but I really don't understand the testing for marijuana. I work for a pain management clinic and patients of ours have had good results with less side affects when using marijuana as opposed to pain killers. Certainly it isn't strong enough to use for serious injuries, but for normal aches and pains it works well. Plus if you think about the physical toll that football players put on their bodies, it's no wonder why they use marijuana or even steroids. But that's just my opinion. Oh and is anyone really surprised that USC linebackers tested positive? I mean really. That NFL farm system goes to great lengths to win year after year after year.

If it is all true, he is only hurting himself and his draft status at this point. I hope it's not true and I'll give him a benefit of a doubt until proven otherwise. I know Percy had some problems in high school, but never knew him to be in trouble in college. But nowadays with this generation of players today, you just never know, do you?

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