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Pictures of Gators' championship rings

GAINESVILLE -- Check out the bling. The 2008 championship rings are nearly completed. The Gators received three rings last season. One for winning the Southeastern Conference championship and two for the national championship (one is a BCS ring). This is an image of the national championship ring designed by the team.

OL Jason Watkins apparently helped design the ring. Watkins, of course, knows a thing or two about rings. He won his first set of three in 2006. Just an opinion: I could have done without the FedEx logo and replaced the new Gators logo with the Fightin' Gators logo. That's just me, though. Always the critic. Pretty sweet, though.




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Does the middle trohy on the Watkins side say '08? Might be getting a little ahead of ourselves but I like it!

Wow what was I thinking. I am brain dead today. I thought I read '09. nevermind

Really, you like the fighting Gators logo better? I'm a fan of the Gator head for sure!

Think the ring looks nice...but what I REALLY want to see is the one custom-made by the University as the "extra" championship ring. That's gonna be awesome!

No problem with the official game logo, like that as well.

That FedEx logo is first thing that jumped out at me Jo. Horrible ! GET RID of it! YIKES ! Let me guess? FedEx paid for the rings? How else do you explain the vomitous product placement?

It's an otherwise WELL DESERVED and BEAUTIFUL piece of jewelry.

If next years NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ring doesn't have a "14-0" on it, I'll be very disappointed.

Most importantly, it was nice of the designers to pay homage to yours truly, 13-1, by putting my posting name on the ring. Im touched.

My favorite part is that it says 13-1. It reflects the fact that Florida was a defeated, illegitimate champion that was GIVEN the title game berth due to the over-rated status of a poor conference. Try going undefeated and having at least one legitimate title before running at the mouth like you are the only team that matters in college football.

P.S. Meyers and Tebows Brokeback love affair is just creepy.


I smoke Hashish everyday in Mumbai...

What is wrong with a little smokey, smokey, every once in a while...

OH JES!!!!

Gin and Tonic, 2 of the Canes championships came with 1 loss, does that mean they were illegitimate champs those 2 years?? By the way, when's the last time the Canes were relevant???

Gator Alum. Those candy canes don't even have one single ACC ring. NOT ONE. Let the cretins keep hating. But you have to admire that runner-up ring they got from the Nut Bowl.

NC, GT, UVA, are all MUCH BETTER teams.

I am a UM fan, and I am not hating. It is a nice ring. Once Tebow leaves though I do not see UF being as good as they are now. Not hating just trying to be realistic. UM has not been good recently but on the rise and will be wearing one of those soon.

Well of course they won't be "as good as they are now," considering Tebow is arguablly the best player in team history. USC wasn't "as good as they are now" after Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart left. The question is...are they going to continue to be at the top of the conference and a competitor for the SEC Championship and BCS bowl games/titles? The answer to that is yes.

Appreciate the honesty, though, K-Man. I wouldn't put the cart before the horse though. You guys need to win double-digit games and then an ACC title before you can talk about getting into the BCS or playing in the title game.

I am a UM fan, and I am not hating. It is a nice ring. Once Tebow leaves though I do not see UF being as good as they are now. Not hating just trying to be realistic. UM has not been good recently but on the rise and will be wearing one of those soon.

Posted by: K-Man

I can't say it any better than Adam did. UM needs to first win a conference title before ANY talk about a national title. Show me a team that has won the NC without being in the hunt for a conference championship in the years preceding the title?

UF will still be very competitive "A.T." Anyone who doesn't follow the Gators thinks that they will evaporate upon Tim's departure. Is that a result of hating or is it a because of ignorance? Hating begets ignorance. I'm not saying that you are hating K-man, but it is definitely the prevailing attitude amongst your fans. Dislike is fine, ( I have an almost palpable dislike for FSU and UGA) but dismissing all of UF's accomplishments is another matter. It's makes you look small.

After spending the entire 2009 season maturing, the Gator WR's should be a very good unit in 2010. While they are already showing signs of being a solid group in 09, they could be filthy in 2010 A.T. they will be catching passes from a guy with an NFL arm. He'll have two years of eligibility. Unfortunately this guys talents get overlooked by everyone since he is behind Tim. I don't even need to mention his name. We know all about him. The UF naysayers will figure it out in 2010 when this guy is lighting up D's. He doesn't run like Tim does, no QB does, but he throws BETTER. Urban will once again tailor the offense to this guys strengths. The Gators will likely stretch the offense downfield considerably more when he takes over.

When UF's present 2nd string guy moves on to the NFL, another dual threat STUD named Trey Burton will be waiting in the wings. Burton may not have the leadership that Tim possesses but he definitely has the type oftools that Tebow .

In case you guys haven't noticed, UF recruiting is excellent.

Expecting some monumental collapse from the Gators A.T. is foolish.

Last year's Gators team and this year's teams are "special" groups. Just like the Leinart/Bush teams of USC's past. You guys may not duplicate the 2008/09 teams anytime soon. That isn't to say you won't be real good. You will be. The talent has poured in for a while now. But you can't teach what Tebow has. You can't teach what Spikes has. And the combination may never come around again. Baring coaching changes or severe rashes of injuries you should compete for SEC titles every year. The problem for UF is the competition of it's own conference. The SEC is probably the most cutthroat conference out there. You have to mix it up every year with guys like Miles, Richt and now Kiffin. These guys would break any rule, tell any lie, do anything they can to win. Plus they are good strategists (excluding Kiffin, because he hasn't proven himself yet). And now you are guys have the bullseye on your back and the possibility of a let down from winning two out of three years. Players get big heads. They start thinking about the NFL and their draft stock. Key guys get injured. Players get jealous of the attention others are getting. Winning brings on more and more challenges. The shadow of Tebow, Harvin and Spikes will linger over the program for years. It will be interesting to see if this next line of guys is up to it. Remember how Bob Stoops was the golden boy with the unbeatable program. All heroes eventually fall.

CaneJuice, that was a great post. You are an example of a Canes fan who can put aside bias and come up with a well thought out and (in my opinion) correct opinion. It will be tough for future Gators to live up to the Tebow/Harvin/Spikes combo. I think you hit the nail on the head...we will continue to be one of the top teams in the conference and one of the best teams in college football baring the changes you said, but expectations of a title every year are high after this season. USC hasn't not been in a BCS game in a LONG time. But they haven't won a title in years. Hopefully that doesn't happen to us. I think with us being in the SEC, winning the conference holds more weight than winning the PAC-10, therefore consideration would be higher for the title game.

The only thing I would take you to task on is the coaches you mentioned. The top coaches in this league are Meyer, Miles and Saban. Period. Richt? We've pretty much dominated him since he took over UGA. He beat us once. Kiffin? As you said, he doesn't deserve a bit of respect or recognition until he does something. But between those two, Petrino at Ark, Nutt at Ole Miss and potentially Mullen at Miss. St., the SEC very well could be tougher than ever next year.


I appreciate the compliments. I had thought of you before as one of those rah-rah Gator fans whose expectations were the team would win a championship every year. About a month back you replied to one of my posts and really made me think. I respect your opinions. Not including Saban was just simply I forgot about him. He was actually the kind of coach I was speaking about more than Richt and you are correct that UGA has been dominated by Florida. Miles, Saban, Petrino, Mullen, Nutt and Richt are some fine coaches. And while you have dominated Richt the point was that UGA will be a threat because of the talent level there. Plus in rivalry games no matter how many times you beat someone there is always that one year where they can bite you in the butt. Meyer is a shark among sharks and the SEC is about as dangerous as the waters get. You can't measure the type of on-field leadership you guys have right now. Looking back at Miami's history, what made the 2001 team better than the 2002? Both talent heavy. Both with future all-pros all over the field. So what went wrong? Players like Ed Reed were gone. The man was a 2 star athlete coming out and has turned into an all-world Safety. He was a guy who did not allow his teammates to sulk, to get lazy or to lose motivation. Just like Tebow. Brantley, Burton and all the rest could come out and become all-pro NFL players, but that still doesn't mean they win a NC. Look at USC. NFL factory, but like you pointed out when did they last win a title.

I do agree with you about the SEC having more weight. If you win the SEC title the perception will be that you are a stronger team than someone of the same record, but a lesser conference.

Not in the least, I just hate the *average* Canes fan who comes on here to bash a team for absolutely no reason whatsoever. So when I rail against people like that, it mean appear as a rah-rah attitude. When, in actuality, it is just confidence in my team and what they can accomplish. I do expect a title in 09. Not just because of who I root for, but because of the guys that will be taking the field and coaching on the sideline. Anyone who expects this program to not miss a step transitioning from 2009 to 2010 is kidding themselves. The number of players going to the NFL after this season is going to be staggering. But that's what happens when you return almost all your starters. It is exactly what happened to our b-ball team after 2007. We lost our entire starting SIX and are still railing. Luckily in football, our recruiting and depth is significantly better.

That's why, when the *average* Canes fan talks about winning titles and how the team is better, I throw it aside and laugh. There is no arguing what the Canes HAD accomplished. And I understand the hope of the fan base that the team MAY accomplish similar things in the future. But right now, Florida is the team that deserves the respect and admiration. Not giving it them out of pure jealousy (and resulting to thinks like stupid nicknames and allegations) is just absurd. If the Canes want to get back in the game, it is simple. Keep up the recruiting, get a double-digit win record. Win the ACC, win your bowl game. And keep the trend going.

I also immediately dismissed Richt from that group. There has been a lot of attention focused on the guy. I think part of that is because UGA football is enormously popular. He's no Urban Meyer.

I constantly see people talk about the cut throat nature of these coaches. CaneJuice you said that they will break any rule. I'm not on board with that. These guys every moves are scrutinized under a microscope. What rules do you think they are breaking? Urban Meyer is endlessly criticized and forever being called a liar. Yet I never hear or see anything to support these claims. Is Meyer a liar because he told some recruit that he was recruiting Tebow to play linebacker? I find that laughable even if he did say that to the kid. I suspect that the coaches tell the kids what they want to hear to get them to sign the dotted line. And I would also guess that they dig up dirt on the other programs and fill kids heads with reasons not to go to the competition. And I have no doubt that EVERY coach does it. It's the nature of the recruiting game which is essentially a draft with no picking order. Persuade the best players to come to your program and you have the starting ingredients of a championship team. If you think about it, recruiting is a free buffet. It's no surprise that coaches go to any length.

Here's where I think rules are being broken. I suspect that there is a dark underbelly of PED use. I think it's far more prevalent than anyone knows. I also think that UM used to be better at it than anyone else. UF probably is doing it better than most now. This isn't to say that the coaches are responsible for it though. I tend to think there is a subculture amongst the players. Maybe some kids just grow MUCH bigger than others, but when you see the size of these guys up close, it's just plain freaky. Jevon Kearse, Ray Lewis. One Gator, one cane. I'm not biased about it. I think both of these guys enhanced all the way through their college careers. Those are just two of dozens upon dozens of players using. Percy? Juice. Dude threw up 225 for 19 reps at the combine. If you've ever stood next to that, it's freaky looking. Ed Reed? Juice. Reggie Nelson? Juice. On and on. These guys are looking at a enormous payoffs at the next level.

I don't think this stuff points to the coaches though. Like I said, its the subculture of winning. I think the head coaches turn their heads. Perhaps there are those working within the strength and conditioning programs that are culpable. I just don't know. No one knows because it's the most hush hush thing imaginable. I do know from an inside perspective that PED's are extremely easy to obtain. All it takes is money or friends with money.

I'd like a response from you Canejuice telling me what rules you think these coaches break? And maybe you could offer some perspective to your fellow fans about how to conduct a sensible discussion on a blog.

Lift the trophy,

The accusation isn't so much to Meyers. Meyers has been investigated, but never found to be at fault for recruiting violations. When I think of dirty coaches and dirty programs, I think USC, LSU and now Alabama as shining examples. Tennessee is out there too. Their new guy is a former USC guy. The violations I am talking about are ties to agents (Reggie Bush anyone?) and making concessions to players that could be intrepreted as payoffs. Under the microscope? I beg to differ. Watch ESPN and watch the glowing reviews of Carroll, Meyer, Miles, Saban, etc. This is the same mainstream media outlet that for years turned a blind eye to the rampant steroid use by MLB players. They have contracts with the NCAA and it is not in their best interests to point out violations unless the NCAA makes them public. Again I am not pointing fingers at Meyers. I do think he is a guy who would SAY anything to a recruit to get him to come on board and no I don't think EVERY coach does that. I don't believe, from all that I have read, that Randy Shannon bad mouths other programs. This is a bias on my part, but if you read enough interviews with players you begin to understand who does and who doesn't do this. And I don't think Meyers is the biggest liar or badmouther either. He simply doesn't have to bash anybody anymore. He's a winner. The program is a fun place for recruits to visit. With the huge crowds and the positive atmosphere these guys have created, Meyers does not have to go negative. He has other tools and he uses them well. But he is not the goody-two-shoes that ESPN would like us all to believe either. It's propanganda. But again, I don't think of him as this blatant violator of rules. It's just when you see programs become powerful the way a USC or LSU or Alabama have, there is usually a reason. Miami had a web of former players, rappers and other people of lesser morals surrounding the program during it's heyday.

Now the steroids remark. You are commenting on my comment about Percy? Cool. I agree with most of what you said. I think there is a difference in my mind in regards to steroid use for football players than there is for baseball or olympic athletes. I believe what football players are asked to do is superhuman. And I believe they take steps to play with superhuman abilities. The human body was not built to take what they take. Baseball is another story. I turn a blind eye to football players using steroids, because of the toll that is put on their bodies.

I certainly think you are on the money for the athletes you pointed out. Ray Lewis is much bigger than his frame. Percy too. Jevon Kearse, they call him the freak right? Ed Reed too.


I don't agree that they deserve admiration. Certainly from their fanbase they do, but I don't admire them. I respect the hell out of the Gators because of what they accomplished. Tebow is a warrior and a game-changer. Meyer is the best coach in the NCAA right now. Spikes is another warrior. But I don't admire them. My admiration is with my favorite school and with coach Shannon. The reason for that is the way he has cleaned up the program. Plus I don't think he runs a dirty program. If you read about his background he is easy to cheer for. My reasons for not admiring Meyers are simple. I don't like the Gators. They aren't my team. Plus I don't agree with running the score up or this taunting business. And I know coming from a Miami fan the taunting aspect is suspect. I've always been one to rather cheer for my team than to degrade someone else for their team losing. But Meyers has my respect for sure.

As far as the future, I think anything less than another title this year would be a big let down for UF. I mean everyone is back accept Harvin. At least the main guys. So yeah the expectations are through the roof. After that will be a let down and then you should be a top 10 team for the foreseeable future.

As far as Miami goes, this year will more than likely tell the story of Shannon's tenure. The first four games are brutal. 9 or 10 wins this year would be an excellent year considering our youth and that devastating his four. If we get into double digit wins that would probably win the ACC and that will help with recruiting. South Florida is loaded in the 2010 class. So it's a pivotal year. If we somehow find a way to win 10 games and an ACC title I would say the future is bright. Plus as the years go on the ACC is an easier conference than the SEC. It will be interesting to see if the Gators live up to expectations or wilt in the spotlight. And whether the Canes can bounce back or continue to be mediocre.

Hey Juice, quit calling him Meyers. His name is Meyer. While I can understand you not liking the late field goal, I'd hardly call it running up the score. And if a team was handily beating Florida and tacked on a "beat the spread 3" in the last minute I don't think I'd be too worked up about it. I don't believe coaches for a second when they claim to not know what the betting line is.

While UM fans are probably excited about the new OC, the schedule and the new coordinators on both side make UM a long shot to win the ACC in 09. Do you see UM being better than North Carolina, Georgia Tech and VT? While I don't see UM's defense stopping Bradford and company, the canes performance in that game will be a good measuring stick of how much they have improved.

Gators in 09? Hardware !

Yeah I was wondering if I was getting his name wrong. LOL! Coach Meyer can do whatever he likes when the game is in his hands. That's his choice. I just don't like it when teams do that. And yes Miami has, in the past, done the same kind of things. And I was referring more to the UT game from a year ago.

As far as what we do this year, it is certainly not a given that we will win even 7 games. New coordinators, young players, a rough schedule and an unproven coach. My point was that if we did win 9 or 10 game then it's a huge success and momentum for the future. Plus recruiting would get easier. Do I think we are better than UNC? GT? VT? That's to be determined. I think VT (whom we beat) may in fact be overrated. GT? Well you never know what you get with them. Back-to-back weeks they blow us out and UGA. Then they get manhandled by LSU. Not to mention nearly losing to Gardner Webb. No joke. I would not call us a long shot. You forget that the ACC is not exactly a premier conference at the moment. VT is ranked high by reputation. FSU has big problems. GT may be progressively better or they may have been a fluke. UNC is a dangerous group of athletes. But overall the talent pool we have is better. That's just the way it is. Now can we coach? That's to be determined.

I wouldn't be banking on hardware. The Gators have the schedule and the team to do it again, but the best laid lands of mice and men...

best laid plans of mice and men...


I meant respect from college football and respect & admiration from the fan base.

That running up the score is BS if you are talking about it in regards to the Miami game last year. He did not run up the score in that game, as much as radio pundits like to say. If you are talking about what he did to Georgia, well, it is fair if you don't agree with that. But you've never really had a team attempt to embarrass you like Georgia did the year before. THAT is disrespectful, and Meyer (not Meyers) delivered pay back.


While I of course did not enjoy them continuing to throw the football deep when the game was decided against Miami, I was referring more to the UT game in the Swamp from 07. Meyer took a huge risk playing Tebow into the fourth quarter of that game. He is very lucky that there wasn't some sort of payback for that. A cheap shot of some sort.

UGA had it coming. Running onto the field like they did put them at the mercy of the Gators. Plus Mike Bobo had perhaps the worst game plan I have ever seen. They were having some success throwing the football early, so on back-to-back drives into Gator territory he calls what? A draw to Stafford? WTF? Stafford is about as mobile as an 80 year old man.

Respect from CF and the fanbase I can agree with. By the way, if you are wondering why I come on here it's pretty simple. One, there is a certain segment of your fanbase that is about as touchy as any people I have seen. Which is comical to me considering the school's successes. Two, the Canes blogs are boring. The fans either agree with you or whine about the glory days. Wah! This is certainly a lot more fun. An actual discussion? Cool.

I also live in Gainesville, so I've been readily taunted for the past 3 years. LOL!

CaneJuice, I can respect a lot of the things you said, but to say you don't like Meyer/the Gators because they run the score up, is very hypocritical. The Canes run the score up at any opportunity they have. In fact, they did it to Charleston Southern the week before the Gator game. I mean, how many times did they do it in 2001 and 2002??? I'm sorry to say, but the BCS system is to blame for that. You have to blow teams out to look better for the voters at the end of the year. So, that comment just didn't make any sense to me.


Quote: "I'm not sure men had much to do with it."


You know what I like best about these fans that warn..."once Tebow is gone!" is the fact that they are already conceding 2009 to the Gators! I'll take it!!!

By the way, as a fan, I would be ashamed to be caught crying and compaining about someone "running up the score" on MY team. WAH!!! WAH!!!... It's like saying "my teams not good enough to compete with yours and you took advantage of us". Trust me, if you score a bunch of last minute points on my team...I'm gonna be mad at MY team, not YOUR team, for allowing that to happen. Crying because you say someone ran up the score on you??? I say, stop being a p***y and play better!!!

LOL! Dave, no one was crying over the Gators running the score up. I was asked a question and I answered it. I don't like UF. And it's a number of reasons why. They just aren't my team. If the roles had been reversed and Miami had run the score up your tune would be different. It would be "oh they are thug U" blah blah blah. I personally have a lot of respect for Meyer, Tebow and Spikes and the whole group. They had an amazing run through 2008. I don't like them because they aren't my team. When you don't like a team you say disparaging things about them. Oh Tebow is a primadonna, Coach Meyer is a cheater, etc. Truth is I would welcome either one on my team. They are just the enemy.

And I doubt very much anyone is "conceding" 2009 to the Gators. Your team has a big old bullseye on it's back.


I understand that is the nature of the BCS. If they hadn't beaten such and such a team by the spread it would have hurt their place in the rankings. Understood. My problem is not so much with the Gators as it is with the sports commentators. If a Miami player taunts someone it's "thug U" a Gator does it and it's him being enthusiastic. But again I biased. It just seems like if we were to run the score up on a team outside of Charleston Southern, who was there to have the score run up on them, then we would have gotten flack. It's a double standard. But mostly I just don't like the Gators. So whatever argument I can make against them I will make. Personally I would rather beat you guys head-to-head. =)

It's actually not a double-standard at all. Miami earned the "Thug U" reputation. Part of it was off-the-field actions, part of it was swagger and speak. And, let's face it, a lot of the players were, let's say, "less polished" than guys are nowadays. Granted it has dispersed over the years (which is great for the university), but people used to love being known as "thug U." Now it is taken by the fans as an insult. THAT'S a double-standard.

The Gators doing a chomp or scoring some extra TDs does not compare to what UM was like a decade+ ago.

And, BTW, I'm not hating. I loved watching Miami in those days. Used to get all pumped up. Teams were great. I'm just making a point.

Not to change the subject here, but has anyone noticed that the championship ring forms a Christian cross where the "1" and the "2008" meet?


Goody, I get the inference or the irony or whatever but to me it's not THAT obvious. Now if Tebow wins his THIRD ring this year, who knows! And CaneJuice...I kinda understand what you are saying about Thug U, that sports personalities perpertuate the stereotypes... like when they keep saying the Gators are running up the score because of the Spurrier years. But I still say...It is my teams responsibility to keep your team off the scoreboard...not your teams obligation to take the foot off the gas. Now if you're playing a Div II and clearly outmanned team...thats just common sportsmanship.

Jo, I did notice that. Not so happy about it personally...but no big deal I guess...I'm not wearing the ring.

As opposed to a Muslim cross? A Buddhist cross? Ohhh...a JEWISH cross.

....and after the championship was bestowethed, Tim said to his flock, "go forth and put a symbol of christianity upon the National Championship ring." And it was done.

I don't have a problem with it. I was just wondering if anyone noticed the same thing I did.


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