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President Obama has a "soft spot" for Florida Gators offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert

How would you like being called out in a crowd by President Barack Obama? That's what happened to Florida Gators offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert when the University of Florida football team met with the President at the White House on Thursday.

Gilbert Marcus Gilbert's father, Jeff, was a Secret Service agent for Obama throughout most of his campaign. President Obama and Jeff Gilbert are good friends, according to the President. Naturally, that means the President gets to bust the chops of Jeff's son. Gilbert, who will be a redshirt junior next season, is from Coral Springs and graduated from Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas in 2006.

For the record, Gilbert [PICTURED] was the first person President Obama singled out on Thursday ... ahead of Tim Tebow even.

"I do have to give a special shout-out to Marcus Gilbert," Obama said. "Where's Marcus? There he is. Marcus, I've got a soft spot for this guy, because his dad, Jeff, was the first Secret Service agent on my detail, almost two years ago. He was with me for most of the campaign. He is a great friend of mine -- and there he is back there.

"So that's Marcus' pop right here. We always tried to figure out how Marcus got so big because Jeff is not that big and his wife is even smaller."



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The states university system is in complete MELTDOWN, but we're buying a $8,000,000.00 JumboTron for UF Field, for SIX home games a year?????

That's $133,000.00 per game for the next ten years! How many professor's could we retain with the same money?

UAA budget, not university budget. Get your facts straight.

I would have hoped a UF PHD would have figured out that athletics' costs, i.e. facilities, coaches salaries, travel, comes out of the athletic association budget and not taxpayer money. The UAA actually turns a profit for the school, Jumbotron and all.

Flat Screens for every fan plus hand held devices to communicate directly with the coaching staff.....geez, there are a lot of benefits the UF Profs get from the revenue and exposure/goodwill our athletic programs generate including funding grants so UF PHDs and play coffee house academic all their lives.

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