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REPORT: Florida Gators recruit decommits

Is this a sign that point guard Nick Calathes is going pro or coming back?

GAINESVILLE -- More puzzling news to report about the Gators' basketball team. First there was this. Now, more stuff is happening. According to VirginiaPreps.com, UF recruit DeShawn Painter is no longer committed to Florida.

Painter, a 6-9, 210-pound center, was supposed to add depth to the Gators' frontcourt next season. Instead, he said thanks but no thanks to the Gators on Monday. (Or vice versa.) He'll be enrolling elsewhere this fall. Why did this happen? There are two possible scenarios:

1. Calathes is gone and since no one is transferring or being forced out, then UF needs to make room for another point guard. That means, "So long, Painter, and hello Rico Pickett."

2. Calathes is staying and since no one is transferring or being forced out, then UF simply doesn't have any room for Painter.

Rico_pickett If UF receives a commitment from Pickett, a JUCO transfer from Miami-Dade College (or anyone else for that matter) then that probably means Calathes is gone.

Pickett [PICTURED] has experience at the D-I level. He played at the University of Alabama as a freshman before transferring. Swapping Pickett for Calathes seems like the best solution to a crummy situation for UF coach Billy Donovan. Raise your hand if you're a little uneasy with the idea of restocking the Gators' roster with JUCO transfers.



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Did he decommit or was his scholarship offer withdrawn? Title says one thing, post says another.

Both. It seems to be mutual parting of the ways.



Keep in mind that there was a binding letter of intent involved. Both parties apparently need to agree with the break up/divorce/separation. Should have specified that in the post.

Anyone watch ManU 2, FC Porto 2? Great match.


jo- was there a grade issue involved?

Who cares about Man U. Liverpool/Chelsea tomorrow. Go Blues!

He's not going to qualify and will be reevaluated as a 2010 recruit after spending a year in post grad prep school.

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