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Schuster Watch: The Dream is Dead

Patrick Schuster2 By Mike McCall

Well, Patrick Schuster's amazing no-hitter streak has come to an end. Gaither High's Drew Doty smacked a deep liner to right in the third inning to end the streak at four games.

It didn't come as much of a surprise, actually, because Schuster had a pretty wild start to the game. His control was a little off, as he pegged two and walked two.

Kudos to the St. Pete Times, who pretty much predicted how that would go down. Check out the column HERE.


Update (4:51): Schuster's Mitchell High answered with two runs in the bottom of the second to take a 2-1 lead, and Schuster opened the third by pegging Gaither High's first batter in the face. He was down for a few minutes, and Gaither put in a pinch runner.

The next batter, Drew Doty, laced a line drive into deep right field for a double, and that's all she wrote for Schuster's no-hitter streak. For some reading on Schuster, check out the feature The New York Times ran on him today: LINK, although it's a little bittersweet now.


Update (4:35): Schuster got through the second unscathed, so far his line is 2 IP, R, 2BB, 2K.

The Florida signee is trying to get his fifth-straight no-no, and if he does that, he'll still be one shy of the national record. Funny thing is, Schuster could throw a no-hitter today and never get the chance to get six. With his team trailing 1-0, he could throw a no-hitter and take the loss, meaning his team would be bounced from the state playoffs.


So I'm toggling between the Chelsea-Barcelona Champions League semifinal and Mitchell High pitcher Patrick Schuster's bid for a fifth-straight no-hitter, which is being broadcast on ESPNNews, so bear with me.

Schuster got through the first without allowing a hit, but he did give up a run. He walked and pegged batters, and a run scored after a throwing error on a grounder to shortstop.


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Watching the game on ESPN 360...boy does Barca flop a LOT. I think I saw 5 in a two minute time span...ugh. Go Blues!

Yea it was a horrible game. Chelsea pretty much stayed in their own half the whole time and just tried to withstand the attack.

And I don't know if you saw it, but Drogba missed a golden opportunity in the first half. He was one-on-one with the goalie after a terrible back pass, and he blew it.

No, I missed it. ESPN 360 was a bit choppy today. Blues are looking good recently, though. Hopefully they can make a run. Which club do you root for?

I'm an Arsenal guy. Unfortunately, they're about to get slapped around by ManU.

Only FOUR consecutive no-hitters? What a bum !

Probably...I hate Man U!!!

I'm assuming he had walks in his other games and none of them were perfect - am I correct?

Yea, no perfect games.
I believe he pegged the first batter in his third no-hitter as well.
It's amazing to me how he goes from amazing, pinpoint control to pegging guys and back again.

Hit the guy in the face? Holy crap! Duck!!!

Bad control today, obviously. He was nervous, and it got in his head.

Chelsea played what the English speaking world likes to call "cynical football," what Italians refer to as "catenaccio," playing six at the back and trying to free Drogba on counters. I thought I was watching an old AC Milan-Barcelona CL game from years gone by. Hopefully Barca can score one goal at the Bridge, I'd like to see Barca-Arsenal. Hate the Arse but tired, tired of ManUre.

Schuster seems like a good kid, I'd be glad to have him as a fellow Gator alum. He was actually thankful the guy got a hit in the third. not wrapped up in it, showshe's grounded. The kid has a pretty funky delivery, i think after seeing his mechanics and excessive breaking ball stuff, he will likely matriculate at Florida and not sign some ridiculous 1st/2nd round contract.

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