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Tennessee Volunteers move past Florida Gators in Rivals recruiting rankings

GAINESVILLE -- Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin is a better recruiter than Florida coach Urban Meyer, according to the national college football recruiting rankings of Rivals.com.

According to the website, Tennessee's 2009 recruiting class is ranked No.10 in the country. Florida is ranked No.11. CLICK ME to see for yourself. Keep in mind that Florida only signed 16 players this year. Tennessee has 21 newcomers.

Mirror This might mean nothing. This might mean a lot. We'll let you decide. Either way you digest this information, there's no denying the fact that boy wonder up in Tennessee, Lane Kiffin, has done a pretty good job of selling Volunteers football. That something former coach Phil Fulmer had trouble doing in the waning years of his career.

Is Kiffin actually a better recruiter than Meyer? It's too early to tell. But Kiffin did get the best of Meyer in the recruitment of receiver Nu'Keese Richardson. (And Kiffin also beat out Randy Shannon for running back Bryce Brown).



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Charlie weis is a great recruiter too. So is Ron Zook. Taking nothing away from those two as they have actually coached before.

Its a little easier when your roster is depleted and you can offer immediate playing time in the SEC, as opposed to a stacked roster and a long wait on the bench.

Nuke would have been riding pine at UF. Now he'll see the field quickly. You do the math.

Just imagine the lies Kiffin told these kids. Sure we've come to expect integrity from Lane, but he is a USC product.

Haven't we learned that the recruiting services rankings are a starting point but that's about it?

No one will be discussing his "top 10" recruiting class on September 20.

1) Ed Orgeron (not Lane Kiffin) is the one recruiting these players. Can we please stop the perpetuation that Kiffin is responsible for the success of this offseason?

2) As Lift said, when you can offer kids starting positions or guarantees to start within two years, it is easier to get good talent.

3) Recruiting isn't everything. And, as you said, it is skewed as they signed 5 more recruits than we did.

4) If you look at the average # of stars per player, Meyer's UF class far outshines Kiffin's UT class.

5) Kiffin did not beat out Shannon for Bryce Brown. UM did not give him a second scholarship offer after his first one expired. They decided not to pursue him. Brown and Kiffin work well together - both scumbags.

I can keep going...

No, probably not.

Mental Note: Possible topics for discussion on Friday, Sept. 18...

1. Top 10 list of things more unlikely than a Tennessee victory against Florida.

2. Top 10 list of things Janoris Jenkins will say to Nu'Keese Richardson at the line of scrimmage.

3. Top 10 things Florida coach Urban Meyer will do to run up the score.


I'm putting a Sept 17. reminder on my e-calendar right now to remind you of those lists Jo. That will be great fun. Gator Nation will be at a full froth by then.

Thank you for pointing out that UM didn't offer a second scholarship to Bryce. And no one will know who is the better recruiter until Lane's recruiting classes come of age.

No problem. And they shouldn't have either. Kid is a POS. I truly believe UT paid him or someone, something.

Miami pulled the schollie only after it knew Brown was going elsewhere.


They didn't pull it, it expired.

Did you read the quotes from Bryce's coach at Wichita? Not a good sign. Plus that mentor seems more like an agent. And Goody they pulled it. He might have still gone elsewhere, but they didn't renew it before he made his choice.

You can't measure recruiting success in just 1 year but in consistency over the period of 3-4 years. There will be years when your numbers will be down a little because you don't have the scholarships to give. You would like to bring in 18-20 high quality recruits every year rather that wild swings of 28-30 when you're trying to play catch up. You also measure a class by how you addressed your specific needs. For instance, Florida could have used another receiver or two, but picked up a top WR in Debose. Tennessees recruiting rankings were greatly enhanced by the 2 late running backs they added but their greatest need was still at QB and they got none. So, who addressed needs better? And with all that, rankings are very subjective with rankings that vary between the so called "gurus". Bottom line is we won't know for a couple of years.

Keffin is the new kid on the block with lots of playing time available. He could promise the world to these players. We will see what happens in 2011. His father will retire and Tennessee will still be mediocre. Brice Brown will prove to be a cancer to the rest of the team. I do not see Tenn as a real threat in the SEC. Shannon had more time with this kid than any other coach and he walked away from the situation. That should tell you alot.

Kiffin and his staff did a great job in a shorter amount of time. What you didn't mention is that in the 2 other recruiting services ESPN and Scout FLA is ahead of Tenn. So instead of saying Tenn is ahead of FLA in one you should have said that FLA was actually ahead in two others. Anyway, Tenn surprisingly did well this recruiting season, lots of positions open... I hope the Gators drill Lame Kitten in the swamp this season.. Should be fun.

Well said Dave.

Great posting name StormDebris! Is that a shot at opponents or a shot at your own team? Given the struggles at UM, I'll assume it's a knock on your own program.

Did UM "pull" his schollie? It depends on how you define pull. They didn't "re-offer" which may be viewed as pulling it. Bryce was done with UM long before that occurred so I think it was more of a de-commit case. Either way, the kid is a punk.

It's insulting when these kids say, "I really haven't decided. I'm just going to look at my options and pray." When a recruit plays the pray card you know he's jacking you around. Brown probably "saw the light" in his 11th hour conversations with Kiffin.

I seriously hope a wave of criticism engulfs this kid so that future recruits will see how you DON'T handle your recruitment.

UT is shaky at QB. This year they have Crompton and Stephens. Neither of those guys would make 3rd string at UF. They didn't recruit a QB in this cycle either. Defenses will cheat against the run when playing UT as those guys don't throw very well. They relied heavily on RB Arian Foster in 08 and he's gone. They are very thin at tailback. It will be fun to watch them pin their hopes on true freshmen Bryce Brown and Nuke.

As for UM and Brown...semantics, in my opinion.


Wow, this happened about three weeks ago. Must be a slow new day.

I don't think Rivals rankings count as news.


I love Bryce saying he "got the sign" from above. Whatever his reasons, I wish him well. He's a young man who I believe has been lead around by this mentor person. I hope he finds success. As for UM I just want to see what the players we have on roster can do.

Bryce definitley got a sign. Just not from above. He got this sign:


I give tennessee a little credit for a descent class, not bad.
Did they sign any quality offensive/defensive linemen?
Ever since Coach Meyer took over, he has recruited some of the best lineman in the country.
It starts up front and if you are soft in that area, goodluck.
Maurkice Pouncey will be a first round pick, he has all pro quality to him, along with his brother Mike.

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