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University of Florida football player arrested

GAINESVILLE -- University of Florida football player Marquis Hannah, a graduate of Miami Carol City, was arrested at 5 p.m. on Friday for allegedly forcing his way into a Gainesville apartment and punching a man in the face.

Hannah Hannah, who spent the night in the Alachua County Jail, was charged with two counts: a second-degree felony for unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling and a first-degree misdemeanor for battery. Hannah, who will be a redshirt junior next season, tore the anterior-cruciate ligament in his knee in 2008 and sat out the national championship football season. Listed as a scout-team running back, Hannah joined the Gators football team in 2007 as a walk-on.

Hannah was a captain of the Miami Carol City Chiefs football team in 2005 and was selected to the Miami-Dade County all-star team following a senior season that earned him a spot on The Miami Herald's All County second-team defense. In January, Hannah was selected to the Southeastern Conference Academic Honor roll. He is majoring in criminology.

University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer was unavailable for comment on Friday night. Hannah dressed for one game during his one healthy season with the Gators.

According to jail records, Hannah allegedly knocked on an apartment door at 1000 SW 62nd Blvd. -- The District on 62nd apartment complex -- at 4 p.m. on Friday and then pushed his way inside the apartment once the door had been opened by a female occupant. Once inside the apartment, Hannah began yelling at two females "that they needed to talk," according to Gainesville police. The commotion awoke a man, who had been sleeping in the apartment's bedroom. The man walked into the living area of the apartment and began questioning why his girlfriend was being accosted.

At this time, Hannah allegedly struck the man in the face, according to police records. The victim then grabbed Hannah and pulled him outside of the apartment. According to jail records, Hannah told police post-Miranda that the male victim first bumped Hannah in the chest before the fighting ensued.



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"He gone."

Here's a bus ticket back to Dade County fella. You're not Gator material.


This guy has never played a down in 3 years. Jo if you want to be a reporter check how many games he's actually dressed out at.

As far as Hannah, most likely he dated (or hooked up) with one of these girls who now has another boyfriend. Its not random. Kid may have anger issues but this doesn't make him a criminal.

I wrote that he was a walk-on and on the scout team. Doesn't that cover the whole who-cares factor that you seemed to be concerned about? He dressed for the Troy game in 2007.


Adam and Lift,

So, you guys don't think Hannah will be given the John Brown/Torrey Davis/Jamar Hornsby/Derrick Harvey/Dallas Baker/Tony Joiner treatment?


Forced entry. Assault.

Honestly Jo, If it was Tebow or Deonte or Hernandez I would say the same thing.

I have ZERO patience for violent people. At minimum Hannah needs to clean out his locker and cease all contact with the team until he is adjudicated. Same goes for the stars.

I was instantly suspicious about the Carl Johnson case since there were red flags right out of the gate. Maybe I should withhold judgement of Hannah until he receives due process.

This case will boil down to 3 (number of apartment occupants listed) against 1.

He'll probably be able to plead out to a misdemeanor.

If he were to plead guilty and perform substantial community service in the domestic violence arena, display squeaky clean behavior, and spend several months in the pit then he could stay on the team. Same goes for the stars.

If he were to plead guilty and perform substantial community service in the domestic violence arena, display squeaky clean behavior, and spend several months in the pit then he could stay on the team. Same goes for the stars.

Posted by: 13-1LiftTheTrophy | April 25, 2009 at 10:18 AM

Several months in the pit????? Is the pit jail, or prison??? Surely you do not mean some sand pit where student athletes workout!

It's funny how "Loss of Institutional Control" does not apply to criminal offenses! We're not talking about "isolated" incidents anymore. Players are taking money from boosters, players are raging on 'roids, players are committing FELONY assault, AK's, Weed, theft, etc.

My God do we dare to look at class attendance or grades?

If it turns out he's falsely accused and not guilty? I hope he does get the treatment of the previous players and is allowed to work his way back.

But it is quite hard to defend B&E and assault where it is rarely one person's word against another's. Nevertheless, we'll see how it unfolds.

And, BTW, grouping all those guys together - bad form. They all had individual, differing issues.

Adam, I was reading the thread from yesterday, and all the kid is trying to say is that the money for stadium improvements could be put to better use. This state is in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the depression. It just looks bad!

I also do not agree that students should be paying a sports stipend, in addition to the normal fees that are already assessed. It's either self-sufficient, or it's not! I'm pretty sure the UAA has also accepted several large grants from the Federal Government over the years.

It does appear that the president has no control over the AD, or the UAA. Theoretically the university could go broke, while the UAA is still solvent. As unlikely as this scenario is, it does raise several disturbing issues about how and why this arm of the university allocates money.

The UAA cannot "give" the university what it already owns!

If it turns out he's falsely accused and not guilty? I hope he does get the treatment of the previous players and is allowed to work his way back.

Posted by: Adam S. | April 25, 2009 at 10:55 AM

I'm glad I do not have to make those decisions! I mean when we send our kid's off to school, one of our primary expectations is that they are relatively safe!

There has to be a system where you can remove a violent suspect from campus, and if he is found not guilty, that he be given back his playing time! Because playing time is what this is all about. If this happened while the student was still in High School, the district would immediately remove the suspect until the case was adjudicated.

Goodman, I love how you don't mention that the kid is a non-scholarship player untill the third paragraph.... you are a joke... i love how u are trying to always make the gators look bad.... u know what goodman, go 2 hell.

-urban meyer didn't recruit this kid, the kid tried out for the football team, ran fast, jumped high, so he made the scout team.... no risk there... but make meyer look like a bad guy...

goodman, ur a punk.

Adam, they were all given a second (and sometimes third and fourth) chance. They all have that in common. That's the only point I was trying to make.


as far as your

"you guys don't think Hannah will be given the John Brown/Torrey Davis/Jamar Hornsby/Derrick Harvey/Dallas Baker/Tony Joiner treatment?" comment.... goodman, of course a walkon is going to be treated differently then a scholarship player that can help you win games and maybe had a future to play this game for a living at the next level... kicking of this hannah kid and making him a full time student wont hurt his future..

Also, what the hell would u do if u were a college football head coach? never give a kid a second chance? treat your best players and worse players the same and just kick them all off the team? YOU WOULD BE A PRETTY AWFUL COACH GOODMAN....

Then again, i see why u write blogs and newspaper articles for a living...


Then again, i see why u write blogs and newspaper articles for a living...


Posted by: Marcus | April 25, 2009 at 11:18 AM

Lighten up! A blogger can have an opinion, a reporter should not!


You're complaint seems pretty ridiculous. The kid is a walk-on and I wrote that. Scholarship, non-scholarship, the university does not make a distinction between the two when it calculates statistics such as team GPA and graduation rates. Ever look at a football roster? No mention of who's on scholarship and who is not.

If I were a head coach, I would certainly give players second and third chances. I have written this opinion several times on this blog. As for being a reporter, I write for a living simply for the fact that I love to write. It has nothing to do with sports. My blog comments oftentimes interject my opinion. The articles I write for the paper are objective for the most part. Every article is going to have some kind of slant or opinion, but I won't get into the semantics of journalism theory here on this sports blog.

And, Marcus, I don't believe in hell, but I hope you go to heaven.


dude, i live at the district on 62nd apartments
last year the police tracked a nickle who was waving a gun on campus back to these same apartments
i guess thats what i get when i choose my apartments based on the cheapest prices
I live in a sea of ignorant nickles

Goodman, how did u find out about this kid getting arrested?

Just by doing my job, Marcus. Secrets of the pros...I would thoroughly enjoy reading your theories, though.


Gatoralum, I am well-aware of the point the guy was trying to make. Of course $8M is better spent on teachers than the stadium. But it is not UF that is giving the UAA $8M to build said jumbotron, they are doing it with money they raised for the athletic department. Therefore, it is tough to find the UAA at fault for not just handing over $8M more to the university when they are already giving them $6M, more than twice the normal contribution.

Be honest, Americans don't really need those big-screen TVS in their living rooms. They could always spend the money on books and mental enrichment, but where's the fun in that.


Do u ride your bike to the police station everyday hoping that a gator athlete is in trouble with the law so u can rite a bias story?

my guess is yes.


Don't listen to this Marcus dude. He obviously doesn't understand the distinction between your blogs and articles.

Everyone, including Jo, is entitled to an opinion, Marcus. If you didn't want to read about a Gator payer being arrested, you could have seen the title and avoided the blog.

For the record, the blog entry about Hannah's arrest was not an opinion piece. Comments to friends on the blog, however, were opinions.


Yes, I ride a bike (Marin) around Gainesville and never drive. It's my contribution to our environment. Come to think of it, it troubles me that you actually know that I ride a bike around G'ville.


I know who u are goodman, and I dont like u. U think u run sh1t. Like switching ur herald press seat with others b4 every basketball game to have a better seat... (yes im a UF student).

BTW, i figured u would b "green freak". ugh

Obviously, you know who I am...

I actually move my press seat DOWN press row, which is away from the center of the court. That would be moving for a worse seat, technically. I do this to sit next to a friend.


Joseph Goodman,

I am also a UF student, and I can honestly say being from Miami, I think you do a good job!

I'm not sure what Marcus is talking about but I have always liked reading your material.

I am a pretty frequent reader of your Herald Articles (not so frequent to your blog) [sorry] but I never post comments. The reason that I am posting this comment is because I don't want you to think that this one 'Marcus' guy is a reflection of all UF students.

A couple of my good highschool friends from Miami are now fortunate enough to be freshman at UF this summer (they are big gators) and they tell me they always bring the sports section to school and read it during 1st period. They always hope that there is some gator news that they can get their hands on.

Anyways, sorry for the long post but I believe you should know that 1 bad apple shouldn't ruin the whole bunch.

Keep up the good work and know that people still read the paper in Miami!!!



Glad to hear you're a cyclist Goody. My business is 20 miles from my home so cycling to work isn't really a practical option. I have been a cyclist for over 20 years, some of them competitive, so I applaud you. I ride a Merlin road frame and a Specialized M2 off road frame.

In our society of laziness it's always nice to see people who aren't scared of sweating. I gravitate towards friends with fitness lifestyles.

I think some people assume that because you are a Herald employee, you must be a UM fan in disguise. I don't get it. It's probably more likely a case of jealousy with regard to Marcus. Or its even more likely that you said something he strongly disagrees with so he projects his personal shortcomings onto you. Go figure.

Marcus, understand that a blog, while it does report news, is also an outlet for opinion. It's okay for you to disagree with Jo's opinions. But you clearly have some personal issues with him as well. It would probably help you Marcus if you realized that not one word Jo prints changes anything.

Great job on the blogaroni Jo Baloney.

Justin and Lift,

Thanks for the good words. Commuting by bike in South Florida is not an option for many. Although ... riding a few miles to the tri-rail might be doable.

For example, I used to live off Hollywood Blvd. I wonder if I could have ridden my bike to the tri-rail station, then take the train all the way to Miami, then takent the mobile mover to One Herald Plaza on the bay? Does the mobile mover connect to the tri-rail? Don't get me started on public transportation in South Florida...


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