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Florida Gators preseason No.1; PLUS: Are the Miami recruiting floodgates about to open?

GAINESVILLE -- It should come as no surprise that ESPN columnist Mark Schlabach ranked the Florida Gators his preseason No.1 on Friday. Here's what Schlabach wrote about the Gators:

With 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tebow and all 11 starters coming back on defense, the Gators are clearly the team to beat this season. Linebacker Brandon Spikes and perhaps the most talented secondary in the country lead what should be a ferocious defense. Tebow will take more snaps from under center, and coach Urban Meyer is determined to make him a more polished passer. Tight end Aaron Hernandez emerged as a big playmaker during the spring, and Carl Moore and Deonte Thompson's consistent play alleviated some of the anxiety about losing speedy receiver Percy Harvin to the NFL draft. Florida plays eight of its 12 games in the Sunshine State, but road games at LSU on Oct. 10 and at South Carolina on Nov. 14 are potential stumbling blocks.


The No.11 Gators' baseball team clinched the SEC East on Thursday night with a win against Kentucky.

The No.1 Gators softball team, a No.1 seed in the NCAA softball tournament, host a regional qualifying tournament beginning on Friday. Florida takes on Florida A&M at 6 p.m. while Texas A&M faces Lehigh at 3:30. The Gators lost to Texas A&M in the College Softball World Series last season.

Former Florida Gators quarterback Cam Newton might be interested in transferring to Tennessee in 2011, according to this blog. Newton will play at a Texas junior college this fall.

Former Florida Gators defensive tackle John Brown recently transferred to Northeast Mississippi Community College, apparently hoping to get his grades in order before returning to the Football Bowl Subdivision in 2011.

Former Gators basketball player Allan Chaney is headed to Virginia Tech.

According to Rivals.com, a pair of Miami Booker T. Washington football players are high on the Florida Gators and could be committing soon. Defensive end Lynden Trail is a 6-7, 220-pound pass rusher, who is rated by Rivals as one of the nation's top 250 recruits. Receiver Quinton Dunbar (6-3, 170 pounds) is also strongly considering the Gators. Dunbar, another Rivals.com 250 member, recently de-committed from the Miami Hurricanes.

Another receiver with Miami roots, Kenbrell Thompkins of Torrance (Cali.) El Camino Community College, is close to committing to the Gators. Thompkins (6-3, 190 pounds) played high school football at Miami Northwestern before moving out west to get his grades in order. Thompkins' younger brother, Kendall, is a freshman wide receiver for the Miami Hurricanes.



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Thanks for the recruiting info, was wondering when the train was gonna start rolling again!

Seriously why would you go to Miami? Miami is a team of the past, with a garbage head coach who will be fired within the next two years.
Florida has moved into being the top team in the country and has taken the throne from USC. Florida has the best college football coach in the country, the best stadium, some of the best facilities, crazy fans, hot women all over that campus, and they play in the best conference in the country. They get national exposure and dont show up on ESPNU every week like some other Florida teams.
One day someone else will take the throne from Florida but not anytime soon. This school will be one of the most dominant college football programs ever during this time period that Urban Meyer is head football coach.

Tommy Tuberville to Miami. You read it here first...


I'd be happy to see them land Tubs. Bring an end to that coaching charade they have going on down there. What kind of salary can Tubs negotiate? They don't exactly throw cash around down there.

Even though the guy won championships as a coordinator at UM, his head coaching has all been SEC. It wouldn't surprise me to see an SEC school throw big bucks at him and win him over.

Tubs was at UM pre-ACC affiliation. I doubt he really cares about the "prowess" of the ACC.

Good to see you getting back to blogging, Jo, was worried you'd been caught up in the Meyer-Matthews/Spurrier carnage.

Tubs to /miami has been speculated since the day he "left" Auburn. Were I an ACC school fan, that would worry me.

Positive Gator Karma Everywhere! Can't wait till the guys "Get it On".....a smash mouth defense to go with a unique Offense...this should be fun to sit back with a shot or two or...of Patron and a XXs and let the good times roll. Yes, the Gators will fall at some point...best guess is when Urban goes pro (and fails) in about 5yrs. Until then...ROCK ON

"Carl Moore and Deonte Thompson's consistent play"??
Consistently average

How about some coverage of the Gators winning the All Sports SEC Trophy for men's, women's and overall categories?
Surely The Herald can spare some ink for that, yes?

Read this aricle in Gatorsports.com

UF sweeps SEC All-Sports

Brian W. Kratzer/The Gainesville Sun "It's something we take a lot of pride in," said Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley. "Everybody knows what a good league the SEC is. To win that trophy, it's something all our athletes and coaches are trilled about, and so am I."

By Pat Dooley
Sun sports writer

Published: Monday, May 18, 2009 at 12:56 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, May 18, 2009 at 7:07 p.m.
It's a sweep.

And it's not even close.

The Florida athletic program has won the SEC All-Sports Trophy for the 19th time in the past 22 years. The New York Times Regional Newspaper Group has awarded trophies to the men's, women's and overall champions since 1995 when the league decided to stop presenting an award.

Florida easily outdistanced second-place Georgia in the overall standings, compiling 162.50 points to Georgia's 133.50 in 16 sports. The Gators won six SEC titles in the 2008-09 school year -- football, soccer, women's outdoor track and field, women's swimming and diving, volleyball and softball.

Points are awarded based on each sports' finish in conference play with 12 going to the first-place team. Each school's total points are divided by the number of sports. This is Florida's ninth sweep of the three categories -- overall, men's and women's.

It's the 16th win for the women's program and 13th for the men's.

"I'm very, very proud of our coaches and student-athletes," said Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley. "It was a very, very good year for the Gators. Again, that's a testimony to our coaches and their athletes.

"It's something we take a lot of pride in. Everybody knows what a good league the SEC is. To win that trophy, it's something all our athletes and coaches are trilled about, and so am I."

LSU finished third in the overall competition with Tennessee fourth and Auburn fifth.

Florida's men scored 70 points in seven sports for a 10.0 average while LSU was second at 8.21. In the women's sports, Florida had an average of 10.28 compared to second-place Tennessee's 9.06 average.

Florida is the only SEC school to win all three titles in one season.

Don't know if anyone noticed but I hope scUM fans did.... Meyer is open to playing Cryami twice every four years.


Arkansas 8
Florida 5


Wait, Wait, Wait. Isn't it time for some supposed "miami fan" to chime in about 5 championships?

Don't U hear the distant past calling? I do.

I would think most of the 30 year old miami fans on this post are grandparents already so in that light I can see it now...."son, once upon a time we had a football team....."

Wait, Wait, Wait. Isn't it time for some supposed "miami fan" to chime in about 5 championships?

Posted by: Gator92 | May 20, 2009 at 09:24 PM

Actually UM has 9 National Championship's!

LOL. OK you win....

aww you guys do hate miami the most dont you? its ok, we hate you too. admit it, you want to play us every year. that would rock.

Yes you are right on both counts. At the moment I do hate miami most, although tenessee is making a very strong case...

I would love to see Florida play miami each year. That being said I don't think its feasable. Lets face it, fianacially both programs need as many home games as they can get (which is the real bottom line) and neither school will be helped by playing the other each year in terms of national aspirations.

But before you miami fans launch into the "coward" maneuver, think of this. miami is strugeling in its own conference right now. miami is relatively new to confernce play. Are the two fact unrelated....I'm not so sure.

The better question might be, do you really want to play us every year? I think at this point you will get the worst of it, but in any case it will hurt our schools finacially and in terms of schedule.

All vitriol aside, think about it.....

at the moment, it feels to me like miami and florida have a seriously heated, but much more unspoken rivalry. the financial issue does suck though, i just think theres a whole lot of lingering tension between miami and florida. It made this season's game and the weeks leading up a lotta fun. So much trash was being talked at my school, and me and my dad could feel the electricity and the tension right from our living room. And it was a great game. I really don't think that we hung in there just because of bad playcalling by you guys, our defense was playing waaaay beyond their years. And the fact is that when a game gets that hyped and both teams get that fired up, strange things can happen. Which brings me to the reason why yeah, i really do want us to play every year. really. We probably would get the worst of it this year, but college football works in cycles. you guys got the worst of it in '03. we probably would have gotten the worst of it in '96. All vitriol aside, is it so hard to admit that miami is on the rise and has a good chance to win the acc this year plus be a national contender in '10? is it really that hard? I guess it is. Just like its hard for me to admit that you guys are the best playing the game right now. but its the truth, both statements.

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