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Florida Gators recruiting target commits elsewhere

GAINESVILLE -- Offensive lineman Jawaun James of Suwannee North Gwinnett (Ga.) High recently committed to the University of Alabama. The 6-6, 293-pound senior, projected as an offensive tackle in college, visited the University of Florida this spring and was one of the Gators' top recruiting targets of the 2010 recruiting class.

For a link to the always-updated Gator Clause Recruiting Big Board, CLICK ME! We'll update the Big Board throughout the summer, so check back often. Replacing James on the Big Board's "top-priority" Jawuanjames list is Tampa Catholic offensive lineman Chaz Green (6-6, 290 pounds.)

Here's a picture of James taken by the good folks at Rivals.com. I guess I'm out of touch with the latest teenaged fashions. Can someone explain to me what the heck is on James' neck?

ANYWAY, the story about UF coach Urban Meyer's ill-informed comments regarding the Auburn Tigers' limousine charade won't seem to go away.

(This is what happens when there's nothing else to write about, I guess.) AJC columnist Tony Barnhart chimed in with his opinion on the subject.

Meanwhile, Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky questioned Meyer's recent comments about former UF quarterback Shane Matthews, who was critical of UF's offense during the first half of the 2008 football season. Anyone have any thoughts on the Meyer-Matthews saga? Is it even comparable to the dust up between new Auburn football coach Gene Chizik and former AU kicker Al Del Greco, who is now Tiger-prowl_feature a prominent radio personality in the Birmingham market?

[Look at the size of that limo! Is Auburn football trying to compensate for something?]

It seems a bit odd that Meyer is still hung up on Matthews' comments, which were aimed at former UF offensive coordinator Dan Mullen. Meyer demands loyalty from everyone surrounding the Gators' program. This is understandable to a point, but Meyer's beef gets a little flimsy when the subject of the bickering (Dan Mullen) wasn't loyal enough to stick around in Gainesville.

Mullen has a job to do, right? Well, so does Matthews. He's a radio talk-show host. I do know this, Matthews will forever be a Florida Gator. Will Meyer? If so, then Meyer and Matthews should kiss and make up. In the end, they're both going to be remembered in the UF football museum as two people who helped build Gators football into a national power.



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Mullen took a head coaching gig at an SEC school, granted a lower-tier one. He also helped Meyer win three BCS games, two SEC titles and two national titles. Meyer stands up for him and is criticized for doing so? Matthews *was* great, he *knew* about offense. Now? He should leave it to the professionals still on the field.

That being said, neither needs to apologize. They just need to put it under the bridge and move on. Dooley, though, should be apologizing.

Just playing the devil's advocate on this one. It's all nonsense, if you ask me. Matthews predicted that Florida would lose to Ole Miss and it actually happened. I think Meyer was more upset about that than anything.


Probably true.

Non Issue as there are disagreements in evry family. Getting tired of the Auburn non story.

I don't think Meyer has a problem with people disagreeing with offensive decisions/philosophy, it's the fact that Matthews publicly voices his opinion over the airwaves in Gainesville. Former players are considered like part of the team and staff, actually Terry Jackson is part of the staff. The number one rule in any business, team, family, organization, etc should always be to keep your disagreements private. I understand that it is Matthews job to talk football, but being publicly critical of a Heisman trophy winner and a coach who has already racked up 2 BCS trophies is not only poor form, its stupid.

I don't like the fact that Meyer even pays attention to what Matthews says. Mullen and his offensive play calling had limitations despite the massive talent differential UF had over certain teams. Two exceptionally bad games that come to mind were Auburn 07 and Miami 08. Generally Mullen called better games when UF was equal to an opponent or an underdog. In those situations the offense was more diverse and didn't play with a first goal of not to make a mistake. That usually coinciding with Tebow-Harvin-TT-Harvin scripts. Mississippi was an easy team to target as a game UF would not be up for. Shane Matthews is a Gator. Dan Mullen is a Bulldog. I don't know about kiss and make up but Meyer needs to stop blowing a small thing out of proportion. Seems as if he's trying to control Gator Nation group though. Urban is only saying what he's said because of the great passion he has to support his players and coaches. And that passion is WHY the people in the program who BUY IN to Coach and his program and will fight to the death for him. Big time LOYALTY. His flaw (IMO) in this case is his greatest strength in totality and we couldn't ask for a better HBC leading the Gators.

Good post, koclassic

Great post koclassic. But I disagree with you on playcalling. I think that Mullen/Meyer didn't show much creativity against UM because UT & LSU & UGA were lurking right around the corner. Why give SEC opponents film that will help them prepare to play you. And while the team didn't seem to get much going until late against UM, the Gators won going away and didn't tip anything to conference opponents in the process. As a result UM also thinks they played better in that game than they really did.

i think a lot of people are taking out what meyer said completely out of context. . .here's what i took meyer to say

if you want to be around this program and involved we dont need negativety around. . .if you want to be negative and criticise our players and coaches you need to go somewhere else. . .why is this a bad thing??? the coaches are paid to criticise the players and make them better anyone else coming into the program is just white noise distracting the players. . .and meyer is there to criticise his coaches and make sure they are improving at their job. . .people like shane matthews who yes is paid to have his opinion on the radio but is not paid to have his opinion around the program and if meyer feels like that is or could have a negative affect on the team then he has a right to tell them he doesnt want them around and why would he???

another thing i think we're missing is we're assuming that the matthews comments are the ONLY reason he has said this. . .there could be numerous of instances in house with matthews or any other players and we just dont know about it. . .we're just automatically going to matthews comments because those are the only we know about. . .

it just sounds like to me the meyer wants his coaches coaching his players and him running his staff and that previous players need to just support the program and be a part of it

My wife informed me that Jawaun James was "definitely wearing a dog collar. That's something 'emo' kids do. It doesn't make any sense that he's wearing it."

As for Meyer, my wife says "stitches for my snitches." Very clever, that girl.


It's not a dog collar. It's an army camouflage lanyard badge turned behind his back for a photo taken at one of the combines or camps. If you peruse through the Rivals profile photos enough you'll see a lot of them.

That makes much more sense. Something told me that Jawaun James wasn't emo.


How many UF fans does it take to recognize a lanyard?

hmm i'm pretty sure we actually did play extremely well against you guys. the gator play calls weren't killing you guys early, they didnt have much to do with it. our defensive line was playin serious. we had a couple sacks on tebow, one of which came from sean spence. tebow wasnt comfortable in the pocket. bill young threw different looks at the o-line and they couldnt get a lock on us. our offense stalled a lot, but we were moving the ball. and sean spence was playing like a monster. and that was a hard hitting, great game.

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