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Harvin hospitalized, misses Day 1 of minicamp

Harvin mug By Mike McCall

UPDATE: The St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting that Percy Harvin has been hospitalized in Atlanta for "extreme dehydration." According to the story, Harvin was en route to Minnesota for minicamp when he started vomiting in the Atlanta airport and was admitted to a hospital.

The illness caused Harvin to miss the first day of Minnesota's mandatory minicamp, and even if it's a totally legit situation, it's not the best way for him to start his career off. I don't want to talk down about Harvin until I know the whole story, but this is reminiscent of the whole migraine headache crisis in 2007 that has been called into question lately.

If Harvin is somehow at fault here, this is about the worst possible way to start his career that I can think of. There was the whole drug test mess, but the Vikes still took him in the first round, so I'd expect him to be a choir boy for a while. I can't imagine he'd do anything stupid to land himself in the hospital right now, so I'll hold my judgment until the facts come out.

You have to hope he's able to recover quickly and make a solid impression at minicamp. He has the potential to be a huge asset for Minnesota, and after the media firestorm he was caught in pre-Draft, he could use a quiet few months.

Also, on the headline of that story, what do you think of the phrase "controversial Percy Harvin?" It's clear he's being regarded with some suspicion still, as is probably clear in what I just wrote.


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