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Tim Tebow, Phil Mickelson on the golf course this morning

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow played 18 holes at a Jacksonville golf course this morning with another famous lefty, golfer Phil Mickelson.

Mickelson is in Jacksonville for the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass. He practiced at an off-site course on Wednesday morning and asked Tebow to join him. Last summer, Tebow participated in several charity golf events, including one for ESPN, and told me afterwards that a few of his drives went over 350 yards.

--Earlier Wednesday morning, the Florida governor's office announced that Tebow has been named a co-chair to the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness -- a savvy political move by Charlie Crist, if you ask me.

Former Tampa Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks and Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller are also on the fitness council. The governor's office introduced the council two years ago to promote health and fitness.



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Check out my twitter if you want to see video of Tebow driving it...pretty impressive...


Link to Adam's twitter to link to the Tebow video.

I see what you did there.

How bad is it going to look if the truth comes out about Tim Te-Roid's steroid use!

Just look at his square-shaped, deformed head... That is the # 1 symptom of excessive steroid use

Steroids? Tebow comes from Krypton. J-Rod, do you need a quick lesson in comic-book physiology?


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