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Florida Gators add a pair of receivers recruits but top lineman picks UGA

GAINESVILLE -- The University of Florida football team welcomed two more commitments into the program earlier in the week. Stephen Alli, a receiver from Andover, N.H., and Solomon Patton, a receiver from Mobile, Ala., are UF's 14th and 15th commitments for the class of 2010.

Alli, a 6-5, 203-pound receiver, attended Florida's football camp and impressed coaches enough to earn a scholarship offer. Alli committed to the Gators despite previous scholarship offers from Boston College, Rutgers and Connecticut. Alli only had 13 receptions as a junior but seven of those receptions were for touchdowns.

Patton, more widely known than Alli, is a 5-10, 175-pound receiver from Mobile (Ala.) Murphy High. He too attended Florida's camp last week and committed to UF despite offers from schools closer to his home, including Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Ole Miss and Southern Miss.

While the Gators picked up commitments from a pair of out-of-state prospects, the University of Georgia received a commitment from one of the Sunshine State's top offensive lineman. Brent Benedict of Jacksonville Bolles committed to the Bulldogs on Monday. Benedict is one of the nation's highest-rated offensive tackles, according to Rivals.com. Georgia now has commitments from four Floridians.



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Gators got another commitment, too. You on vacation, jo? (Not being an ass, seriously asking...haven't seen many updates recently and was curious?)

http://twitter.com/onlygators - Florida #Gators receive commitment No. 15 from ATH Travon Van (San Diego). UF beat out Miami #Hurricanes & USC #Trojans for his services.

Van was originally part of the Class of 2009
the 5-foot-11, 190-pound prospect is expected to attend Milford Academy (New Berlin, N.Y.) this fall and enroll at Florida in January 2010

Jo, I know not current or relevant, but what ever happened to Taurean Charles after getting kicked out of UF, going to Bethune and not getting drafted, I was reminded of him because tonight at the Miami Historical Museum they are showing 'The Year of the Bull' the documentary film that followed Charles for his senior year at Miami Northwestern high school

I don't know if this guy(Van) is going to play offense, he has one of the sickest highlight tapes i've seen in years. He looks better than Mack B. or any of the backs were after, maybe not Seastrunk.

Yeah, he may play CB...but he excelled as a WR in high school.

Charles should have moved to DE if he wanted to play in the NFL. BCC tried but T wanted no part of it.

Hey gayturds....I hear Urban the Prison Warden has allowed his convicts to take some off time for the first few weeks of summer, is that true?

Alli (inmate #300098745) and Patton (inmate #298764000) reporting for roll call sir!!!!

Let's see, it's 1 am and you are trolling a gator board making stupid comments. Pathetic, even more pathetic than your football team.

ko, not sure if he could have played DE in the NFL, coming out of high school he was listed at 6'3", now listed at 6'1"


Been in Washington D.C./Northern Virginia/Southern Maryland for a week. Cousin getting married, visiting family, etc...


That is what I figured...you usually update more often.

Happy with recruiting so far. We need 2-3 more quality recievers because with what we are losing after this year a couple will have to step up mighty early. Also need a couple of D linemen.

Hey Reptilian Rhapsody maybe Urban the Prison Warden can work something out with the Florida Department of Corrections to get you a few receivers and a defensive tackle....

LOL!!!! Welcome to Florida Gators football home of the Prison Work Release Program.....hahahahaha

Gators Looking For A Bail Out?

By now I am sure that most of you have already heard about all of the police reports and public accounts of the arrests of Florida Gator football players over the last five years. What you haven't heard is how they made bail or were able to secure expensive legal representation for their legal problems. But no need to rush ahead, we will get back to that later.

Before we get the all of the sordid details, lets take a step back from the frey. When you talk about the Florida Gators no conversation ends without the mention of the Gators greatest player, the now legendary quarterback TimTebow.

So, as it turns out, the Pope was unable to attend the NBA playoffs but he did manage to get his official designee, the honorary Tim Tebow, courtside seats to the Orlando Magic home game. It is good to be king! Or at least friends with people in high places. Very high places.

You see young Timmy, who has been described as the ultimate leader, the occasional preacher and sometimes circumciser was able to squeeze the game in while his Gator teammates were out there running wild in the streets.

Yes, while the Gators' "style and profile" arrest number had been hovering around 24, the new number of Gator arrests or "incidents" appears to have landed firmly at 27 (for now). At least according to Ben Volin at The Palm Beach Post's "Gator Bytes" blog who today posted this:

"We always strive for accuracy here at Gator Bytes, and in the sake of fairness, it is only proper that we clarify the actual number of police incidents that have involved Florida football players since Urban Meyer came to town in December 2004.

While the universally-accepted number has been 24 “incidents” — arrests, sworn complaints, etc. in which charges were actually filed — a little research has turned up three more incidents, pushing the number to 27 (until we find more)."

Then there are these insightful and seemingly incredible comments coming from Mike Bianchi (surprise of all places) inside of the designated Gator safety zone of the Orlando Sentinel:

"And does anybody believe fans at Florida State and Miami wouldn't trade a few arrests for Meyer's national titles? Coach Bobby Bowden at FSU has only had 13 arrests in four years. Coach Randy Shannon at Miami has only had 2. Both of those coaches are on the hot seat because they don't win like Meyer wins.

The Gators won the 2006 national title mainly with defense, and perhaps the most dominant player on that team was defensive tackle Marcus Thomas, who broke multiple team rules before finally being booted off the team late in the season.

The Gators won the 2009 national title mainly with offense and perhaps the most talented offensive player was Percy Harvin, who was suspended from competition during his senior season in high school because of anger issues. Harvin managed to somehow stay out trouble and remain eligible at Florida, but when he recently decided to turn pro he immediately failed an NFL drug test. Presumably, those tests were easier to pass at UF (or did he have a tutor take them for him?

Are all of Florida's arrests over the last four years serious crimes? Not at all. There is the usual array of alcohol-related collegiate antics. But there are also nine felonies. That's unfathomable, especially for a coach who came to Florida and bragged that UF would recruit "only the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent." Who knew Meyer was talking about the top 1 percent of America's Most Wanted.

And now we know why Tim Tebow is so skillful when he goes to prisons and preaches to inmates during the offseason. He gets plenty of practice — in UF's own huddle."

So now let's track where the courtside seats, the bail money and the cash flow for the extensive legal representation costs for each of these cases...oh, wait, I am being told that maybe, just maybe we shouldn't go there. They have won National Championships and we should look the other way?

Does any more really need to be said? I don't think so...

No Canes, If we were gonna do that we would just go after your recruits and save the paperwork!!!

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