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Janoris Jenkins fights off Taser but, alas, is arrested

GAINESVILLE -- UF cornerback Janoris Jenkins was arrested on Saturday for fighting and resisting arrest. But let's not focus on the negative. There is something positive to take away from this incident, the football team's third arrest of 2009 and 24th arrest in the last five years.

We all knew Jenkins was tough, but -- man -- the guy must have the pain tolerence of a Himalayan yak. Jenkins was hit by a Taser on Saturday morning but still had the strength to fight through the electricity and briefly run away from the cops. Now that is exactly the type of warrior you need to win two national championships in two seasons. Florida coach Urban Meyer should recruit as many kids cut from the Janoris Jenkins mold as possible. (Minus the off-field problems, of course.)

OK, OK. Enough already with the cheeky blog stuff ...

According to police reports, Jenkins was asked by Gainesville police to stop participating in a brawl involving several men early Saturday morning outside a downtown Gainesville nightclub. Jenkins did not stop. Instead, he punched a man in the head, according to police, and chose the Taser. Jenkins was booked into Alachua County Jail at 3:05 a.m. but only spent a few hours behind bars. He was bonded out early Saturday morning.

A spokesman for the Florida football team said that the Florida coaching staff is aware of the incident and awaiting an investigation. The spokesman would not confirm whether or not Jenkins will be kicked off the team or suspended.

Gainesville criminal defense attorney Huntley Johnson, who will be representing Jenkins, said on Monday afternoon that Jenkins became involved in the brawl only after he attempted to break up the fight early Saturday morning around 2 a.m. Gainesville's bars close down at 2 a.m. and fights are not uncommon in downtown Gainesville when hundreds of drunks pour into the streets all at the same time.

According to Johnson, one of the men involved in the fight grabbed a gold chain around Jenkins' neck. Fearing the man was attempting to choke him or steal his jewelry, Jenkins punched his attacker in self-defense, according to his attorney.

"I believe he was acting in self defense and I do not think the state attorney's office will be overly anxious to prosecute this case," Johnson said. "It is an incident of small consequence. I don't think he was trying to instigate anything. Unfortunately, he was the guy the Taser hit."

After being hit by the Taser, Jenkins ran about a block and half before voluntarily laying on the ground, according to Jenkins' attorney, and awaiting his arrest. 

Johnson said that he expects Jenkins to receive a deferred prosecution from the State Attorney's Office, which could result in a fine or public service or both, or have the case dismissed.

Here's my question: I understand that kids are going to get involved in stupid stuff when they're in college, but considering the negative publicity that goes along with a football player being arrested, should Urban Meyer prohibit his players from frequenting Gainesville nightclubs?



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No what Urban Meyer should do is recruit kids with better character. When you have 24 kids on any team, I don't care what sport it is, arrested in a 4 year period thats a serious problem. Obviously the coaching staff has not put a good enough emphasis on character and staying out of stupid situations. These guys should be leaders on campus and instead they are the liabilities. Nothing brings down a successful run like off the field issues. Look up the rise and fall of Barry Switzers Oklahoma teams of the late 80's, Miami twice (mid-90's and early to mid 2000's), and Florida State of the early 2000's. Parents of good recruits who have good character usually don't want their sons associating with felons and criminals that they will have to call teammates. Regardless of saint Tebow, this will hurt recruiting and will be the downfall of this current run. Good luck UFelons!

I,m a true hurricanes fan but credit to the Gators for a total domination of the canes baseball team. The Gators dominated the baseball team the way the Gainsville jails dominate the football team

Jo, why not story about the softball team. I still don't get this...they're in the championship game being played tonight and nothing at all from you?

As for JJ, guy was defending himself. This is a nothing incident. Was he stupid for not stopping when the cops said so? Yes. But he did not instigate or start the fight and was not out there looking for trouble. Wrong place at the wrong time. This is a good kid with no record.

How do you know he was defending himself or wasn't the instigator? I forgot, his Lawyer stated that?????? I haven't posted in a long time but I was just watching ESPN and there went another headline about a Gator being arrested. Wow, 24 arrests in 5 years?
But, it wasn't their fault according to the Lawyers.

Get it together Coach! Start kicking these kid's off the team because this is getting ridiculous!

If this is the top 1% of the top 1%, the ones Meyer didnt recruit must be all on death row.

Hey Joe is there any way you can get a list of the schools with the most arrests, for the football program, in the past 5 years and check where we are compared to other schools? Just wondering, not trying to justify. Twenty four arrest are too many.

"Top one percent of one percent"...Will Meyer ever live down this quote?


more arrests than univ of miami... ??

what's going on in gainesville ... ??

I know of fights almost every weekend in Gainesville that did not involve athletes, but college students who were drunk. This is what happens to kids this age....football or no football

...and for The Ewe get over it, and get used to losing...it will be your way of life on, and off the field....

Adam, the S. must stand for sucker and Paul you are quite possibly the biggest idiot on this post. It is what it is. He is now a criminal. Shouldn't have ran from the cops. Face the facts because that is what they are.


I think there's some gray area here. Not defending Jenkins, but you make it sound like in your post that all crimes equal in severity.


If he is found guilty of these things, my opinion as a true blue Gator is that this is serious. It's bad enough that he puts himself in that position knowing full well the publicity and consequences. You know the coaches preach and preach and preach that! Thats also not being fair to your teammates and for that alone I would suspend him 2 games. The fact that he didn't stop fighting when officers instructed is another 2 games. And fleeing, the most serious thing...another 2 games. Again IF he is guilty and doesn't like it, show him the door! I'm sure Lane Kiffin would be happy to have him! Maybe missing half the season sounds harsh, but the message must finally get through or this nonsense will go on and on and we will soon enough be known as the new "U". Let's see if the other guys can step up but either way I would rather lose a couple of games and a championship than have THAT reputation.

Oh yeah, and if any of our other players were out there fighting, they can sit for 2 games. I'm sick of this crap.

Grant - get a life...and some creativity.

Read the police report before you speak out of your arse. All charges will be dropped, Janoris was acting in self defense and he did NOT provoke the incident. Victim of circumstance. Though, I must say, he's a freaking idiot for not stopping fighting when the cops yelled for him to do so. That's the only reason he got tased and that's the only reason he's in any trouble. Also, he was the only one left on the scene because his attackers and everyone else ran away.

" ...third arrest of 2009 and 24th arrest in the last five years." ???

Look, it's not about loving UF, UM or FSU ... I love all Florida teams... and I appreciate the competition... right now it's UF's turn to shine.

But when UM players were in the news, the Canes got negatively labeled... now I hear a lot of Gator fans over looking reality of the police blotter facts. ... it's okay to love your school no matter what.

My point: when you recruit solely based on talent, you will get talent, and you have to accept the character flaws, like 5-star players using dead girl's credit cards.

i know, it's tough being on top... but don't be whiners and don't stick your head in the sand. ... Be careful, UF could be 2 seasons away from mediocrity.

P.S. - I don't normally visit this board, but I wanted to see how fiercely Gator fans would defend this issue, as parents defend their children, even when the kids are wrong. Good luck with that.

How many of the 24 arrests have even been charged with a crime?

In a city like Miami, police aren't going to come out if someone throws a sandwich for chips or if someone rips off a parking boot. Its too big of a city and law enforcement is was too busy to mess with stuff like that. Gainesville being extremely smaller tries to make examples for some reason.

Jamar Hornsby did commit a bad incident. He got kicked off the team. When UF was making their MNC run, Marcus Thomas (our best DL) was kicked off the team. Urban is able discern what is really a problem. So can the DA.

Yes there has been too many arrests and Coach Meyer needs to do something but you can't run an arrest count scoreboard like a football one, unless you weight the severity of crimes. I don't know the degree of severity of this fight. Obviously as a first day draft pick Jenoris Jenkins needs to limit these type of late night situations. It could cost him a lot of money.

Little Grant,

It is ok little fella. It will all resolve itself, and as many recall being 20, fights happen, and will continue forever. It certainly is unfortunate that a member of the team was caught fighting...

Little fella, you think they caught an SEC defensive back, or did he actually stop running?...Sort of like it is hard for you to think and type at the same time, maybe a young man who has just been fighting, and tased does not quite think clearly.

Keep counting arrests, I'll be counting how many more years upon years UM remains irrelevant as a pitstain in the ACC and College Football.

I'd rather have Coach Meyer then Major Payne Randy Shannon any day of my life seeing the on-field results, as well as the off-field positives (graduation rate, champion swag surfin, etc)

In regards to this incident, it should be dropped like Carl Johnson's was that everyone had oh so much fun with. If it's not, bench him for Charleston Southern and lets get ready for our 3rd National Championship in 4 years.


In the case of Dorian Munroe being arrested for removing a boot from his car, he was only arrested AFTER he took the boot back to the police -- very minor, in my opinion. What gives a cop the right to boot someone's car anyway? Anyone who has ever lived on the beach for an extended period of time has had their car booted at least once. I got the boot while living on Hollywood Beach (Oregon Street). Of course, I was in a no-win situation. The cops and the condo Nazis were conspiring against me.


He'll be suspended for the opening game against William & Mary School of the Blind and be starting by game 2.


Whats going on in Gainesville?

It has become such a dangerous place to send our kids. Fights breaking out in bars everynight, AK 47 toting athletes, kegs getting thrown at patrons, people getting tasered, stealing dead people's credit cards, girlfriends getting beaten, rampant steroid/HGH use by QB's.

This must stop and I call on Sports Illustrated to write a cover story about this out of control program/institution.

ESPN Outside the Lines as well.

Maybe even People or Times Magazine.

Meyer is going to run to South Bend like Callipari ran to Kentucky.

Pay for play program, refusing to drug test players, covering up positive drug tests from your best player, full-out fights on the field, stabbings, gang-related charges, rape, gun charges, inability of coaching staff to control players & needing influences from local hip-hop community to calm things down, falsifying Pell Grant applications to get kickbacks, writing rap songs talking about rape and other degredations of women...

Oh, sorry, I was thinking about the University of Miami there...

Nice try, JRod. Grow up.

Following up everything else... Jenkins won't be suspended at all. As jo said, the Monroe thing was ridiculous. Another player got arrested for throwing a submarine sandwich and bag of chips at someone. One or two of the arrests on that list of 24 are guys that were ALREADY OFF THE TEAM. You're actually looking at around 15-17 legitimate arrests, most of which are misdemeanors.

Football players are more prone to aggression and, as stated earlier by someone, a lot of these transgressions are things that happen to normal college kids every night. Some go above and beyond that. Those are the ones that are issues. And those are the ones that get kicked off the team.

Unlike other programs, we act swiftly and actually kick players OFF THE TEAM! Players may make mistakes, but we go ahead and rectify the situation rather than cover it up.




No, 15-17 arrests is not OK. I'm just saying the number has been inflated. As to the rest of your post, just the ramblings of an insane man. And talking in caps...common...

Mr. Adam, you will take notice that I will become a very sane man on October 10th. Sorry if the caps bothered you. You must be a UFelon alumni with a degree in the mind of "Simple".

Obviously the Gators don't want to be in the news for their players getting arrested, but the thing to really look at is what did Urban do to the player in terms of punishment. I believe Urban has taken a hard stance on getting arrested, and putting the program in a bad light. The worst acts have resulted in the player getting kicked off the team, and the lesser acts have been handled appropriately.

Soooo, since my original post was deleted, why ,I don't know...here is another one a little more mellow...this is for all of you swamp lizard fans...

your team has had 24 players arrested since 2005 ( if this was the "U" everybody from espn to cnn would be calling for the program to be closed down)....are you'all goin to call for the resignation of Coach Urban Myers for lack of constitutional control, or nothing is goin to happen , as usual ????

maybe Coach Urban Myer can get some pointers from good old bobby , like let them run until his tired ? ...


I'm not aware of any posts being deleted. Might have been The Herald's all-seeing eye...

I do remember several years ago (might have three) when an ESPN SportsCenter anchor suggested that UM's program be shut down. (Completely ridiculous statement.) I think it was around the time of Pata's tragic death.

In any event, the back-and-forth between fans that's going on here comes across as petty. Let's just hope Janoris learns from this incident and is better for it in the future.


Pay for play program, refusing to drug test players, covering up positive drug tests from your best player, full-out fights on the field, stabbings, gang-related charges, rape, gun charges, inability of coaching staff to control players & needing influences from local hip-hop community to calm things down, falsifying Pell Grant applications to get kickbacks, writing rap songs talking about rape and other degredations of women...

Oh, sorry, I was thinking about the University of Miami there...

Nice try, JRod. Grow up.

Posted by: Adam S. | June 02, 2009 at 11:15 AM

You should heed your own peers advice and "stop living in the past", as you tend to always accuse Miami fans of.

Well... everything that you said is in the past, accept for the fight in 2006. Face it, while we are down now on the field, you have clearly taken the baton as the "One and Only Current Thug U"... FSU is a distant 2nd.

You cannot have your cake and eat it to by accusing us of living in the past, but yet you continue to bring up past mistakes by Miami players.

Everything that I mentioned is just a brief overview of what has happened at Felon U in the last 3 years, not 15 -20 years ago.

Enjoy your current success, because that is all that it will be, as Tebow gradumalates (Felon U grammar) and parents realize that Gainesville isn't the disney wonderland that "South Bend" Meyer paints it to be.

Yes, that's it. I'm a Felon and have a degree in the mind of "simple." Genius post. You should win a writer's award. Moron.

Rod, And throwing kegs isn't in the past? You are the one making insane accusations at Tebow taking steroids and HGH just because you feel it is necessary. Your bias is disgusting and UM is so far away from being a top program again that you will be spewing this shite for the next decade until they are relevant.

Jealousy is an ugly thing and Canes fans only rear their heads these days to try to take shots at programs that are currently light years ahead of them. Done arguing with schmucks like you.

Light years....well said Adam. Succinct.

Being irrelevant breeds jealousy. Is anyone going to try to tell me that these trolls aren't jealous?

Best of luck to UM but they are truly atrocious. Giant holes everywhere.

Urban should have recruited Bryan Pata, Sean Taylor, and Willie Williams. Now these are stand-up, leaders in society.

It is sad that the only thing the Cane fans have is to rag on the discipline at UF and bring up ND because its your dream that Meyer leaves....same as FSU fans. Only straw you can grasp because your programs are getting CRUSHED.


That's a ridiculous statement. A football fan's lack of respect for basic humanity amazes me.


Nice shot Gumby. Let the deceased RIP as you have no thread of a decent upbringing.
Adam, I have a four year degree to go along with a six-figure salary. Salutations, loser. Here comes October 10th. Better watch out.

Who are Fl.'s 1st 2 games against this year? Cupcake Tech and The School of the Flying Nuns? These are the 2 games Jenkins will be suspended for. We'll see his name in the starting lineup for Tennessee.

gotta give it to you guys, you're on top right now, but we're definitely not irrelevant. Leadership's finally there, jacory harris is legit, Mark Whipple, killer recieving corps, more experience next year, improved O-line and D. its shaping up. i wish we played you guys every year.

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