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Low number of Florida Gators transfers a credit to coaching staff

GAINESVILLE -- If you told me back in January that only one University of Florida football player would transfer come summer, then I wouldn't have believed you.

It appears that reserve linebacker John Jones is going to be the Gators' only mid-summer transfer. Seeking more playing time, he is expected to transfer to Tennessee State this fall. If it's true that Jones is the only player transferring this summer, then consider the offseason a success.

Jones, of course, isn't the offseason's only transfer, but he is the only transfer to leave Florida by choice. Defensive tackle John Brown transferred to a Mississippi junior college because he was failing out of school. (Brown recently committed to play for the University of Tennessee in 2010.) Quarterback Cam Newton, arrested for a felony last year, transferred because he was never coming out of the doghouse. Then there's the story of Torrey Davis, another academic casualty.

Take Brown, Newton and Davis out of the equation and Jones is the lone deserter. That's an interesting trend considering a handful of players transferred last year. A junior, Jones has been buried on the depth chart since he arrived at UF in 2007. He played in 11 games last season (kickoff team, mostly) but never came close to breaking into the permanent linebacker rotation. With the arrival of freshmen linebackers Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins, Jones would likely have fallen further down the depth chart this summer.

Jones' story isn't unique for UF's defensive reserves. There are a couple players on the team who might never see the field as a defensive starter. So, what's keeping junior cornerback Moses Jenkins and junior linebacker Lorenzo Edwards from transferring? Florida coach Urban Meyer credits team chemistry.

"I made the comment as we were getting ready to play for that national championship game that this was the most professional, unselfish group I've ever been around," Meyer said. "Kids leave for a lot of reasons -- and if someone is not going to play, it's probably best to go ahead, if you want to play somewhere -- but we have really good chemistry on our team right now. Guys want to be here."

Guys want another ring.



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Good post, jo. I think another reason there are so few transfers these days is that Urban finally has a team filled with his recruits. Now that he has his depth at each position established, the staff is able to fill in holes and not overpopulate at positions. It is surprising we keep getting so many top-flight secondary players though. I guess they've sold the whole "if you're the best, you'll play" scenario and these guys don't mind potentially sitting a year or two. Will Hill is a great example of that mentality.

I'm still worried about one or two more, but no mass exodus which is good based on the stockpile that Urban has built. But you know, alot of times you are only a play away from being on the field plus nowadays, sadly, we have to worry about what happens off the field almost as much. Speaking of that, with all the competition at UF now, if you get in trouble and suspended for a few games you just might not see the field again if that next guy really decides to take advantage of it! Wouldn't that be poetic justice for some knucklehead who decides to do something stupid and selfish thereby letting down all of his other teammates. I hope that occurs to the next guy before he throws that punch, or takes that drink or god knows what else.

RR, have you joined my twitter? Think you'd enjoy. @onlygators

haha way to divert attention from the arrests, jo.

HAHA...yeah nate because as we all know jo is about writing fluff pieces about the Gators because he's such a homer

Well I have to give yo credit for writing a positive article since I slam you for being negative. Thanks Jo!

The crime wave news is spreading, an article from a Gator grad to the LA Times. This needs to come to an end before this program does.



Just what I have been saying!
CBS Quote:
So it's up to Meyer to stop this stuff now. Tell the team there won't be a 25th arrest, not under your watch. Not before the 2009 season starts. Not even before it ends. And if there is a 25th arrest, well, see ya. Anyone arrested from this point on -- and this goes for No. 26 and No. 27 and onward -- is kicked off the team. No exceptions. If a Bible falls out of Tim Tebow's backpack and he's arrested on charges of littering, sorry. But he's gone.

Let these players, these stupid kids, know they're not untouchable. They're not gods. They're representatives of the University of Florida, representing more than every book and building on that campus. They're representing every Florida student, past and present.

And I'm sick of the way these dumbasses are representing me

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