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Off-season topic: U.S. Soccer vs. Florida Gators football

GAINESVILLE -- Here's an off-season topic to pass the time. Like many of you, I just watched the U.S. defeat Spain 2-0 in the semifinals of the Confederations Cup. It got me thinking.

Now, this question isn't for everyone out there. If you don't enjoy international soccer, then your answer is obvious. But for the Gators fans out there who also enjoy soccer, I have a question for you. Look ahead to 2010. You can either be in the Rose Bowl in January celebrating a national college football championship for the Gators or you can be in South Africa next summer cheering on the U.S. to a World Cup win. You can only choose one. Where would you be?



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Is this all you could come up with? Are you still on vacation? I want to know has Debose and J. Jenkins arrived on campus? Soccer Bro?? Were talking about soccer. I just had a A.I moment.

Debose and Jenkins arrived on campus yesterday and are rooming together. Gary Brown is finishing an online class and will arrive today or tomorrow. You can get all this info at http://twitter.com/onlygators

Now to answer Jo's question...

That is REALLY, REALLY tough. As much as I'd like the Gators to win another title...the boost that winning the World Cup would do to the soccer program in this country would be immense. Considering the Gators have 3 titles and my country has 0 World Cups...I think I'd have to go with the latter. What a fantastic game today. Definitely out-played as far as possession time and shots, but our defense was solid and we made the most of the opportunities we had.

I posted that 30 seconds ago and I'm already having second-thoughts. I think just being in the World Cup finals may be enough for me, while just being in the National Championship game is not enough for me. So if the consolation prize is that the team is still in the final game but loses, I may take the Gators. Crap...I'm flip-flopping here...

Having played an coached soccer for years, I must agree with Adam (if he agrees with himself yet:)) The US winning the World Cup would crush the Gators winning. As for going to SA, they have some beauty, but crime well beyond even Miami.

After the US beat the #1 team in the world today,can continue to find goal scorers, actually qualify to attend (losing to Costa Rica does not help) they should at least be considered as contenders.

GO GATORS! I will watch the World CUp on TV!

LOL Paul. I'm certainly at odds over this scenario.

I am a Gator through ad through, but I would have to go to South Africa to watch the US MNT win the US's first ever World Cup. But in that same fantasy scenario, I can do both with the National Title game in Jan and the World Cup in the summer!!! So I choose both!

Well let's see.....US Soccer team 0 arrests...Florida Football 25 arrests and counting.....I think i'd rather have US Soccer.


Will return to posting regularly soon. Just thought I'd through that topic out there.


THE WORLD CUP. Gayturds can kiss my @#$. They WILL NOT win the title this year. Live up the fun your having now in gayturd nation, cause when tebow leaves the program is all down hill from there.
Back to a real team. Go USA. great game agianst Spain. We can play with the best, now lets keep it up and get to the World Cup.


I'd rather see the Gators set another record than a soccer game of any type...
Now,that said... please tell me that you are finally going to use this tabula rasa for something worthwhile, like geting around to mentioning that the Gators won the All Sports SEC trophy(men's, women' and overall) again and hat UF has been the dominant team in all SEC sports over the years.
There now....since you weren't ever going to get around to it (after being asked twice), I figured I would just do it for you....

Congratulations to UF on another stellar performance in winning the 2008 SEC All Sports Trophy -you are clearly the dominant athletic program in the SEC by a wide margin, thanks to Jeremy Foley, excellent coaches and athletes that make us proud)Go Gators!

And that is why I'd rather watch the Gators win yet another BCS NC trophy than watch a darned soccer game....any day!

You thought you would"through" that topic out there?Jo-como on-you really need to do better than that(hint:it's "throw" it out there....

Note to all these idiots calling names like "gayturds" in the posting above(terribly creative and more than a little immature):
You really haven't a clue- Brantley is going to be just fine as the next QB to enjoy great success under the Coach you wish your team had.UF will be the first team to win three(3) NC's in four(that's 4 to you if you can count that high)years, and they will continue winning and excelling,thank you...

How about if they flipped the announcers? Swap the Latin guy that yells "GOOOOOOAL !" with Mick Hubert.


I don't know how to weave an "OH MY" into soccer.

Gators before all other sports for me! I'd take the NC game in football and then visit South Africa at another time without all the crazy soccer fans.

Hey,"arealfootballfan", knock off the idiotic remarks about "Gayturds",and go back to your coloring book and cartoons.That stuff has no place on this blog, and a REAL football fan wouldn't really make those immature, foolish remarks.
Finally, learn how to spell and use "You're",(as in you are) not Your(as you wrote in your sentence "all the fun your having")
Classy...real classy...

The way matters presently sit, the World Cup of course.

First, it only happens every four years, and by the time SA '10 rolls around, the Gators will have won 3 national championships.

Been to 3 World Cups,incluing US in '94, which was frankly the tamest one. Fantastic experiences, very unique.

For those that don't get it, imagine how much more intense and important college football would already be if every year college teams only played for their conference championship. Then, every four years, the conference winners and runners up played for the national championship in an NCAA tournamnet scenario. That's basically the World Cup.

Love my Gators, too many great games all over the country to name them all, but nothing beats World Cup futbol/soccer. Nothing.

Bradley's red card belongs with the '03 Florida-FShoe game as far as horrible officiating is concerned.


Totally jealous of your three-World Cup experience. Wow! Are you going to South Africa? For me, it's either buy a house next year or go to the World Cup. So, I'm staying put and buying a house. Hopefully one day our World Cup writers will retire (Michelle Kaufman and Linda Robertson) and I'll get my shot.

Bradley's red card was a complete shock. What a terrible decision by a ref who had done a great job up until that point. Guess those are the types of calls you get when you're Brazil. It will be interesting to see who Bob goes with in the final. Wish we still had Reyna. With that said, I'm a big fan of Benny Feilhaber, so hopefully Bob starts him place of Bradley, an excellent possessing midfielder.

Jozy's goal was pure magic, a world-class finish. Kid's going to be an international star.


PASADENA no doubt at all.

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