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Serious questions about UF football player's plea deal

GAINESVILLE -- On Tuesday, University of Florida freshman football player Janoris Jenkins pleaded guilty to his misdemeanor of resisting arrest in exchange for a deferred prosecution program available to first-time offenders in Alachua County. The charge will be dropped if Jenkins stays out of trouble for six months, pays some court costs and maybe does a little community service.

Or, put another way, freshman All-American Janoris Jenkins, the Florida football player who laughed off a shot from a Gainesville police Taser and kept on going, agreed to six months probation on Tuesday for his remarkable demonstration of pain tolerance.

Jenkins was arrested on May 30 for his alleged involvement in a bar brawl outside a nightclub in downtown Gainesville. Cops broke up the fight with a Taser gun. According to employees of the nightclub who wished to remain anonymous, Jenkins wasn't the only football player involved in the alleged fight. Jenkins was, however, the only person to get shot by the Taser. Jenkins went down and then everyone scattered, according to an employee of the nightclub.

According to the police report, Jenkins rolled on top of the Taser probes, effectively knocking them lose and severing the electrical current. At that point, Jenkins found his feet and took off down the block where he was quickly arrested by other officers.

The Gainesville Police Department charged Jenkins with two misdemeanors: resisting arrest without violence and affray (fighting). The fighting charge was dropped on Tuesday by the Alachua County state attorney, Bill Cervone, due to lack of evidence.

This whole incident raises some serious questions:

1. If Cervone was so quick to drop the charge for fighting, then why the heck did Gainesville police shoot Jenkins with a Taser gun in the first place? Something is fishy here. Either the Gainesville district attorney is letting Jenkins off easy or the Gainesville police should be investigated for excessive use of force.

2. If the state attorney dropped the charge for fighting, does that mean Jenkins can sue the Gainesville police for getting shot with a Taser gun for essentially doing nothing wrong?

3. If there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute the fighting charge, then why is there sufficient evidence to prosecute the misdemeanor for resisting arrest?

4. Do all football players run from a fight and leave one of their teammates behind, or just Florida football players? Maybe this is why Florida coach Urban Meyer (err...I mean strength and conditioning coach Mickey Marotti) made the entire team run stadiums for Jenkins' arrest.

5. So most of the football players involved in the fight got away? And I thought Janoris Jenkins was fast.



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1. Agreed, one or the other. Methinks it is more the excessive force line. They saw a bunch of big guys pushing/fighting, they didn't stop right away when yelled at, so they pulled the trigger.

2. He could sue, but that could be part of the "compromise" that Jenkins' attorney mentioned regarding this case. If you read his quotes when asked about these latest developments, he seemed to say that he thought they could have gotten the entire thing thrown out but compromised to get it over with. Plus, the fact that he ran a block away (and went down on his own) show that he knew he was wrong and the cops were probably using it within reason.

3. Because he was tased and ran away...which is resisting arrest without force. It was also part of the compromise.

4. Will ignore this.

5. That is assuming there were more football players involved, which is conjecture. The witnesses could have seen 10 big black guys and said they were all football players when maybe only one other guy was. Who knows? Additionally, Janoris is the only one who got tased.

He was tased, how fast can you be after something like that? I think you are digging into this a little too much Joe. It was a bar fight and he has no previous criminal records. If the judge was lenient, I'm pretty sure he would have done it for any 19 or 20 year old first offender.

Adam, I was being facetious and sarcastic with the list.

Also, not conjecture, according to the interviews conducted with nightclub employees, which were UF football fans and would not name names. Either that or having football players drink at your bar in Gainesville is good for business.


Prosecutorial discretion is a concept you should read about. 6 months probation for resisting without violence sounds appropriate to me.

There has been premature tasing in Gainesville before, and there will be again.

Well, it is conjecture, because there is no proof. If you had pictures or sworn statements naming names, then you could do so. Just because someone is a "fan" of the team does not mean they recognize players by face. This is a stupid point for us to argue.

Nevertheless, the point remains that Jenkins was a first-time offender and was treated as such. No better, no worse. If I did the exact same thing in Gainesville, I believe I would have received the exact same punishment.

In fact, now that I think about it...my sophomore year, a few of us got into a fight downtown with another fraternity. While the rest of us backed off after the cops arrived, one of my friends continued yelling and being belligerent. They booked him for affray and something else, not resisting arrest though. Went to jail that night. Next morning we bailed him out. When he saw the judge with his lawyer, he received a misdemeanor and was told it would be wiped clean with community service and staying out of trouble for 6 mos. because he was a first time offender.

Here we go with Conspiracy Joe.



LOL....This is amazing this boy is out fighting and disturbing the community at large and all yall can say is the gainesville Police is at fault. A bunch of enablers and hypocrites for Florida Gators fans....All u guys would make great probation officers.

"disturbing the community at large" LOL

A bunch of thugs and hudlums up there in G-Ville!

So they all have to run stadium steps because of the arrest?? Even Tebow?? I still think Jenoris needs to "miss" a couple of games for being in that situation and then running from police. Might send a nice little message to some of those stadium runners!


There should not be any issues?????
He is a football player who was probably drunk and started a fight, no big deal. Meyers will not have any problems getting these kid's off the hook. He rules this town, for now.
It really looks bad in the eye of the public and it could lead to additional problems.
Look at Memphis basketball, the coach has left but the school will end up paying for his mistakes. If you call it mistakes, because I call it cheating!

GatorRod, your post proves that you do not know what you are talking about. Pathetic use of assumptions and speculation.

1) Whether or not he was drunk is immaterial.

2) He did not start the fight, this is documented in the police report and by eyewitnesses.

3) Urban Meyer (no S) didn't "get him off the hook." If you think he "got off the hook" it was his lawyer that did so, not Meyer. Additionally, he didn't "get off the hook" because he received the same punishment any other student would have. For a first-time offender, this is what usually happens for charges like this.

4) How it looks "in the eye of the public" is immaterial. There is no correlation to this and what happened at Memphis with recruiting violations and cheating to get players enrolled in school.

Dont Tase me BRO!

Wonderfully snide and sarcastic column, Jo. You sound like a UM blogger. Well, maybe not. You were able to actually string together a few nouns with verbs. But awfully snide. I'm sorry I took the time to read it.


For a first-time offender, this is what usually happens for charges like this?

This assumption is inaccurate!

This is how you discipline student athletes.


GatorRod, you are comparing a *misdemeanor affray/resisting arrest charge* to a *FELONY DUI arrest!*

My statement was regarding a misdemeanor charge for something like affray or resisting arrest wihtout violence. The punishment that Jenkisn received fit the crime.

There is no comparison WHATSOEVER to the example you showed. Not analogous situations.

Nice, but pathetic, try.



*another correction.

Misdemeanor DUI for the Arkansas player. Still, DUI does not equal affray/resisting without violence. Not analogous.

And, I was talking about the penalty by the state, not by the school.


Are you menstrating again???? Are you a guy???

I know I promised you I would never post here but c'mon, I can't take it anymore! Would you grow a sack and start acting like anything other than a little girl!

Your use of the word "pathetic" is a joke! There is no one more pathetic than you on ANY blog!

Promised me you would never post here? I don't know you bro. But the way to make yourself sound intelligent on a message board is to personally attack someone you do not even know.

Yes, I guess it is pathetic to bring actual facts and reality rather than being a hater like yourself who gets his jollies on trashing teams and fans significantly better than he is.

Grow the f up and get a life bro.

And yes, I find people who seriously lack intelligence and reach for absurd comparisons to be pathetic...like yourself. I'm starting to wonder if GatorRod and Sarasota 'cane are the same person? Hmm...a lot of use of exclamation points, starting posts addressing me like they are writing a letter and ignorance in regard to college football...interesting...

This post was tongue-and-cheek, mostly. But, seriously, the only reason the resisting arrest charge stuck (and it will be dropped after Jenkins completes his probation) is because the Gainesville police used a Taser.


I agree with you jo. Didn't know the post was tongue-in-cheek at first because the headline said "serious questions about..." Fact is, the whole situation with Jenkins was overblown.

Overblown huh Adam?!? Amazing that any adult would say that fighting in public and resisting arrest is overblown. His behind needs a few weeks in jail to cool off.

A few WEEKS in jail? LOL!

A "few" means at least three. Donte' Stallworth, the former Tennessee Vol, got just four weeks for killing a man while driving intoxicated. You think Jenkins should spend at least three weeks in jail compared to Stallworth's sentence? Now, granted, Stallworth should be serving more time than just one month, but you can blame that on the City of Miami.


The public eye doesn't matter?

I log onto SI.COM today and what do you know, another negative article on our Gators.

Mark my word, this program is feeling the heat and something will end up happening. It won't hurt Meyer but it will end up hurting true fans like us!


Rod, you probably should have read that whole article before posting the link, because it's actually not negative. The point of it was, as I have said here before, UF is the same as it's competitors discipline-wise, there's just more attention on it because the Gators are winning. I think that story casts Meyer in a pretty positive light as well.

Stallworth is a dirtbag....If UF don't start getting a handle on these kids now then they WILL end up becoming an embarrassment to the university. I am a die hard CANES fan but yet I cringe everytime I see Michael Irvin has had another run in with police. Unchecked bad behavior will come back to get you every time. Look at Leonard Little, Percy Harvin, and all the others.

Interesting that you say that "Misdemeanor DUI for the Arkansas player. Still, DUI does not equal affray/resisting without violence. Not analogous." Here we have two incidents involving alcohol. Here we have two incidents which involve a lack of self-control. Here we have two incidents which involve bad judgement. Here we have two incidents which required police intervention. Here we have two incidents that the legislatures have deemed to be criminal acts. Here we have two incidents that the legislatures have deemed to be relatively minor by classifying them as misdemeanors rather than felonies. So, on the face of it, there do seem to be significant parallels. You say "Not analogous" I am interested in knowing what makes them "not analogous" - other than your opinion offered without supporting logic, stated in sentence fragments.

Please find someone (anyone) to cover the Gators who is not a UM wolf in sheep's clothing. Time and again the slant is anti - Gator!!!! Just my take from here in lovely West TN!!!

brasil...let me first point out that I do not know the Arkansas player story...but I will still say good try but still not analogous.

One is getting into a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Another is (1) assumed under the influence of alcohol - no proof of that whatsoever, I believe (2) defending your property when someone comes after your necklace. The Arkansas player made a decision to do something under the influence that is a felony act - he was only charged with a misdemeanor. The Florida player *reacted* to something with a misdemeanor act. Affray is not battery - that would be analogous.

That being said, I respect your opinion and that you gave a well-thought out argument, unlike others who just throw up links without reading them fully as their argument. I do see where you are coming from, but I totally disagree.

This is a prime example of UF flexing its muscle in the political arena of Gainsville. Think about it if youre not guilty why run? The police did nothing wrong. However dropping the fighting charge was a load of crap, the reason not enough evidence. Either you were or you were not. If you got tasered you were probably fighting, hmmmmmmmmm makes sense. It will catch up to them eventually.

That being said, I respect your opinion and that you gave a well-thought out argument, unlike others who just throw up links without reading them fully as their argument. I do see where you are coming from, but I totally disagree.

Posted by: Adam S. | July 05, 2009 at 01:22 PM

A typical Adam S. post! Complementary AND condescending all in the same paragraph!

You are such a puzzy!

Don't forget everyone, Adam S. is now on Twitter! In case you don't get enough of his bitchy, "feminine-like" attitude on Gator Clause, you can get his posts delivered right to your cell phone!

Sarasota 'cane, you are truly a loser if you have nothing better to do than trash people who have opinions other than yours on a blog for a team you hate. Grow up and get a life.

Sarasota 'cane, you are truly a loser if you have nothing better to do than trash people who have opinions other than yours on a blog for a team you hate. Grow up and get a life.

Posted by: Adam S. | July 06, 2009 at 08:16 PM

Boo Hoo Hoo! I wasn't trashing your opinion, just your delivery cry baby! WAAAAHHHHHHHH!

You are the only "guy" I know who has regular bouts with PMS! Did your tampon fall out again? Boo Hoo!

P.S. Find me one post where you acknowledge you were wrong! I'll give you a hint, there are none! You're always "right"!

"I see your point Jo, but..."

"I respect your opinion, but..."

"I like girls, but..."

hey Adam, here i am in brasil and i find it amazing that you do not need to be bothered by the facts.

"brasil...let me first point out that I do not know the Arkansas player story...but I will still say good try but still not analogous."

Your very own words demonstrate that you are not interested in a critical, logical analysis of the situation BEFORE you determine that the situations are "still not analogous." As such, your position appears to be nothing more than the vapid rambling of a fan. This is not the basis of credible argument, and as such your position is entirely without credibility.

So, without facts, without logic, but a mere pronouncement from your lofty position as judge of all arguments, you say "good try." Whoohooooo! I sure feel good now! I guess you feel that by saying something you make it so. That is a very easy position to defend and a tough one to defeat - as long as you refuse to deal with facts.

You claim that the Arkansas player was under the influence of alcohol - was he? Or was it only alleged by the cops? Was the gator? Or was it only alleged by the cops? But you admit that you do not know what the FACTS of the Arkansas situation were and I suspect that you only assume what the FACTS of the situation in Gainesville were (based on hearsay), so you determine that there is no similarity in the two situations. I do not see your positon on this point as being strong, strongly held - yes, but not a strong logical position.

You claim that the Arkansas player commited a felony. Really? Do you know that a DUI is dealt with in County Court (where misdemeanors are dealt with) rather than Circuit Court (where felonies are dealt with)? or is that a FACT that you would rather ignore, so that you can say that the situations are not similar. Saying that they are not similar does not make them dissimilar. Your position here is opposite to the FACTS in the real world. Once again, your position is strongly held, but not even weakly supported by FACTS.

You say that an affray is not a battery, really? Have you bothered to read the statute? Would it suprise you to know that an AFFRAY can be battery in the sense of mutual combat? The cop sees two people fighting and it is an affray. For a charge of battery there must be unauthorized contact. Affray and battery are NOT mutually exclusive. For a charge of affray a cop does not need a cooperating witness. But once again I drift off into FACTS, minor details that you apparently do not need to use in coming to a conclusion. Once again, you have a strongly held position that is not at all supported by the FACTS.

You demonstrate that you have strongly held positions which are not supported by critical thinking. This does not make them correct. One can not persuade another person by logic to adopt a different position when the position that they hold was not arrived at through logic. Apparently you have an emotional basis for your opinion. There might be some who suggest that you need emotional help.

While I accept your compliment about my making logically sound points, I fail to accept you as the final authority on what makes a convincing argument. I do compliment you on your apparent ability to learn, in that your response used complete sentences.

Posted by: expatinbrasil | July 06, 2009 at 09:10 PM


Adam S. has justified EVERY arrest and conviction of every blue chip athlete arrested over the last 2 years. The scout players and second stringers get thrown through the door when they get arrested, the blue chippers get a slap on the wrist.

Don't even get me going about the way the school spends taxpayers money. (And yes Adam S., the UAA revenue belongs to the school, which in turn belongs to the taxpayers!)

These FOOLS are going to hoist a new $8,000,000.00 JumboTron at that dump at the same time their President is laying off up to 150 professors, some with tenure. Go check out some of the ACADEMIC blogs for their own University. There are so many UF students and professors that are just fed up with the AD and the UAA, and the way they waste taxpayer money.

Sarasota, you are not worth my time. It is funny how everything you claim I am is exactly how you act when someone talks poorly about the Canes. Done responding to you, hypocrite.


My point was that I did not know the Arkansas player story as well as I happen to know the Janoris Jenkins story. On the Arkansas story, I've only read the original articles on the situation, while on the Jenkins story, I have read everything that can be found about it including the actual police report. I have even taken that a step further by speaking to two separate lawyers about the situation in order to see the angles both sides of the case would take.

Based on that police report and the charges against the Arkansas player, I said that the CHARGES are not comparable, they are not analogous. I am speaking to the charges, not the what-ifs you are choosing to present.

To continue...I said DUI as a charge is a felony act, not that the player committed a felony. Obviously he was only charged with a misdemeanor (which I corrected seconds after I made the original felony comment), but I do not know the ins-and-outs of the case as I do with the Jenkins case. It does not matter in what court the DUI charge is dealt with...so that "fact" is just something meaningless and insignificant you are throwing around to try and give your point more credence...it is fluff.

Thanks for defining affray and battery for me - something I already knew. Yes, I have bothered to read the statute and yes, I became well-versed on the differences between the two shortly after the incident occured. Affray CAN BE battery, but it was NOT battery in Jenkins' case. You going into your long-winded definition of the "facts" concerning these two charges does nothing to strengthen your argument. It simply explains that you, like I, understand the difference in these charges. Congratulations on being able to re-type the definition of something.

And you demonstrate that while you are able to provide "facts," none of these have lended any addition support to your own argument. You seem to be hell-bent on calling me out for having a strongly held opinion and not supporting it...yet you ignore all of the supporting factors I have given in this and all the other threads regarding this story on this blog. You have switched from trying to support your own argument to trying to discredit mine because yours is flawed.

You demonstrate that you can speak and speak and speak yet never really say anything of true significance. My position was certainly arrived at through logic. Just because I did not "show my work" in this particular post does not mean I have not done so previously. Or is it just that I choose to type posts of fewer than 5,000 words that bothers you?

Some might suggest I need emotional help? Laughable. Take a look at the man in the mirror.

I might suggest that you take the time to discuss the actual case point-by-point with me rather than take three posts in which I'm responding to other people and use that to make assumptions about my knowledge and opinions of a situation.

Instead of discussing the actual case and FACTS, you have decided to go off on tangents about the differences between affray and battery and misdemeanors and felonies. Yet in none of that have you given your own opinion on the situation or supported it.

Funny how the man with no opinion (you) can criticize the man with a quite sound and logical one (myself). Just because you disagree with it and have not read my more detailed points in other threads does not make you any more right or your opinion (which is absent) any better thought out than mine.

Funny how the man with no opinion (you) can criticize the man with a quite sound and logical one (myself). Just because you disagree with it and have not read my more detailed points in other threads does not make you any more right or your opinion (which is absent) any better thought out than mine.

Posted by: Adam S. | July 06, 2009 at 10:03 PM

Did you really just write that (above)??? You do realize that if you talked to a man like that in person, he would smash your face, then steal all your pens, and your pocket protector!

As far as you not responding to me, GREAT! You carry on like you are the authority/expert of everything!

It's obvious you were severly abused (belittled) as a child. I can only imagine your mom's frustration at the dinner table when you and your dad started debating ANYTHING! I shudder! The horror....

Just to clarify points: I have NOT justified every Gators player arrest or issue. Just the last two in particular in Jenkins and Johnson...one whose incident was minor and the other whose charge was completely fabricated. Of course, you would just go ahead and assume that my opinion on one or two situations extends to all of them...

UAA is a separate entity from the university as much as you choose to not believe that...and it donated a record amount back to the school this year...significantly more than it ever has before. The new screens have absolutely nothing to do with taxpayers.

Keep telling your lies and B.S.ing about me Sarasota...each and every one of your posts continues to show your ignorance about facts and hatred toward the university, nothing more. Have fun continuing this game, I have already claimed my victory.

Did you really just write that (above)??? You do realize that if you talked to a man like that in person, he would smash your face, then steal all your pens, and your pocket protector!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | July 06, 2009 at 10:21 PM

And do you realize that if you talked to me in person like you have in this thread you would be lying on the ground in a bloody mess trying to wipe your face off with your decade-old Canes championship t-shirts? You are such a hypocrite.

...and it donated a record amount back to the school this year...

Posted by: Cry Baby | July 06, 2009 at 10:21 PM

It's not a donation if they already "own" the property you idiot! Your own President has made the suggestion that they need to do a lot more, you CLOWN! It's the only school in the state where the University President has to beg the AD and the boosters for the school's money and property!

P.S. You already claimed your victory??? This isn't Dungeons and Dragons sweety! Now run along, the Farah Fawcett story is about to start on Lifetime!

...wipe your face off with your decade-old Canes championship t-shirts?

Posted by: Adam S. | July 06, 2009 at 10:23 PM

Which one? We got 5!

They don't "own" the money the UAA brought in, you moron. It was actually our AD who made the suggestion that they do a lot more, but there are limits, you FOOL! See, I can name-call too. You are a freaking pathetic hypocrite and hater.

Oh, and I suggest you use the box of 2002 championship t-shirts...considering you never got to wear them...at least they'll have some use cleaning up your blood and guts. That's if you had guts in the first place to fight me, which I highly doubt considering you are a message board troll who goes by 15 different monikers on dozens of sites. Grow up.

OK Adam...

I will keep this short, so as to stay within the limits of your attention span.

First you are the one who states that you do not know the facts about the Arkansas case. Then you say you do know the facts after your basis for arriving at a conclusion based on ignorance is highlighted. So were you lying about not knowing the facts, or are you lying about knowing them? Should I even trust your response, and if so, why?

Second, you take offense at the suggestion that you have limited emotional control, suggesting that I "look at the man in the mirror." Shortly thereafter you demonstrate your capacity for appropriate emotional control and response when you make threatening statements which, if you had the apparent ability to act on your statements, would clearly be assault. Legal charge aside, your response absolutely demonstrates a level of maturity and emotional control that most charitably could be described as juvenile, or more accurately as infantile.

Third, your thinking pattern is a bit difficult to follow when you make statements such as: "To continue...I said DUI as a charge is a felony act, not that the player committed a felony." when you imply that one does not commit a felony when engaging in felonious actions. To keep it short, I will refrain from trying to educate you in the nuance of law where the legislature determines definitively whether an act is defined as a felony or a misdemeanor - which by the way, the vast majority of DUI's are not felonies. A felony DUI is a small subset of the general class of criminal actions called DUI.

No such thing as a "criminal" misdemeanor Einstein.

Brasil, your condescending attitude is disturbing. Do you think you are better than others because you seem to have a differing opinion and choose to write essays rather than being able to express yourself in a more concise manner?

I said I do not know the Arkansas case *as well as* I know the Florida one...not that I didn't know the facts about it. Additionally, from the beginning, I was speaking about the charges. I believe when looking at a DUI charge and an affray charge, they are not comparable or analogous in severity in any way, shape or form. I *corrected* myself immediately when I thought the Ark player had a felony DUI and not a misdemeanor, but the fact that the two charges are both classified "misdemanors" does not make them equal in severity nor does it make those charged with said misdemeanors equal in stupidity! That's like saying a felony tax evasion is equal to a felony murder just because they are both felonies! I like how you criticize my thinking pattern when yours is as simplified as it gets.

The basis of my point in comparing the two cases is that in the Arkansas player instance, he made a decision to step behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol while, in the Florida player instance, he was fighting to protect his property in a fight that was instigated by someone else.

I stated my opinion. Just because you disagree with it does not make my opinion wrong and your's right.

I like how you call my responses juvenile when you are the one who took this argument from talking about cases to taking PERSONAL shots at my emotional stability, knowledge, etc. Commenting on my thinking pattern? Laughable. That is YOU being a HYPOCRITE, Brasil.

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