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What should I ask Lane Kiffin?

GAINESVILLE -- Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin meets the press on July 24 at the Southeastern Conference Media Days in Hoover, Ala. (Here's a link to the tentative schedule of SEC Media Days).

There's going to be quite a buzz when Kiffin takes his place on the dais. This post is simple and short: What should I ask Kiffin? What would you ask Kiffin? Creative responses welcomed. PG-13, please.



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I don't want you to ask him anything. He is unimportant and insignificant at this point in time. If anything, I suppose you could ask him how he plans to fulfill all the promises he has made to his recruits.

Ask him where he will be staying while in Gainesville in September.

Please ask him if he would go for a field goal on 1st down with time expiring against UF with Tennessee being down 48-0 in the 4th quarter just to get on the board..... and/or

Ask him if his childish behavior has made Al Davis look like a genius...


I was asking for funny. Like, "Coach Kiffin, thanks for having me here at the Wynfrey Hotel in beautiful Hoover, Ala. Could you tell me in which banquet hall the homoerotic recruiting seminar is being held?"



Were your parents expecting a little girl? Did they get one?

"Coach Kiffin,

Do you feel the lack of a high-profile QB being on board in this year's recruiting class is the reason why the Vols have started out relatively slowly landing offensive talent? As a followup do you feel hiring your brother-in-law as your QB coach despite his less than stellar player development track record which includes Tommy Beecher, Chris Smelley and the worst year of Blake Mitchell's career has made the QB prospects you've pursued hesitant to pull the trigger?"

Please ask him if he really, really intended to make all those stupid remarks jst for the visibility of the program, or if he just did not think through all the negative aspects associated with his antics.Finally, does he think anybody will take him seriously, especially if they stumble aerly on and lose 3-4 games this year.

Jo, you need to do it a la Bruno in this clip:


Now THAT'S funny. I'm Shaud Williams and I'm not gay.


Guess you have to be "in" to get posted.

Ask him if he likes fish sticks.

Is your dad here? We'd rather talk to him.

I still think you should have posted the wife question. It was almost PG-13

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