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Coach tells recruit Meyer is leaving after 2009

GAINESVILLE -- Ready for the latest example of college football recruiting at its finest (sarcasm, people). 

According to Rivals.com, a rival coach of the Gators recently told UF commit Matt Elam (6-0, 205 pounds, linebacker, West Palm Beach Dwyer) that UF coach Urban Meyer is leaving Florida after the 2009 season.

Elam, who committed to UF way back in the October of 2008, is now planning to take visits to other schools. His top suitors (other than the Gators): Alabama, West Virginia, Georgia and Virginia Tech.

"I'm committed [to Florida], Elam recently told Rivals.com. "I'm just looking around to see something different in case something goes down and I can't go to Florida anymore."

Say it ain't so, Matt.

Well, Matt did just that to Florida's coaching staff. He is now denying that he ever told Rivals anything.

So, who do you think dropped the bombshell? Could it be Alabama coach Nick Saban? What about Mark Richt? And don't forget sneaky ol' Doc Holliday at West Virginia. He's a former Florida assistant.

Elam is rated a five-star recruit by Rivals and the No.5 overall prospect in the nation for 2010.



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Makes you wonder about ethics in college sports. I think it's a sign of things that the only way they can get a recruit to reconsider is to make it sound like Meyer is leaving UF. If you can't talk yourself up enough, talk the other guy down.... is that they way they think? Not sure, but I've never heard a story about Meyer or his staff doing that kind of thing. We talk UF up and let the facts speak for themselves.

Funny you bring this up (and in response to Wayne S.) because in 2008 it was the other way around. Rumor was Meyer was trying to pluck some of the Northwest boys from UM, namely Marcus Forston, when he told them that Shannon would be gone after this season.

Not taking a shot at Meyer, just saying the dude probably is not innocent either. I'm not sure there is a top 250 recruit out there who hasn't been told something negative by one team about another team. Its a very dirty part of college sports.

Don't kid yourself Wayne... Every program does it, especially those slim-balls in the SEC.

Do some partake in it more than others? Yes. But they all do it, including yours truly in G-Ville.

Ricky, I heard the same thing about Meyer doing that. Not surprising in the least, I'm sure every coach does it with those who are on the hot seat or have some rumor swirling around about them.

jo, this particular Rivals story regarding Elam is like two weeks old. On a side note, I spoke with two of his high school coaches - BOTH of whom said he is just as committed to the Gators now as he ever was. Things can always change though, I guess, I just am of the belief that Elam is and will be 100% UF.

Sounds like a case of chickens coming home to roost and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than the Urban Crier/ Liar himself. He has been using this tactic to recruit players for years and the fact that someone is doing it back to him is just confirmation that Karma is real and the wrong that you do will always comes back full circle. I hope Elam makes the right decision and goes to a school where he'll have the best opportunity to shine but this should not be surprising to the Crier or anyone on his staff. Karma is real.

Ricky - thanks for the response. IMO there's a better chance that Kiffin will be gone at the end of this season than Meyer. When you look at how many coaches went from college to the pros and succeeded, and the list of those that didn't, it isn't hard to see that a great college gig is not worth leaving. Still seems unethical to take those kinds of jabs at the other guy.

It IS unethical, but we are not talking about the garden club here! Take off the rose colored glasses people. This kind of talk goes on everywhere. Especially with a 'solid' commit. Coaches are trying to say anything to get them to listen and come for a visit. It has NOTHING to with Karma! Get out the 14th century!

...and my wife told me her twin sister would visit us every Thursday, and it never happened either

Honestly, I think Meyer probably doesn't do enough of it (i.e., negatively spinning other schools). The past few years UF has been burned on National Signing Day by other schools at the last minute - schools who used hard-handed tactics to lure away talent that was committed to UF. I can't remember UF stealing anyone (of significance) away on signing day. I think UF rests on their laurels too much sometimes... It is time to get DIRTY!

If you can't compete on the field you might as well try some other medium...it's tough when you are on top and the ankle biters are swarming

Turn about is fair play. Meyer is always telling our recruits our coach is getting fired after this season, so he's getting just what he deserves. I'm NOT in favor of this sort of negative recruiting, but as they say, "what's good for the goose...."


If Meyer is telling recruits that your Coach is going to get fired then it is probably true (i.e. Brandy Shannon).

Meyer tells your recruits that your coach is going to get fired because your coach is going to get fired.

Recruiting can be a dirty game,rife with rumor and downright lies. That is why I have always said that a player should go where he feels he is going to be happy with the school and his education regardless of the coaching staff. In my opinion, I don't think Meyer even thinks of leaving for at least 5-7 years as he has built a program for long term success so he might as well enjoy it for awhile!

Interesting that Finebaum's article about Meyer leaving comes out around the same time as this rumor...sounds like ol' St Nick might be up to some dirty tricks in Bama.

LOL. I was thinking the same thing as 'Jake' and 'simple deduction' (good choice of name). Saying a coach is going to get fired, because he and his program sucks, is a little bit different acting like you have inside information and spreading an unfounded rumor about a two-time champion coach is going to leave after 2009. Coaches don't get fired when they are doing a good job coaching, if Meyer said that, than he is just calling out Shannon. I highly doubt Meyer told anyone that Shannon would be gone in a year, last year, let alone claim that he had inside information.

To me- this is old news and it is gonna happen ... heck, you can read it in his own words in his Urban's own autobiography.
Even if Weis has a great year at ND this year, with the resources he has he should be challenging for national titles every year and that simply isnt gonna happen. But with this being Urban Meyer's dream job, is there any doubt he would have The Irish playing in BCS gamees for titles nine out of ten years. I sure as heck wanna keep him at UF cuz if he can turn that program which was dying before Spurrier arrived into a juggernaut just imagine what he will do with the Irish fan base and resources. STAY URBAN STAY, and not cuz I like the Gatorz, but cuz I hate Notre Dame's football team exponentially more.

Let me tell u a secret, NOtre Dame is never going to be anything more than a top 20-25 team regardless if Meyer goes there to start losing. The GAtors made Meyer as much as he is enhancing them.



And that brings us to Saturday.

Meyer was the life of the party at the 15th annual Bob Dooley Invitational, a fantastic charity event at Haile Plantation Golf and Country Club organized by Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley and benefitting Stop! Children’s Cancer. [...]

He didn’t mention Finebaum by name, but he didn’t have to.

“Let me say this one more time,” Meyer said. “I am not leaving the University of Florida. I’m going to be here until they drag me away kicking and screaming.” [...]

“Put THAT in the newspaper,” Meyer said.

When do the Gators open up practice again?

Football is right around the corner!!!

First week of Aug I believe is when the NCs begin their back-to-back season.

Btw-those who lambaste the fact the gators only had 16 recruits...Hey, we are loaded and young, so what did you expect; ALSO-those 16 had the highest rating average 3.94 on ANY class! Quality baby, Quality

AND, Urban is a fool if he goes to ND...no way he lands the same type of talent in snowville combined with academic issues. That said, with the schedule those kittens play each year 10-2 every year is a given....not good enough I say

Gators recruit from high schools? I thought they got their players from the local prison.

Oops, how are you going to take down Meyer now?

Have fun eating Gator dust!


Are you fishing or trapped under something heavy?

"Tavadis Glenn, a lineman on the ESPN 150 Watch list, is committed to Miami, but says he's been hearing a lot of negative recruiting, and he names names, according to InsidetheU.com: "Each and every school will hate on whoever is going to Miami, they're all just hating on us," Glenn said. "I'm a Cane and I'm going to stay a Cane so they can all pull their offers. I always get that negative recruiting from Florida and Florida State." "

theres a story about the pot and the kettle...

"I'm not going to Notre Dame. Ever."

"I plan on coaching at Utah next year. There's been no contact made. Period. It's almost comical. We're playing the biggest game in the history of the school and we're talking about that. That's nothing to do with nothing."


In the words of any Bowling Green football player today: 'I thought we were your family.' Bowling Green's players are understandably angry at Meyer for leaving. Every day he would preach team loyalty. Meyer carried his we-are-family concept to the extreme, even bunking in the same dorm with the Falcons during preseason workouts."


"[When asked about Florida:] No. I have no real comment. All I keep saying is I plan on being the coach here at Utah."


The last two posts perfectly sum up my feelings towards Jo's blog. They should be read by any and all holier-than-thou Gator fans.

Who's #1? Eat some crow-cane.

The only logic here is...UF = #1

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