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Dustin Doe charged with second-degree misdemeanor

GAINESVILLE -- Florida linebacker Dustin Doe is scheduled to appear in Alachua County court on Aug. 24 for driving with a suspended license.

Doe has been cited two times since February for driving with a suspended license. The first citation listed Doe as "unknowingly" driving with a suspended license. But then Doe was pulled over again in June and booked for "knowingly" driving with a suspended license, which is a second-degree misdemeanor.

Doe, a senior, was arrested in 2007 for affray and resisting arrest. Those charges were dropped. A former starter, Doe missed action in 2008 due to a pair of groin injuries. He underwent surgery during the season and began to show signs of his old self by November.



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Gator fans are kinda quiet arent ya? Wish you were this quiet on the UM blogs.

nativeson... you took the words straight out of my mouth.

Yo , Jacory , don't U have some more phone calls to make ?

Posted by: Be A Gator, Win Awards ... Be A Cane, Learn To Be A Telemarketer ... | July 16, 2009 at 05:24 PM

Huh, must be the dhcp!

Oh shutup, we're menstrating!

What the heck is wrong with these dumbasses??? Boy, I sound like Red Foreman...

Seriously, can they use an ounce of brainpower to figure out how to stay out of trouble???


Isn't this awesome! We're here, they're over there (Eye on the U), why don't we just switch blogs?

Ah but... The powers that be at The Herald could care less about the content on their blogs, they just want the coveted "click count" to show their clients that they have traffic. There's no such thing as a bad blogger to them! Just keep clicking!

Looks like we'll be here a while!

and heres the brightest, smartest gaytor to come out of uf...LMAO!!!! damn idiot cant even speak proper english!

Posted by: WHAT! | July 16, 2009 at 09:48 AM

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Corrine Brown attended Florida A&M University, from which she received a bachelor's in sociology.

Nice try , but she's a FAMU Rattler Grad U Racist ..

Posted by: Get Ur Facts Straight ... But Facts Aren't Ur Strong Point ... | July 16, 2009 at 05:59 PM

You're right "13", but she got her Master's degree from UF! That's even worse!

I cannot get over the irony of your most recent name! Classic!





Click on the You Tube link that I just posted! I cannot stop laughing! Keep in mind that she is not an athlete or a coach, she is an education major with a masters degree from UF! You cannot make this stuff up!


Ouch. Maybe she should have majored in public speaking.


canes still tender from that beatdown last year i see. get ready for more in 2010, ladies.

gee, why am I not surprised...another Gayterd arrested...

UF now has more arrests than players in the NFL...LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

C'mon Adam S., let's hear your take!

I mean after all, it was only the 3rd time since January that he was caught driving on a suspended license.


I have to admit, you have an awesome attitude, and an even disposition for all of this garbage. I hope one day we can engage in meaningful debate, and also respect the accomplishments of all of the public and private univerities.

I do respect all of our state's football teams, public and private. That's why I started The Herald's All-State college football team two years ago, so all of our state's incredible college football players can be recognized. The Herald devotes TWO FULL COLOR PAGES to the All-State team (unheard of these days), complete with bios and pictures.


Hey guys what did I miss? Another arrest for the Rikers Gators.... Well i'll be!!!! LOL.

Hey 13 and 1 big loss...Maybe jacory can call the warden up at Rikers and get those jail birds a furlough....

It's not like the guy was charged with murder or burglary here....it's a traffic ticket, and doesn't need to be made into a mountain....even if it was a Cane it would be no big deal....get real

Just win Baby, and avoid violent crime and felonies... that's what matters really, let’s face it.

Back in "THE U" hay day I don't believe they were known as the choirboys were they? When you think of “Student/Athlete” I don’t think of LSU, USC or Texas, do you? Take a look at the good teams...filled with talented, athletic folks who have been spoon fed from day 1 due to their extracurricular abilities. Get a pool of any 100 and there are going to be certain percentages that are knuckleheads; you just hope your % is lower than the other guy. We’re not talking Duke, Vandy, Harvard, or Yale here, NOR do we really want to be, do we?

As a former Walk-on at UF I have seen the makeup first hand…some (50%) are smart dudes driven by goals beyond the chalk line, some (30-40%) in between but “get it”, and the rest just rubes with ZERO foresight who, after they flunk out or use up their eligibility, flip burgers or sell cars in their hometown where they can hopefully make a living feeding off past glory unless they are luck enough to “Make it”. Of course, those who “make it” from the rube population you get the Vick’s, Henry’s, Pac Man’s, Schlisters, Carruth’s and Leaf’s.

All I can tell you is if I was picked up for driving on a suspended twice for the second time since Feb., I know what the judge would say. THIRTY DAYS SON! WHEN YOU HOT! YOU HOT!(Followed by 2 years probation and a 1K fine)
The prosecutor will probably lose the file.....AGAIN!

Excellent point cwtrdan... Good point.

Seriously, can they use an ounce of brainpower to figure out how to stay out of trouble???

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