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Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer addresses coaches in enemy territory

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer spoke at a coaching clinic in Huntsville, Ala., on Thursday. For those unfamiliar with Alabama geography, Huntsville is located in the northern part of the state near the Tennessee line. (Alabama territory. Tennessee territory. You get the idea.)

Meyer addressed about 1,000 high school coaches for almost an hour and a half, speaking about his tenets of coaching Gators fans have come to know: leadership, family, passion, defense, ball control, special teams. Meyer even dissected plays from the Southeastern Conference championship game. (Remember, the game when UF outplayed Alabama in the fourth quarter.)

Afterwards Meyer spoke to reporters for about 10 minutes and was asked about Utah's fight to gain access to the Bowl Championship Series. Meyer, who coached at Utah, said that his former team couldn't survive the grind of an SEC schedule.

Meyer was also asked if he's tired of people asking him about Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin.

"I don't do that anymore," Meyer said. "I did and I just don't answer. I don't know Lane. If you want to talk about Brandon James or Major Wright or Joe Haden or our players, don't think there's any me vs. him. It's Florida vs. Tennessee. That's the way it is."



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why doesn't meyer address all the arrests

what a scumbag

university of felons= U.F.

In your dreams buddy...Gators will be doing the raping in jail.

either way, the gators are gay as AIDS

either way, Gators are gay as AIDS

Looks like we have a homophobe in the house...over compensating for your own issues?...its ok if you come out, we won't hold it against you and it might help these violence issues you obviously have

Wait, let us guess...you team LOOSES football games

Oscar much like Bobby has no clue what is going on within his program so how can you expect him to comment on the arrests?
He wont say a word about Lane beacause both he and his staff has also been caught cheating when it comes to recruiting so of course hes going to stay quiet on that.
He then says Utah cant survive the grind of the SEC, when a few years ago he was crying about Utah deserving a shot
Nice going again Oscar

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I gotta agree with gators love getting raped in jail....HILARIOUS!!!!!

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