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Florida Gators football players and cheerleaders have fun with paint

GAINESVILLE -- Several University of Florida football players and cheerleaders painted a large section of Gainesville's well-known 34th Street Graffiti Wall on Wednesday to promote Friday's second-annual Gator Charity Challenge.

If you went to school in Gainesville or have stayed at the Hilton for a football game, then you know about the 34th Street Graffiti Wall. It's a long concrete retaining wall near campus that doubles as an open canvas for UF students and Gainesville residents. On Wednesday, senior football players David Nelson, Joey Sorrentino and Cade Holliday whitewashed three sections of the wall and then put fellow football players and cheerleaders to work advertising the Gator Charity Challenge.

"I've driven past this wall hundreds of times and I never thought I'd be painting it," said Florida senior football player Dorian Munroe of Miami. "I feel proud that I'm leaving this university having painted this wall."

Munroe, who begins practicing for his senior season on Aug.6, graduates next Saturday and starts graduate school for sports management on Aug. 24.


Florida senior safety Dorian Munroe and UF cheerleader Ashley Morris paint the wall.


Florida senior Joey Sorrentino (left) and Munroe roll on the Gator orange.


Florida senior David Nelson speaks to a Gainesville television reporter about the Gator Charity Callenge.



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Painting the 34th Street wall is a great tradition. Glad to see the players and cheerleaders got involved. Will tweet for ya.

But what a shame to see an emply Joe's down the street...long live the Gatortail and a hot #6

Wow Gator34. Wow. Joe's being empty is a travesty. My absolute favorite restaurant in the entire town.

C'mon guy's Joe's Deli is a sandwich shop for God's sake! The Jello shots and giant beers at halftime on gameday are/were the only redeeming quality to that place.

I haven't been to G-ville in years, but when I heard Skeeter's closed, that's when I thought travesty. Best biscuit and gravy in the state! No one makes biscuits and gravy like those rednecks did.

Corned beef is great at Jeff's New York Deli. Reubens at 43rd Street Deli. Meatball subs at Hogan's! Of course, I'm a hot dog guy. Gator Dawgs hits the spot. http://gatordawgs.com/default.aspx
The website also has a nice ode to Tim Tebow.


You know Sarasota, I can deal with you not knowing Gators football and still talking crap. But to not know about Joe's Deli and reduce its to just a sandwich shop should be illegal. Until you've had a juicy burger & fries there while watching the Dolphins on Sunday with your own pitcher of Amber Bock, you have not lived.

jo, when did you start the Gators beat? Jeff's is good, but relatively new. As is Reuben's. Hogan's meatball subs are good...but for you to even note that in here is absurd.

What about Satchels, IVEY's, the breakfast/bagel place on 34th in the same shopping center as California Chicken Grill and the old Kash 'n' Karry? Please, I'm dealing with amateurs here. :-D

We were talking about delis.


^5 Adam. Satchel's is pizza from another planet. Unsurpassed.
Ivey's? I've cured too many hangovers to count there.
David's belongs in this discussion.

Ivey's homeblend coffee (with the coffee ice cubes for iced coffee) is the only coffee I will drink. I have not had a cup since leaving Gainesville, and that is the truth.

Huge pancakes, huge potato pancakes, etc. No better breakfast than sitting down at Ivey's.

Always felt the food at Burrito Brothers, Swamp and Copper Monkey was overrated, though a lot of people are big fans. Must admit though, Copper does have a good burger. And let's not forget Leonardo's pizza, and Gumby's Pokey Stix at 2 a.m....especially on Tuesdays.

I'm getting hungry!

CJ's for nickle beer night! I was in a foodfight there when the waitress came up and threw a whole pitcher of beer on my and my friend. We were standing on a picnic table squirting ketchup and mustard on everyone who happened by. Good times!

Oysters were 10 cents a piece, and the bartender had to shuck them! Is that place still open? One night I had 6 oysters and 4 beers, and left the guy a $1.00! That included the tip! Man I was so broke back then!

interesting choice of title joe lol. Ashley morris might have made me reconsider my "not even applying to UF" philosophy of choosing a college last fall.

Ashley Morris is just the tip of the iceberg...girls at UF are supremely hot.

If you want to talk about pancakes, how about the blueberry panacakes at the now closed Chuck Wagon. That was some great food.

Left him a $1.00? You are ScUM fan. Guy schucks you oysters, pours you 4 beers, and you leave him that kind of money? Glad you are a Cane fan.

43rd Street Deli is likely the best in town IMHO (Deli-wise).

I think that most Gainesvillians, have a favorite place for whatever they are in the mood for. I would agree with Satchel's for pizza.

Jo - being a hot dog guy - ever been to Chi-town? Weiner's Circle is a classic.

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hi my name is teresa blas, i am the aunt of the girl (ashely morris, UF cheerleader) i was wondering if you all can help me get in contact with her or pls give her my email. her mother Anna is my sister and we have not communicated for over 17yrs...pls try. thanks..


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