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Florida linebacker Dustin Doe in trouble ... again

HOOVER, Ala. -- University of Florida linebacker Dustin Doe was arrested on Thursday night for driving with a suspended license -- again.

DustinDoe Doe was already in trouble with the law and Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer for driving with a suspended license. He was arrested in June and has a court date in August. The latest infraction occurred late Thursday night. Doe was booked into Alachua County Jail and released early Friday morning with a $1,000 bond.

[PICTURED, Has Dustin Doe kissed his chances at starting this season good-bye?]

Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Friday that Doe is suspended from the team until his legal issues are resolved. Practice begins Aug. 6 but Doe will not participate, according to Meyer. Doe was arrested for fighting in 2007 but those charges were dropped. Doe's current legal problems stem from an unpaid parking ticket. Doe paid the ticket but didn't pay the late fee.

"Dustin had been suspended from team activities while resolving his parking ticket issues and driving with a suspended license," Meyer said in a statement. "Those issues have not been taken care of and as a result, he will not be with us when we begin practice."



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This kid is an idiot. His license is suspended because he has a late fee on an old ticket. A late fee. I'm sure that late fee is less than $1,000, a suspension and embarrassment. What the hell is he doing?


I'm astonished????? Another arrest under Urbans watch!

Do as Penn ST did this week, kick his butt off the team and teach the others a lesson!

If the late fee thing is true he can take care of the charge adminstratively and nothing ends up on his record. It's not that big a deal guys, if true...

Big Slap Shot Bob, I think that would have been true had he taken care of it after he was cited LAST WEEK for the exact same thing. But because he didn't, wouldn't the arrest remain even if he took care of it administratively?

"Gator"Rod, the Penn. St. didn't get thrown off the team because of an arrest over a late fee for payment of a traffic ticket. Not all arrests or charges are the same and deserve the same punishment. Nevertheless, it is very stupid of Doe and there is NO EXCUSE for this whatsoever.

BTW, late fee is $23 in Alachua County. Reinstatement of suspended license I could not find, but probably not too much either.

What a Doe, Doe! As a Die-hard Gator fan a say show him the door; don't need you buddy, as there are others ready to take your place. Overrated anyways! TOTAL CLOWN!

Seems a little harsh. We're talking about unpaid traffic tickets here. Doe seems like a good kid, he just made a stupid mistake (as even good kids are prone to do). And the Gators will need him this season.


i got agree with again on that jo. he does seem like a good kid, ...still am g8rh8r

Exactly jo, not all arrests and not all charges are the same.

We're talking about unpaid traffic tickets here?
That's true, but he was driving on a suspended license for the 2nd time.
Get caught driving a UPS truck with a suspended license, you lose your job. This happened to a friend of mine.

WELL WELL WELL.... Another jailbird huh? And the arrest just keep on piling up. LOL. JO gets my respect for posting this thing up and not giving it the blind eye like ESPN would do.

Here's a shocking story...

the rich just keep getting arrested...

What an idiot! Why even get behind the wheel when you have a suspended license. Just plain stupid!

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