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FSU assistant Twitters some trash talk

DSC01302 By Mike McCall

I'm usually not a big fan of coaches' Twitter pages because they're either clearly not updated by the actual coach, or they contain absolutely no interesting information. Here's an exception.

FSU tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator James Coley's Twitter is pretty lively, to say the least. He's dropping rap lyrics, using CAPSLOCK and exclamation points without abandon and professing his love for Cuban coffee, which he may be drinking a little too much of.

And on July 4th, Coley made his feelings about Urban Meyer referring to the 'Noles as the "School Out West" loud and clear in a few back-to-back posts: "In 1967 Ernie Terrell refused to call Muhammad Ali by his name - He insisted on calling him Cassius Clay - During their bout Ali BARKED at Terrell "What's my NAME!" with every blow he landed... Ali brutally BEAT him for 15 rounds... The Ultimate DISRESPECT is to not address an INDIVIDUAL by their name... "WHAT'S MY NAME!" by The TEAM out WEST."

Here's a link to the Ali-Terrell fight: LINK

The only problem for Coley will be backing that talk up, since the 'Noles chances against UF still aren't looking too great. But how awesome would it be to see Bobby Bowden screaming across the field at Meyer, "What's my name?!" over and over again this year in The Swamp?
I have to applaud Coley for putting something interesting up there. His Twitter is much more entertaining than Meyer's, which hasn't been updated since June 25 and just gives lame accounts of where he is. Granted, Meyer isn't a big fan of this stuff and probably isn't the one controlling his, but if you're not going to do it right, just don't do it. Some of Coley's stuff about FSU dominance sounds delusional, but he's trying to get people excited about the program.

And as more athletes and coaches get on Twitter, we're bound to see more smack talk. We're going to need a term for this, how about "Trash Tweeting?"

Billy Donovan's Twitter is a good example of how coaches should use the site. It's well-rounded (he mentioned Roger Federer recently), offers interesting links and still throws in some Gators cheerleading. His is only a week old, but he's showing some enthusiasm for it, and it should be a good page to keep an eye on. For links to the other UF coaches' Twitters, go here.

Tennessee and UGA kickoff times set
The Gators' Sept. 19 showdown with Tennessee and Oct. 31 matchup against Georgia will both televised by CBS at 3:30. I was really hoping the Vols game would be a night game, but oh well. Also, there will be no smoking in The Swamp.


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